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    Strayan Sloths

    I liked the ads and thought they were better than most drug ads. Who hasn't smoked up too much at a party, become non-social and wonder why they're even smoking weed at social gathering anyway?
  2. Distracted


    Home made greenhouse. Found some square pots that fit perfectly 3x3 into a milk crate. Put two on top of each other and side by side. Found some shade cloth, cable tied it onto the top milk crate and tied the top two to each other with some cloth hanging down the bottom crates. Easy propagation greenhouse, cost me $10 in cloth, took about an hour? I built this after moving into a backyard with zero shade and I wanted to maximise my space usage. Hope the pics are explanatory enough!
  3. Distracted

    Seeking lophs! (any but caespitosa) NOW SORTED! THANKS

    Your reputation definitely precedes you.
  4. EDIT: Thread done, I have what I want, thankyou! Hi! I'd love some new dna in my yard. I already have a bit of caespitosa, quite proliferation they are so i'm not interested in more unfortunately. However. I have cash. Cash. $ So sell me something! Ideally more than a cm wide. I'd be grateful. Thanks
  5. Has it ever been used in association with violence? IE sacrifices or the such?
  6. Distracted

    Seeking lophs! (any but caespitosa) NOW SORTED! THANKS

    These are the days of our lives
  7. Distracted

    Seeking lophs! (any but caespitosa) NOW SORTED! THANKS

    I guess i'm mainly after anything seed grown that wouldn't be a slice of what i've been slicing up.
  8. Distracted

    Pinning in pf jars before full coloniZation

    Could even be the substrate wasn't packed tight enough, mycelium colonized till they found an edge then started fruiting from there. alfamiller just meant that if you asked on the shroomery you'll probably get a much better answer than asking here.
  9. Distracted

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    I'll show my ugly face this month.
  10. If everybody was all accepting we wouldn't need to keep anything private. Or if we all shared the same ideals we could willingly share everything. Is privacy a concept designed to protect us from the state when their laws are unjust? Unless there is a difference between our ideals and the ideals of the state and these ideals are actioned upon we shouldn't require privacy. Perhaps from social embarrassment or judgement? Do we need privacy because we do not trust each other? My moral compass points this way.
  11. Distracted

    The Random Thread.

    Sherlock is for hipsters, the glass vapor genie is the best ! edit: ok so the glass one is a sherlock too apparently. I just meant I think the wood one is for hipsters, I have a glass one
  12. Distracted

    What Money Shouldn't Buy

    I don't think money should be able to buy justice.
  13. Distracted

    When is privacy necessary?

    So far. Privacy is necessary in order to prevent persecution by the state or societies within that state unless you yourself are persecuting unlawfully in which case your privacy is void to afford another persons or corporations privacy. ? Privacy is necessary so we're not forced to be in a situation where you may feel socially uncomfortable. I think the concept of entitled privacy can cause significant distress in our secular society, when the difference of ones overt actions to ones covert ideals is great. The non-secular believers in an omnipotent God however have no privacy as they are never truly alone. Personally I feel that Snowden's quotes are a bit odd considering he infringed upon the privacy of the state. To me wikileaks is about dismantling privacy, not protecting it.
  14. Distracted

    When is privacy necessary?

    Guys if you'd like to talk about data retention changes go make a thread in chill, i intended this to be a broad ideological discussion about privacy, not a specific discussion about the retention of meta data. Thanks! The animal point is an interesting one but the question still remains WHY?! I'm not sure if an animal can accurately assess danger (i'm being literal there, i am not sure) I know my cats should feel safe inside their home but when they hear a foreign noise they freak out just like everyone else, if they were to run and retreat I would imagine it would be to eliminate potential stressors found in the environment. Now don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to shoot down suggestions or argue, I made this thread hoping someone could change my mind or give a different input for me to digest while working. This is all brain food for me :D A lot of people feel entitled to privacy. I'm wondering how many people are against telepathy?
  15. Distracted

    When is privacy necessary?

    True true, i'm definitely guilty of that sort of thinking. It's cultured unfortunately . Privacy just seems to be an odd one for me, from my understanding privacy was first conceptualised with freedom but to me freedom and privacy seem at ends to each other. If I have to hide things am I really free?
  16. Distracted

    When is privacy necessary?

    Does privacy protect the rich more, or the poor? Should the affairs of the state remain private too? Would you forfeit your privacy to expose the corruption of others? edit: changed 'lose' to 'forfeit' in last sentence.
  17. Distracted

    When is privacy necessary?

    I would only care if I thought that someone could or would use this information to harm me. Currently I don't trust either the government or society. To me fixing privacy is ignoring the elephant in the room.
  18. Distracted

    growing lophs in the ground...?

    I think your biggest problem will be slugs and snails. Plant something tastier around the lophs to draw them away maybe?
  19. Distracted

    Some simple tryptamines hardcover

    Well i have had awhile to think about it, I have a soft copy I got KT to sign at EGA but have always wanted a hard copy. It's second ed not first but it's still good and i'm not even sure if there were any hard cover copies of first edition. So with that said! Queue the lights. Drumroll please. ...
  20. Distracted

    Some simple tryptamines hardcover

    How about a ballpark figure? I'm not aware of any being sold so not sure how much to offer. So it's first ed, only one print of it so there's only 200 available? From what i can read they skipped the hard cover for the second ed print.
  21. Distracted

    The Federal Government are dogs!!!

    I've hired so many shit cunts before, wish they stayed on centrelink instead. If you're posting on an internet forum you're not the most disadvantaged in society.
  22. Distracted

    Pure coir for raising seeds...thoughts?

    I've had success with coir, squeeze it till only a few drops of water comes out, it should be moist but not wet. I've also had bad luck with unclean seeds spreading mould before they germinate. I think the benefits of coir are that root damage is minimalised when transplanting seedlings, however all this is unscientific observations
  23. I'm more worried about the drunks listening to R&B and hip hop.
  24. Distracted

    My 9 year old son has been watching DMT vids

    I was a very curious child, had a 5 year older brother, so sometimes I was able to sit in on stories i probably shouldn't have been able to hear, no internet to find things out from though, only able to listen to others talk. I was very curious about tripping and altered states, how my parents would go mushroom hunting and tripping etc. My parents would generally start talking about it then they would become aware that they were talking to a child and tone it down, and say I shouldn't be learning about this as i was too young. I imagine it would be a bit harder to limit a child's learning potential in this age of internet. I think teach him about who he should be having these discussions with? Don't really want him asking teachers at school about these topics, might shine a bad light onto you.
  25. Distracted


    ...lol what?