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  1. flappybird

    give away

    congrats sulik114 you are the only entry but I must say I had a good laugh at that as my account is being deleted please pm me your info ASAP so I can get it sent out to you thanks
  2. flappybird

    Trade Thread issues

    mate I haven't given anyone positive feed back? And get your facts right this account was created a few weeks ago thank you very much. Righto like I said "assumptions" I got them seeds from him.
  3. flappybird

    Trade Thread issues

    is this how all new members here are treated? Getting accused of all this because I am giving away some seeds that I received from matt1208??? I DO NOT APPRECIATE the way I am being treated because of an assumption, do people have nothing better to do? Getting all my posts spammed by this bullshit? How is this fair? how is it right? I don't know what he done for this to start but why bring it all onto me and accuse me of having 2 accounts with no actual proof other then the fact I have the same seeds as he does? Ever think maybe I go the seeds when he offered these for trade? pfffft you my friend are a joke to society !!!!!!
  4. flappybird

    Australian native frangipani seeds for trade

    um excuse me? I received these seeds from Matt a little while ago, I don't appreciate you throwing accusations towards me thank you very much.
  5. flappybird

    give away

    so I'm pretty new here, I have traded on here before but I haven't posted so I thought I'd have a giveaway competition, I don't have a great deal to offer but I have a few things I've received from other trades that I don't have the space to use, I love blond jokes so whoever has the best joke will win, competition will end at midnight (not a long competition I know) winner will get, 20 native frangipani seeds 20 afghani poppy seeds 10 tricherous seeds (I think that's spelt properly) and I think I have a few datura seeds laying around I'd also like to add that I'm very interested in psilocybe cubensis prints so if anyone has any spare prints they could trade send me a pm thanks
  6. flappybird

    Trade list

    is the Burma print a cubensis print?