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  1. Merkaba

    Cacti cuttings for sale - Trichs

    Hey Day Tripper yes they are, which ones were you after ?
  2. Merkaba

    Looking for rarities...

    click on the top right letter shapped little pic.
  3. Merkaba

    Cacti cuttings for sale - Trichs

    sure :] only the log though, that cool?
  4. Merkaba

    Looking for rarities...

    I have Bridgesii Eilleen cuttings if you're interested Peeps consider that a rare and special species :]
  5. 1. T. Pachanoi - from an old plant $15 (3 for $40) 2. Bridgesii - $20 - real fat., bit of scarring from spine rub, 3. $25 alt bridgesii 4. T. Peruvianus $25 5. Bridgesii - $20 6. Bridgesii - $20 6. Peruvianoids $10 - I have quite a few of these. I'll throw in extras if you buy more than 4 :] I will post out anywhere in Aus. You can use paypal or bank transfer. Pick up is also welcome (western suburbs melbourne) :] Plants are ~35cm
  6. Just ordered an Arizer extreme-Q . They seem to be rather popular.
  7. Merkaba

    pics from my cactus garden

    hahA ^ Nice garden, I was sorta wondering if they were gonna grow thin in the conditions (from the first photograph) then I scrolled down and noticed there were updates. Seems like they're growing healthy and plump :D good work. Seems like they're getting their nutes :D
  8. Merkaba

    Insect pest on Bay tree

    Hi everyone from Melbourne, For the second year in a row, I found this larvae / pupae, each one wrapped within a small bundle of 2cm long little sticks glued together, hanging off the tips of the baytree branches. A number of leaves were chewed, I guess before they hide themselves with the sticks. I haven't seen what they eventually developed into, guess some sort of butterfly or a moth?! This is what it looks like (the lavanda flower is just for the size comparison). Anyone knows what these are, and what I should do to protect the tree? Thanks a lot
  9. yea don't think it's either or longifolia.. i think longifolia have longer phylodes than the flower have you eaten this sap yourself before?
  10. heyas ! well i've been interested in wattles for a very long time... but haven't really sunk my teeth into getting anywhere with finding the more interesting cousins of the species... but time has called for me to become interested again... i found a nice one today. it smells awesome too! check it out I know it's quite a big task in actually IDing maidenii's and obtusifolias properly, especially just by looking at a photo. I borrowed a few books from the library to help me so I found this one today in melbourne ... and no I'm not interested in killing this tree, just so you know Anyone got any identification tips tho ? Don't think it's an longofolia, maube some kind of floribunda? also, a part of it's trunk had brown sap running all down it.
  11. Merkaba

    Where is gomaos?

    I've been trying to contact him for months... It seems he hasn't posted for quite a while too... Anyone know what's up?
  12. Merkaba

    My cat trying to steal my lophophora's

    another reason why cats suck uber balls.
  13. Merkaba

    it's true