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  1. Lophophora jourdaniana var mammillaris Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii day 17 Thailand
  2. Always have to take time to stop and smell the roses. Enjoying something as simple as minor differences in phenotype in Lophophora hybrids for instance is what attracts me to the fricii type hybrids. Those occasional brightly colored flowers if one can get one is great. The same thing for Brugmansia or Datura hybrids... watching those flowers open up for the first time gives you the unique experience of being the first to see that hybrid bloom for the first time. Perhaps it is not spectacular by anyone else's standards, but for me it is exciting even when the flower is plain white. I'm doing a happy dance if I get something more. @Humbolt Your perspective is reflected in how I was taught to view plants, animals, etc. All are beings/spirit/energy/vibration on the web of life. That web of the mind that mirrors the outside world and those connections we make internally about the connections we have externally to the same. It is a mirror in some respects then that the mind can reflect the connections or energy to one extent or another. The more in tune you are to a particular plant or animal the more that animal or plant resonates with you. At a certain point, generally after having had a particularly powerful connecting vision with a particular medicine/pejuta/plant/animal that energy/spirit becomes a part of you and that is reflected in the idea that you now have that particular connection in a stronger way than many to a particular medicine. You have that animal/plant/medicine as a part of you and you can draw on its strength.
  3. It can survive, but I wouldn't bet much money on it. You cut a lot of tissue off which helps the seedling dry out faster. Increasing humidity or simply placing parafilm stretched out over your grafted scion would have prevented the seedling from drying out. If you have a big seedling like you appear to have had, try cutting it down so the seedling forms a square or a rectangle with the small size down/horizontal and the long sides up/vertical if grafting with areoles pointing upwards. I sometimes graft seedlings on their side to good effect as well, but that is just for play. You want a nice fat seedling for that and you barely go into the tissue at all.
  4. I've been growing plants since I was could tie my shoes. I propagated African Violets by leaf before I learned my times tables. The bottom line is I love plants, nature, forests, etc. Watching butterflies hatch, hummingbirds swoop in... it all makes me feel at peace. When you hybridize, graft, grow from seed, etc... you often learn to take thing slow and find excitement in watching the simplest flower open for the first time. You become an active participant in nature, but I don't think that is limited to the plants we grow simply to grow. Nor are the plants we grow for medicines or food any less important. For me, it is the connection we make with nature and with plants in general and that relationship can be fostered just like any other relationship. Treat your plants with respect and realize that they have gifts to offer such as food, medicine, beauty, purifying the air, etc. But also realize we can bring gifts to our plants. Gifts of water, fertilizer, good soil, appreciation, respect, and yes even the air we breath out. We are connected. We are related. That is what it is all about. Fostering that feeling that we instinctively know is true, but also realizing that science validates that connection as we truly are all connected.
  5. Day 16 Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii I love to see hybrid pictures @bardo so please feel welcome to share anytime on this thread if you so desire.
  6. Your giant specimens look much larger than my seedlings and they aren't even grafted. Great job getting these up to this size on their own roots so fast. Looks like you had greater than 50% germination rate as well which for this cross? Excellent results my friend!
  7. Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii day 13
  8. Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii day 12
  9. Day 11 Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii
  10. Inyan

    Crest from a TBM

    As small as that specimen is, I might forego grafting and just remove any normal pieces of growth for a bit. The reason I say this is that when I have grafted newly turned crested specimens or even older ones for that matter, they do often revert back to normal form for a bit. How long that bit is seems to vary from a few weeks, to months, or even longer. Of course, you could also graft a small piece of your new mutant to something and check out that property right away. Just leave the majority of your crested specimen intact.
  11. Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii day 10 As you can see, this go round the grafts are being a little slow to take off, but I suspect any day now there will be a leap in growth. Not to detract from this thread... I'll add in another pretty . This one is a Lophophora jourdaniana.
  12. Inyan

    Dawson Pasacana x OP

    Any updates on this little one?
  13. Happy Birthday 

  14. Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii Day 9
  15. Inyan

    Making sense of HBWR

    @TheMooseZeus I planted mine directly in the ground so that is kind of cheating. I watered it daily however. Ground was mostly sand as I planted my BHWR on a small island. Again, I call it cheating when the conditions are that good. Definitely think of upsizing the pot though as my suspicion is the pot may be too small.
  16. Lophophora williamsii x Lophopohora fricii day 8
  17. Inyan

    Making sense of HBWR

    I don't know about some plants, but I know my BHWR flowered and set seed as soon as it reached the top of the tree which for me took 2 seasons as I started late if memory serves.
  18. Looks like all you need are some high quality seeds to graft now that you have started collecting your grafting stock already.
  19. Inyan

    Offers, Sales portal pro

    This is the first I have heard of this, but after a brief search for Trichocereus and seeing much san pedro on ebay I am a bit perplexed. As concerns paypal, I know some very nice Trichocereus hybridizers that utilize paypal for sale of cacti as well as seeds. Do you think those will be affected as well. Any links to this information on either? Sorry if all of this is common knowledge, but I don't do most social networking platforms outside of forums like this.
  20. Lophophora williamsii x Lophopohora fricii day 7
  21. Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii day 6
  22. Inyan

    When I die

    Death ceremonies and rituals are something that definitely interest me. And as a cultural views collide it seems more and more interesting options are coming to surface. Fantasy Coffins are another option I like.
  23. Lophophora williamsii x Lophophora fricii day 5
  24. Inyan


    Very nice grafts you have going there my friend. Large root system as well I see.
  25. Brugmansia seedling shown grafted to mature stock from flowering region. I've posted these pictures to show that you can handle, cut on, and otherwise work with Brugmansia without wearing gloves. I do however, advice against rubbing your eyes.