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  1. sageawearness

    my dream garden

    I would just like to say big thank you to all the people who have given me help and donated towards my project cheers!!!
  2. sageawearness

    my dream garden

    I thank you for your imput and advice however I dont think there is any worry about being the token pesimistic bloke as all advice and help is taken with apreciation. That is what this community is about you have given me thought to digest cheers
  3. sageawearness

    my dream garden

    Those are great suggestions im favoring woodrose that wold make a grand compliment I shall investigate it further cheers
  4. sageawearness

    my dream garden

    Southland new zealand friend ;)
  5. sageawearness

    my dream garden

    Dragon fruit is a rathr good looking plant and I happen to have acess to seeds the only con I can thunk of is that it doesnt like frost and my area of country freezes up proper in winter but then again nothing wrong with keeping tem in pot and moving them into shelter when required thanks for uur imput and will endevour to give growing em a go also I have managed to acquire a couple hundred coleus blumei seeds so ive got the wheels starting to roll cheers
  6. sageawearness

    my dream garden

    As a start I have just aquired 200 odd seeds of coleus blumei so things have allready started.if anyone can think of a vine that would work well with this plan I would appreciate the feedback Im thinking about putting in a trellas style archway down the center
  7. sageawearness

    my dream garden

    Hello all I am a green horn to this wonderful site after spending several hours of spare time reading through the forums I couldnt help but sign my life away and become a member. the helpful feedback and friendly replys to matters people post is amazing. So I wish to share my idea and thoughts on what I wish to change with my garden.this past week I have invested many hours turning over and transplanting my lily gardens to bring them back to a sense of order but as they only flower once a year my gardens now resemble scorched earth with wilting lilly stalks. I had tussocs in as space fillers but they seemed to me a depressing sight so I removed them and have a massive amount of space to play with I recently had a great idea and wish to bring it to reality. I want to create a dreamy psychedelic garden for all to enjoy and admire in my area I would like to plant in a mixture of coleus blumei around the circumfrance of the garden to provide the magical kaleidoscopic colorful view. in the center row of lillys I would like to have lionstale growing at even intervills between the stalks. And then a must have is some lovely sally d at strategic areas for personal (cough) reasons. the species of plant I have mentioned are rather hard for me to find in my part of the country so any help in acquiring them would be accepted with great gratitude and would be a basis for me to help others wishing to obtain and grow such plants in my area. of course this will be a work in progress taking a season or more of nurturing and growing of seeds/ clones etc but the end result will be well worth the wait and effort involved the end result come February 2015/2016 will be a colourfull trippy looking delight of 50cm to 5-6 foot tall paradise and what better way to marvel at such a view of work with enjoying in the delights of the psychotropic offerings these plants can give Thank you.