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    tech support

    Hi all- I'm a little out of the loop technology wise, I was hoping some tech genius members could help me with some advice.... It appears my telstra netgear cg3100 cable modem/router is starting to fail, telstra tech support say its had it and of course I need to purchaSE a new modem.... My problem seems to be that the modem NAT are full (my problem seems consistent with this common complaint over the telstra supplied modems)... so i guess I need to disable nat on my modem and bridge a wireless router????? The modem has seemed to be fine for a few years, only recently starting to drop out regularly... Would love if anyone can tell me if I am on the right or wrong track and any suggestions for what I should buy if I need to purchase equipment- my requirements are to connect like 4 or 5 devices via wifi, with a reasonable range ( better than the cg3100 would be great as this modem struggles to serve my household) and..... should it be future ready...??? like this nbn thing i hear about??? oh and cheap :-) Thanks in advance!
  2. trichocereus grandiflorus echinopsis ..... astrophytum ornatum maybe :-)
  3. 2XB

    Melbourne cup beat the bookies

    the *.ods file opens in excel too :-) so if any of the selected horses come win the profit will be roughly the same in each case?
  4. would epoxy be ok in sterilisation processes??(I've often wondered what leeches out of epoxies, like could I seal a hole in a water tank with epoxy safely??)... maybe silver solder as another option
  5. 2XB


    +1 for PC pachanoi-
  6. 2XB

    Dawsons and Gill

    Awesome pics man, great to see!! Looks like its been cleaned up a heap since I was there last, and green!!! Looking amazing :-) !!!!!!!!!
  7. Oh man that NRIVERS graft is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Nice one man, enjoying the blog
  8. Hi SAGIx I live in the sub tropics, south east queensland, australia- temps are at lowest aound 3-5 deg, more like 7-10 average low this year and up to 35- 38 at the hottest, average ~30deg. It is not overly humid. Probably and prob USDA zone10b I have plants do very well outdoors, as long as you keep up the water, even water all through winter as the plants keep growing, and flowering/fruiting. No leaves drop at this climate. Less frequent water in winter which is a relief as I have to do it everyday in summer sometimes morning and evening if it is really hot. My largest plant is in direct sunlight and can handle this no sweat all day long as long as it is watered heaps! I think as long as the soil is draining you cannot water enough :-) Also they like to be fed a hell of a lot.... Mealies and scale are super fond of this plant too........................... I have a few varieties at the moment, standard aussie viridis, shipibo, luna, so far common viridis is fastest and shipibo slowest, and bugs seem to love shipibo more than the others :-) anecdotal observations.......... I know my climate probably doesnt help you, I hope you can take something from this though.........
  9. Hi, I have no suggestion for capping your PG, but find that syringe with a large blunt needle works just great for measuring small volumes, not a pest at all :-) Alternatively work out how many drops in a millilitre from your eyedropper.
  10. 2XB

    OSP Pach Comp giveaway

    november 27 2016
  11. 2XB

    American election, what's your call

    Not meaning to drag this thread down a couple notches or anything here.... but anyone been watching latest (season 20) south park??? some good US election lols to be had there :-) first 5 episodes have been aired
  12. 2XB

    American election, what's your call

    wont be long before you and red can @Halcyon Daze :-) Oocyte formation by mitotically active germ cells purified from ovaries of reproductive-age women http://www.nature.com/nm/journal/v18/n3/full/nm.2669.html
  13. Holy shit man that looks a hell of a lot like a log cabin behind those plants!!! :-)
  14. 2XB

    Seed swap

    @bogfrog I was hoping you had some piccies of that Peruvianus that u made the Peru x yowie with??? I really like the way these are turning out!! Nice dark green with dark red/brown spines :-) Here's 2 different plants And this is the same as a few posts up ##mind the mess :-)##
  15. 2XB

    Bridgesii sale "cliff"

    hey Y'all, keen to get my hands on this cactus- if you got anything for sale PLEASE send me a message :-)
  16. 2XB


    gorgeous cut man, thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
  17. @fozzking I can send you some, pm me to work it out :-)
  18. 4 different soil brews, watered in with a very dilute organic liquid fertiliser. Thanks again rahli, super excited.will keep the thread updated :-)
  19. Got a wad of seed today thanks man!! I'm happy to send a few packs on, hit me up if u keen
  20. 2XB

    Anadenanthera peregrina seed setting?

    Noticed flowering this arvo, October south east qld, after a mild dry winter, 6 ish years old and still in a pot :-(
  21. 2XB

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Bummer I have something on