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  1. hypnotoad

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    I'll take that thank you. Nice to see you on here again endorfinder, I hope you're doing ok. VVV Gets Amanita Muscaria print - microscopy only VVV I had it posted over from Europe early last year, it's from ebay..
  2. hypnotoad

    Gunfigher's Amorphophallus Titanum Growlog

    It died to the ground and I've had nothing from it for months. Oddly it chooses the end of summer to sprout again. I'll post another photo once it's opened the leaf. It's bout 2 years old now. Does anyone else on here have one?
  3. hypnotoad

    Does anyone have a Yohimba plant?

    Search discontinued.
  4. Is the plant scheduled in Australia? I don't believe it is, however if it is I shall immediately stop looking. I have plenty to trade, thank you in advance. edit - Will also pay
  5. Many of you may have seen my aggrivated posts in the past reguarding nutmeg and cinnamon. Well my 5+ year wait is finally over. I have many sad memories of a gunfighter with no nutmeg trees, I've tried hard to distance myself from this painful past. I simply can't stand by idoly while other innocent souls suffer the same as I have. So here is an ebay seller that will sell you fresh, or if you request already germinated nutmegs. Rejoice my brothers! http://www.ebay.com/usr/safenut Edit- Does post to Australia and will get through customs.
  6. hypnotoad

    Gold and the Incas - exhibition in canb

    I really wish I could go, but it's too far away, I saw the 'treasures' of Afghanistan in Brisbane. On the other hand I wish they'd give it back to the people they stole it off instead of pimping it out to the highest bidding museum.
  7. I live in Australia and they got through fine. Quit being such doubting Thomas'.
  8. hypnotoad

    strange booms in the south west of W.A.

    Maybe some kind of clandestine mining effort using sound? Could be Earth picking up virbations from the Sun or elsewhere in space? We don't even get told what Tony Abbott has planned for the boat people, why the hell would we be told about the uncomfortably loud booms? I don't get sounds around my house, but I do get really nasty metal/chemical tastes and smells in the air at between 1 and 4 in the morning from what I beleive is planes and helicopters spraying for 'mosquitos' in our area. Yet mosquitos still outnumber humans in Brisbane 999999:1
  9. hypnotoad

    spiralling salvia growth

    I remember reading somewhere that composting caapi leaves helps genetically weak plants. I'll try to find the source.
  10. hypnotoad

    sida's in australia

    They appear in all the places normal weeds and grass won't grow.
  11. hypnotoad

    sida's in australia

    These are the ones I get through my house. Would like to know what they are. My camera isn't good enough to take a photo of the seed. edit- picture 3 is different plant from 1 2 and 4
  12. hypnotoad

    Help with nuisance tree please.

    There is this pain in the ass tree (unsure of what it is) that is growing right out of the base of a big hibiscus I have. I've cut this tree down several times to let more light in, but it keeps growing and now it's started spreading little suckers from about a 2m radius of the tree now. This is most annoying. Is there any way of killing this tree without hurting the hibiscus? I'll put photos up if it helps. Thanks!
  13. hypnotoad

    Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

    In my part of town, if you brag, you get shanked for your rare spices.
  14. hypnotoad

    Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

    Please excuse the language. Why the fuck is it so fucking hard to find either of these plants? Seriously, it's not like they're hard to grow, or illegal, extinct or even rare for that matter. I can buy 30g of cinnamon or nutmeg for under 2 dollars! No commercial grower is going to be cross with me for growing cinnamon or nutmeg in my backyard, because we'll both probably be stone fucking dead by the time it's worth something (nothing). Absoultely baffling! So please, I beseech you all for even the dullest of insight in to one of lifes strangest mysteries. Feel free to move this to degenerated threads.
  15. hypnotoad

    Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

    Sadly not, but we definitely could change the direction of this thread? I know many Cinnamomum plants contain safrole and that there are stories of nutmeg being smoked in prison? I emailed Daley's Fruit, and they said there was a 2 year waiting list for Cinnamomum Verum.
  16. hypnotoad

    Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

    Do any Botanic Gardens in Australia have Nutmeg? Brisbane has a cinnamon that I've been stalking for seeds for a while now but never seems to form them properly.
  17. Been looking for years, I suspect you all know this feeling. If you can help a brother out, I'd appreciate it heaps. I've got plenty of good things to trade. Let me know Thanks.
  18. Never even heard of that one! Looks awful big and awful pretty. May I ask why you're after this?
  19. hypnotoad

    Tabernaemontana undulata : bechette ... Grow log.

    If anyone is interested in T. Australis, T Elegans or T. Coronaria, PM me I've got some spare seed for someone with experience growing them.
  20. hypnotoad

    Plant/seedling giveaway (Brisbane)

    Yes they are in_spirit
  21. Hey I've got a surplus of plants that came to me during a time in my life where I germinated the seed from everything I ate (I'm sure many of you can sympathize). Now I'm downsizing and I've got some things to giveaway. I will update this as soon possible. I have 4 x Lychee trees and a whole bunch of agaves, I'm unsure of the varieties but I'll upload a photo. Most of them are 4+ months old. PM me for details
  22. hypnotoad

    advice decking oils etc needed

    I am a painter by trade, if your after low maintanence I'd go with a product called Sikkens Cetol. It's oil, sticks like shit to a blanket and you'll only have to redo it every other year.
  23. hypnotoad

    Anyone notice avatars are mixed up