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  1. Hubert J Farnsworth

    NZ members?

    Hi folks another kiwi signing in.... Ive spent mamy years in aussie but im back now. Way down in the deep south so im not too sure what would grow here...... Anyway Hi!
  2. Hubert J Farnsworth

    acacia id please...large pics

    hi folks... i just found these 2 species growing 30 ft from where i sit.. thay are growing near bathurst nsw... the area is about 900m above sea level with ocasional snow. spp 1: spp 2: just let me know if any other pics will aid identification.. cheers
  3. Hubert J Farnsworth

    Local Mushrooms, ID. Warning - Picture heavy.

    Im in Oberon too... im just starting out ... havent found anything yet... well amanitas but nothing i would eat!! hopefully ill get out for an hour or 2 this weekend! cheers H
  4. Hubert J Farnsworth

    email notification....

    ok iget the email now... what i meant initially was i set the notification to instant then saved and continued surfing... after reading a few more threads i would open options and look at the settings again. it was reset to no notification... rinse and repeat. it seems to have worked this time tho... thanks guys.
  5. Hubert J Farnsworth

    email notification....

    why cant i set my email notification to send a message if theres a reply?? i must have reset the damn thing 5 times....grrr hjf
  6. Hubert J Farnsworth

    acacia ... identifictation and couple of pics

    in the top image the tips of the leaves are red... are they actually red irl?? ive found dozens of these in canberra but havent seen any with red tips. is this the same thing?? hjf