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  1. I have read about this a few times. (Only have access to my phone so am unable to locate the search bar on the mobile site.) Anyway l was wondering how some other members inoculate with rhizobia? I have tried looking for specific products l might be able to buy. Some members have said grab some soil from other acacia, would this be acceptable for A Courtii? And if you did inoculate what were your processes for applying? When they are seeds (during soaking)? Or after a soak and mix it in with germination medium? I have loads acacia l can pull dirt from. How much of this dirt is used to treat the soil in question? Also when l search google the only things that come up are studies. I rather cut to the chase and get members processes and methods that have worked for them. Please and thank you!
  2. So these are ready for transplantation l would say. The weather is starting to warm up so l would say its a good time? Anyone able to pass on some advice to planting these rare wattles out and about? I know its a good idea to add a steak until they are old enough. Haven't been about on the forums for a while as l have just been busy. Also mobile site, l cannot find the search bar. New topic wont hurt l suppose on this subject. I did spy the topic about general acacia though these are not just common acacia. Thanks for the advice people.
  3. Drake1337

    Three Brothers and replanting

    Thanks loads for all the replies people! I really appreciate it. I think l will wait until we are closer to spring. Will sow another batch of seeds soon so they are ready to be replanted for Autumn.
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    Thanks for the update and clarity Torsten.
  5. Got these growing in my yard atm. Noticed while catching queen ants on their mating flight. Loads of rain so explains why. Any extra info needed let me know cheers!
  6. Thanks Micro. Yeah l get the feeling this might be the go. Only Phleb seem to need the inoculation or else risk dieing at some point later. Where as A. Courtii seem to have higher success from what l have read about with other members.
  7. Yeah l have been speaking to Comm. They have been really busy, though l am in no rush. I wont attempt phlebs for a while, not yet. In the future though l will be working to grow them successfully and obtain main seeds. Try and create a compounding effect. Thanks for the link to the thread, will check it out soon.
  8. Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful reply Thunderhorse. That information is more that l am able to find so far (as its spread out). I think you might be suprised. What l am learning about all our bacterial, yeast, fungi, mold etc is that they are pretty damn resilient. And they are everywhere, ground and air. Even if they are ground based they will be carried with dust. Then again nothing is sure without an offical look under a microscope? Your blessed to be growing A. Phleb. I have planned to grow them too, but not without knowledge of methods of inoculaton. I understand they are more hit and miss and mainly because they need Rhiz for the conversion of nitrogen. And probably many more reasons. At least what l have briefly read. Looking forward for more replies from others!
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    3mm gravels/sands, coir, mediums etc

    Cheers l will have a look. If anyone else knows how pumice gos instead of river rock or gravel for Acacia? Guessing the only difference is it can hold extra moisture? I know in a topic l bumped in the cacti section its used (can be used?) In the cacti medium (perfect because l also will be germinating cacti shortly).
  10. Hey peoples! Right now I am germinating A Courtii and its going well with some learning trial and error. Figured I will skip the T&E and go with sound advice. Reading about and taking Communacacians advice, so am wondering where everyone sources their mediums? So far my main go-to is Bunnings, though I am sure there might be better online sites to order from, with a larger range. Also I did do some searching of the fourms and not a great deal came up, bar one topic that had some helpful info. So a few things I would like to know, one about Bunnings Coir. Its not called Coco Coir, its just "Coir", though is a very fine material that seems to be coconut fiber. Also its got added fertilizers that I rather avoid so I have control over that area. I known this is kind of easy to source online, though would like a reputable source. Another item is gravel or even sand at about 3mm. I am having a hard time finding this stuff and when I tried to siv bunnings Course Sand mix it did not go so well. They have a charcoal, but this might be too large? I thought about traveling up to Newcastle or some said beach though I am guessing it might be "salt enriched". Im located in NSW so any online sites suggested based in NSW would be the go as shipping would be lower. Some photos. No freaking out, I was trying different mediums out of impatience. First one I have no idea, its from a SA bought A Courtii seed so will see what it turns into. These photos are a few days old, more are sprouting now and the ones in the photos are starting to open up. Just went with the advice from one site on germinating Acacia, 1 part course sand (bunnings) and 3 parts vermiculite (going to change to 50% coco coir, 30% perlite and 20% small (3mm) river stone as suggested to me). They are doing well in the "Native potting mix" though needs coir or Verm to help hold water. Also going to go with the long thin pots as this is what I have seen a few members use. Thanks for all the replies!
  11. Drake1337

    3mm gravels/sands, coir, mediums etc

    Hahaha cheers people! And cheers Freaka, l did not think of the seashell and alkaline that way. At the moment l am only doing small scall stuff, though in the future l think heading to the local landscaper will be the go. Right now the native mix has an issue of drying out instead of risking staying too damp. I think its mainly because of the type of pot l wanted to try, the soil might of retained more moisture in the long thin pots. Will give it a week and update photos. Loads shooting up, even the ones in pure Bunnings Coir. Thanks again for all the replies!
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    Mineral/Medium resources

    Bumping this topic to save creating a new topic! Although acacia are not cacti, the mediums are similar. Also I kinda skipped cacti to grow the Courtii, but will need the cacti mediums in the future anyway. I am having a hard time finding 3mm gravel or something similar. I have the charcoal from Bunnings though it might be to large? petandgarden.com.au seem like the go and I need to calmly go through this whole topic when I can properly. I am also unsure if the postage will be too high. Also the Coir from Bunnings seem pretty good, though is it coco Coir? It breaks up into a fine material. Downside is it has added ferts that I rather have control what I add. I might still make a whole topic to this yet, nothing much came up in the search.
  13. Im 99% these are t. Pach. Be great if they are as its just growing randomly near the train tracks at the side of the road (two massive trees). So looking for 2nd and 3rd opinions. I want to grow from seed, though l dont think l would pass up a random cutting that no one owns. This would get me some valuable experience grafting. Though lm not looking to butcher the two trees (looks like someone has taken a cutting or two, but only small and careful). Photos look poor while creating this message, so once posted if still poor once posted message me. Guessing l can upload easier via message. Cheers!
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    Trichocereus pachanoi?

    Awesome cheers! I noticed t. Pach might have at least tiny spines also? Where these pretty much have no spines at all. Cheers for the fast replies!
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    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Played with the bees!
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    Calluna vulgaris (Heather) in Australia?

    I did skim over that pdf (where l noted the weed potential). I should of read fully though. So l can import heather, just not seeds? I rather not import seeds and grow it, just for the risk l suppose. Though if l found out some growing wild... Noooo wont brew the fogg, l shall follow the rules ;). Thank god NSW does not have the " one Law to Rule them all" like in QLD. But no, washed heather for me. Looks like l might hunt through a few nurseries then. If anyone has extra info shoot me a message. Happy to share mead made (though l plan to let it sit min 12 months).
  17. So l was wondering if Calluna vulgaris / Scottish Highland Heather is in australia? I'm interested in making Wild Heather Mead. As far as l know there are warnings that it has the potential to be a serious weed. So its not something l might expect to be sold at a nursery, as far as l know. Another interesting thought is this, heather is said to have a white coating known as "fogg". I think its a type of fungi though l could be wrong. Would anyone know if the heather (if its in the country) also have this Fogg? Or its strictly limited to Highland Scottish Heather? Main reason for asking this is so l might wash my heather well before use, as recommended. Plus its a brew l plan to share with friends, so want to avoid unintentionally brewing fogg also. If its a weed l shouldnt need to grow it (and spread a weed). Instead if l can l would love to collect it in the wild if possible. Making the brew semmi wild crafted and reducing the weeds numbers (in a small way). Thanks for anyones informations and insight. Im in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW.
  18. More the peoples personal suggestions here. Unlike fungi that has loads of growing books for all types, cacti seem a bit lacking with initial searching, though only brief. Edit: There are books, though, l perfer what people here suggest, to cut down the number of books that can just be skipped. Cheers!
  19. Drake1337

    Best books for Cacti growing

    Cheers Zapp. I live in-land NSW, so winters do get colder to a degree in the mornings. So that book suggested sounds like it will have relevant information for sure. Its pretty much what l suspected with the "lack of books". I went from never reading a book to being a book fiend ( general reading online doesn't count). So thats the larger reason for the book craving.
  20. Drake1337

    Acacia Courtii Seeds

    Sorry for the bump. Also seeking these seeds, happy to grow many and spread the love. " rocky hillsides in dry forests and woodlands " Watagans Sounds like the perfect place for these, even in the surrounding areas trekking up to the place.
  21. Hi peoples. I have decided to get back into old hobbies and this site helped me out LOADS years ago. Ok long story short I am looking to buy Echinopsis pachanoi, peruviana, and lageniformis seeds. Also Lophophora williamsii seeds. I think one slow growing species of cacti is enough... I want to have a go trying to sow seeds instead of cuttings, I think this would be a much more rewarding experience. Although if I have a hard time finding seeds then I can be happy with cuttings. Also I rather buy from users here as I don't trust some sites honesty with the species they provide, plus I figured its better to support people here that can put the money to better use. Please and thank you!
  22. I love it! Guess l have to officially add this to the list of things. Nootropics and spirituality in one! Always loved the idea of ayahuasca and l think this just added incentive for me to finally explore the possibilities. Any experts on the subject feel free to shoot me a PM. And thank you very much for sharing Drugo.
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    I know this is bumping an old thread, can someone who is kind enough to pm me in plain english about the status of this in NSW as of 2017? Please and thank you.
  24. Drake1337

    Donating for SAB costs

    After a good number of years im getting back into some old hobbies. This site really help out with loads of information back in the day, that is to say the people as well. Best way to say thank you is the finish off the donation thats left. A small thank you from me. Im sure people will have information l need yet again years later.