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  1. Buttcrabs

    what could be

    Hey, you turn 19 about a fortnight after I do. Good to hear you're on a path you enjoy. I hope to rid myself of some unhealthy habits as well. Particularly eating unhealthy foods, though I'm a sucker for the senses.
  2. Buttcrabs

    Amazing movie

    I watched the film when I was younger and remembered enjoying it a lot. At a later point after I discovered cannabis I decided it would be a really good idea to get high and watch it, hoping it would blow my mind and bring on a whole new level of meaning. I found my experience was closer to yours though, the whole film suddenly felt really pretencious and shallow. My recommendation is to just watch the film without having too many preconceptions. Just let it evoke whatever it's gonna evoke, it's still a whole lot of fun and the animation and music is great. I really like the soundtrack. (Which should be available for download if you google 'a scanner darkly soundtrack mediafire' assuming you already own the soundtrack and would like a digital copy) Thinking back there are a lot of memorable and fun moments. Good conversations from good people. Just don't take anything too seriously.
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    Post awesome gifs here

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    The Perfect High

    Thanks for posting, MagicDirt. Here's a cool performance of the poem by Wavy Gravy and Shel Silverstein. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGALoQoxXrU