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  1. I stay JUST ahead of where I need to be on pereskiopsis. I really should start a bank but I have plans for every one that is currently rooted. LOL Even my cactus did stuff in the cactus garden today. Cliff started his own garden.
  2. Trevyn

    Cactus seed giveaway #2

    Good luck everybody.
  3. Trevyn

    'Clone' names

    In a world without clone names the chaos would be worse. I remember a plant I saw once and now want it to breed with a plant I have. "Hey does anyone have a cut of that knobby pachanoi?' "Which one?" "I think EG posted a picture of it once." "This one?" "No it was knobbier." "This one?" "No." I can't imagine as a collector living in that world. Pure frustration.
  4. The Maldonado that some were calling Pachanoi doesn't look Pachanoi now. Does it still look bogan?
  5. Looking for two pachanoi cuts. One Yowie and one Landfill. Hit me up if you have the inside track. Thanks!
  6. saved a seedling that was mushy at the base by grafting to an opuntia pad.
  7. Trevyn


    Yeah I started with tweezers but there were just so many and I am half yowie just covered in wool. duct tape helped on the smooth parts of my arms but i am going to sleep on my back tonight and go get waxed in the morning.
  8. Trevyn


    How are all these things in my chest? I never rubbed the cactus on my chest...
  9. Trevyn


    AHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay I needed that. Cedar still has something in his back left paw but that's the only thing he is favoring right now. I will duct tape his pads when the wife gets home with the tape. I don't know why I got greedy. I am getting fine results with my current root stock. "The Torment of Trevyn" a Greek tragedy in three parts extolling the virtue of being satisfied with what you have.
  10. Trevyn


    Dear Christ...I opened a box of opuntia compressa as I was told it was better stock than the wild spineless I was using...I am fucking covered in glochids and they are spreading and multiplying....I have thrown my cloths away but the couch just fucked my dog up...do I have to throw the couch away too? Fucking terrorism..... this much agony needs to result in super powers or death...no middle ground... I am going to have my wife pick up duct tape on the way home and mummy me then un-mummy me. Dear G-d why?!?!
  11. The claim: The cactus: Those parrot beak areoles are freakin' me out man! Looks too fat to be a cereus though right? What is it? Echinocereus maybe?
  12. Awesome news! I would like to order the following: Z020 Tipz macro X Norma (peru) $3 Z022 "Roy" pachanoi X Fields pachanoi $3 Z068 Tipz Macro X Hahn pachanoi $3 International shipping for a total of $12. Send me PayPal info and I will get you sorted ASAP.
  13. Trevyn

    Poppy Seeds - retracted

    I have an heirloom papaver somniferum cultivar that has been in the family for generations. It's called "flowerbox poppy" because it tops out at 2' tall. Sort of a bonsai poppy. They are legal to grow in the states, but I would get cuffed if I were making laudanum out of them. The harvest would be dismal as well as the poppy heads are about the size of a quarter. I put it in this thread for educational purposes only.
  14. Trevyn

    Ogunbodede´s Pachanoi

    Is this cut available from anywhere? Edit: Finally scored one of these on 9/17/2017
  15. Trevyn

    Little Cliff sale - sold.

    Oh yeah. Godless and Mu have both sent me love so I know the drill. This is a good cause. If this is open to the U.S. I was going to suggest cutting that 42cm in half for the same price. That way I get to contribute to the cause, save a ton on postage, and get a community cut with a ton of meaning behind it.