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    Bulk saffron order, Any1 want in?

    wanna go for Kashmir and split half with my persian once it comes in?? best of both worlds, I'm keen to try both
  2. ayjay101

    Bulk saffron order, Any1 want in?

    I'm in for an ounce of persian thanks PMd
  3. ayjay101

    Man suggests own search, drugs found

    Hahahahaha he was right! At least he can be sure they were genuine. Thats hilarious, poor guy.
  4. ayjay101

    My kaleidescopic delights

    Congratulations man, they are wonderful. They kind of remind me of something....... deja vu hahahahahaha great job!!
  5. ayjay101

    Pc based synth/sequencer

    couldn't agree more - there's a lot of interesting free stuff out there but the good commercial grade stuff usually sounds better on the whole One virtual modular synth that really impressed me is Vaz Modular. It's fairly intuitive to use and can be used as a vst plugin inside a sequencer host or stand-alone, has it's own effects (which can process external inputs), has it's own sequencer and sounds rich, phat, fantastic. It's a small enough download, should be available on torrents here and there. Seems like it went into some kind of maintenance phase several years ago and hasn't been maintained since, but is still stable enough to rely on.
  6. ayjay101

    expectations of trading

    Good communication is critical to smooth trading. If something is going to be late for whatever reason, let the recipient know in advance instead of having them return from the mailbox disappointed and wondering if they've been ripped off. It doesn't take much to keep people informed but it makes a big difference to the overall experience. That said, if you've traded with someone (especially for cash in advance) why wouldn't it be a priority for you to get the package out to them ASAP? Anything much longer than 2 weeks is pushing it IMO. EDIT: I also find it helps when ppl msg once they've posted, then you have a better idea of when to expect the item(s)
  7. ayjay101

    To Conan Troutman

    Positive feedback only would have failed in this case - Mr Troutman has had positive transactions in the past, but recently a whole heap of negative ones. If only positive feedback was recorded, we would be none the wiser about all the shenanigans and assume he was as trustable as the sum of his positive feedback.
  8. ayjay101

    To Conan Troutman

    It's not a load of crap - The fact that a popular member of this community is trading on the generosity and trust of others to steal from them - using the tools of the community to do so - definitely affects the (perceived) integrity of the community, especially from the perspective of those involved. Once bitten, twice shy etc Why else would you 'feel a lot safer with one less stooge in our ranks' if having him here ripping people off didn't affect it so? As Balzac said, these unpleasant experiences prolly wont reduce the amount of trading, but will at least be a consideration in our future trading. The SAB ethno community is still obviously great in my eyes, made up of many interesting and generous people. But these sorts of things remind me that ANY community is susceptible to all the faults and failures of human nature, no matter how open-minded or aware the group claims itself to be - because that is all we are - another group of human beings. And if you think pain is the only real way to get through to people, you've got problems dude. Hardly 'mature'.
  9. ayjay101

    To Conan Troutman

    Fuckin A, this is bullshit - clearly he's deliberately fleecing SAB members who've sent him cash for items on good faith. This undermines much of the generosity and trust within this community that makes it so great. If you know him, pay him a visit and get the cunt some help. All these lame excuses and promises sound like the pathetic acts of a junkie. Don't feel guilty about posting your experiences if he has ripped you off. Ultimately we are responsible for how others see us. edit: add $220 to the tally
  10. ayjay101

    To Conan Troutman

    I have also been burned by him. I have had one semi-successful transaction, and one failure where I never saw the cash again. He offerred to send the cash back, but it didn't happen. When questioned if the goods were still coming, I was offerred numerous excuses and false promises... He seemed like a reasonable guy (and a regular contributor to these fora), but now that I see others have also had this experience, fuck him - he needs to be publically hung for this crap. Don't deal with him.
  11. ayjay101

    must-see documentaries

    Love a good doco, I can recommend the following - Between the Folds - a doco about origami (of all things!?) - its beauty, complexity and some incredible applications to science (http://www.greenfusefilms.com/) The Daddy of Rock n Roll - the heartwarming story of pschizophrenic artist Wesley Willis HATED - interesting look at the scat punk artist/fucking idiot GG Allin, student doco Shamans of the Amazon (Dean Jefferys) - locally produced doco about aya and DMT, including live experience reports, Terrence McKenna interviews etc Also, pretty much any of the TED talks have that mind-blowing ability too
  12. ayjay101

    why wont they germ.

    and time - I think you're being a bit impatient. Perhaps use a shallower container (oven tray etc), less soil and definitely a heat mat.... Don't expect anything for at least a few weeks and try to resist the urge to look at them daily. I've dropped containers and spilled the babies before with my unecessary checking. Don't over-mist either, or the seedlings will rot. All the best, it's really not that hard in the end.
  13. ayjay101

    Party drug fuelled Maroons

    Link It's crazy the lengths they're going to for a legal big night out. The mere thought of a pack of meat head rugby players out on the town together under the influence of a stilnox/red bull/alcohol combo is bloody frightening!
  14. ayjay101

    Party drug fuelled Maroons

    Stupid thing is that such a combo induces a delerium that prevents the experiencer from literally knowing what they're doing, making the whole thing a pointless and extremely risky exercise... this coupled with their powerful bodies, juvenile nature, violent tendencies, pack mentality etc makes for frightening possibilities
  15. I'm immensley enjoying this thread and its revelations keep em coming
  16. I hear ya! Bloody end of financial year panic spending for roadworks divisions, grumble grumble Some of them in my area seem so unecessary, and dropping speed limits from 100 down to 80, 60 and even 40 is a pain in the arse when you drive long distances on what should be fast roads everyday. one of these days... one of these days... reminds me of Michael Douglas in Falling Down when he cracks the shits with unecessary roadworks holding everyone up and then gives the roadworkers something to really fix by blowing up the bridge down the road hahahahaha
  17. Online News story The drug testing bit is obviously not the focus of the article, but this is a bit of a bombshell, no?
  18. This was my understanding too and upon searching around the web for swab tests I've found a myriad of detection windows mentioned, from 1 day to 30 days... so I'm a little confused. Obviously it will depend on personal metabolism, cumulative uses and swab test types, but it seems hard to get consistent general stats.
  19. Cool, thanks for clearing that up. It may still be slightly worrying for the regular MJ users out there: Blood Testing Cannabis is detectable in the blood for approximately 2-3 days after use in an infrequent user. Frequent use can be detected in the blood for approximately 2 weeks.
  20. These are mandatory drug blood tests, which I believe will show a positive for certain substances (ie: MJ) long after the affect has worn off..... So if you've toked MJ sometime in the last 6 weeks and are unfortunate enough to have an accident, you will likey be prosecuted for having it in your blood at the time of the accident, despite the fact that it was not related to the accident at all!
  21. ayjay101

    Michael Jackson's beat it

    Unfortunately I think you over-estimate the average modern person in this modern materialistic society... most people would rather get as much $$$ from someone as a way to 'get justice' than criminally prosecuting to the extent of the law, especially with the knoweldge that the accused has a LOT of money to throw around.... I reckon advice would have been received at some stage that said the quickest and easiest way to get a lot of money out of the situation would be to aim for something out of court, and to hell with criminal prosecution Why would an innocent person ever consider that? I don't want to buy into the debate over whether he was a pedo or not, but I think it's just as bad to trial him as guilty OR innocent with mere speculation
  22. ayjay101

    Michael Jackson's beat it

    Not at all. In all honesty I believe he was a very misunderstood individual and an interesting example of what a very twisted life experience can do. I'm not casting aspersions one way or the other on the pedophile accusations, just sharing the obligatory bad jokes when something like this happens. Such as: What do Michael Jackson and the Collingwood Football Club have in common? They are both black and white and die mid year. and so they continue....
  23. ayjay101

    Michael Jackson's beat it

    I heard he died from food poisoning, apparently he had been chewing on some 12 year old nuts. Ba-doom tish
  24. ayjay101

    Michael Jackson's beat it

    When he died they melted him down to make plastic toys so all the kids could play with HIM for once
  25. ayjay101

    Smacked out Wallabies

    It's all too obvious when you see em slouching around the streets of tassie wearing faded adidas tracksuits with spoons and bottles of water stashed in their pouches