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    Hi all, just found a decent stash of bag seed in the fridge, it was given to me about 2 years ago and has been in the fridge in a container the whole time, I successfully germinated a bunch last yearor so I'm sure they should be viable still. I'm not gonna use them so they're up for grabs if anyone wants them! I'm happy to pay postage within the usual states that are cool to post to. Hit me up if you want some free beans!
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    Free Astrophytum capricorne seed giveaway (CLOSED)

    Hey brother, I would love some seeds if there's still some available? I'll PM you. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I've seen a few discussions around this topic and there seems to be a strong general consensus. I will be adding a variety of acacia species to my garden very soon. But I would also like to study this plant and its alkaloids in the meantime while my babies grow and mature. I would love any kind of advice in regards to potentially finding a trusted, safe and ethically sourced supplier of bark? I'm open to anything that any of you lovely people may have to say, even if its just wait for my own to grow haha. Any help/advice is greatly appreciate Thanks community
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    I'm interested please if still available
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    Microscopy Prints

    Hi again, so I just realized all my old messages still exist on here and I've mistaken you for another kind soul in here that helped me start a collection and gain a passion for microscopy and mycology a few years ago. Sorry for any confusion in my message. I'm still very interested in some of the prints you have available and would be very grateful for your help Thanks heaps J
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    Microscopy Prints

    Hey brother, just sent you a pm