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    takeaway tek alternatives

    I'm all for the takeaway tek. Once you have it dialed in I'm with Halcyon as set and forget. I use new containers, and then recycle them for the job. Also found once there has been fats/oils in them they never really clean up so I stopped using any previously used for food. Getting the moisture right is a key part of dialing them in. I just take my time using a mist bottle, and pretty much just get a feel for the weight. Generally use a good seed raising mix, but sometimes mix a little fine sand in, and Lophs I use a thin sand layer on top out of habit. Sometimes I sieve the mix, especially if there is barky bits. The more organics the more problems IMO. Never had any decent results with coir/peat and cacti seeds myself. I kick em off under fluoros on a heat mat. Have cooked a few when kicking off under sunlight... Lol... So I avoid it in my growing using TT method. Open them up slowly once they've grown a bit, and move into some natural light,crack em open and punch some drainage holes until ready to transplant. Tried a few ways before the TT, but get better results for me using it... Also for some non-spikey things.
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    *claps slow * *nods head*
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    Going going gone

    It's because folk keep stealing from the botanical gardens... 10 years ago it was a glorious cacti house and had a fine trich (any other species) collection. The TBM you can hardly recognize as any pup gets knocked off it immediately. (in raised bed behind it) Was down in December and was sad to see how bad the cacti collection has become. PS-have this in collection and yes it was authorised by staff at the timethe thing was huge when under glass.
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    Bulk sceletium

    Maybe, have to check I've got enough for myself. I'm running ragged so might take a bit to catch up on
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    Posting Khat Suckers and a Potted Button

    Pack em like you want to receive em
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    Tasmanians unite

    Because we have a moat around us and some services and shit may slow down ect. This thread may be useful as a point of communication. Some fucker may be able to help another fucker... We are all fuckers now You get the idea... It is a time to unite not divide... Although you gotta stand back a little. Even a simple need we may be able to sort out amongst us. WB
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    Post your track of the day

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    don't cha hate it when..

    DCHIW you go get some medical shit done, and they've got masked up gatekeepers at the entrance and you have to tell them they ain't using their masks right... Yes you need to know how to wear them, and how to take them off... @Responsible Choice Fingers crossed no dry socket bro
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    Post your track of the day

  10. I think all my intensive algal culture course notes are electronic... Have to check back... But I can send em on to anyone interested after I get through my shit filing system. From outta Utas school of aquaculture when they were a powerhouse. It's focused from an aquaculture bent for fish food production , but all the principles the same. Hardest year long unit I ever did at unimostly micro but a little bit of macro algae.
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    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    Deemed an invasive weed of the highest order across Aus.
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    Happy COVID Party 2020

    ... That's Putin in the back
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    Happy COVID Party 2020

    Need a "them be cnts" emoticon.
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    WBs random photos

    Was gunna keep on with the rehab thread, but I'll put it to bed. So I got to the stage of having a gutfull a few weeks back.... so its "up your arse then.....effective immediately..." So I am currently unemployed, financial survival mode now...lol Something will eventuate. So to keep me occupied at times, entertain a few of you, maybe a discussion point or two , and a nice change from folk being cunts to each other I am gunna throw up some random piccies. EDIT - might stop me posting memes....lol
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    WBs random photos

    @SayN They be Atlantic Giant stock, but theres a heap of variety within it. Some have that butternut look and others a rich orange. Some nice and round and some end up like an old bean bag... Lol Lost the initial one, got a secondary growing... Cooling off but. About the same size as the failed one. Will see how big I can get it.
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    Tasmanians unite

    I have to say it... I actually give Gutters a bit of cred for putting his foot down... The Feds will hold it against us Hope it's all good in da South mate. Been surreal up here when I've headed into civilization.
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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

    Stop... Hammer time
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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day

    Ima gunna make it hopefully to 5k posts hosting radio covid19
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    Post your track of the day