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  1. Shrooman

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Anyone in WA have spore prints for sale or giveaway for microscopy purposes? Looking to get back into mycology and start a collection after moving back to WA (everything's gone due to quarantine). Thanks.
  2. Shrooman

    Perth Beekeepers

    I had bees over east, but nothing yet in WA, Id love to get back into it though in the future. Nothing better than fresh burr comb Good luck with it - it's addictive!
  3. Shrooman

    All prints are for Microscopy ONLY!

    Looking to get back into mycology after moving interstate to WA. Anyone have any prints for sale or giveaway, got nothing to trade yet :/ Looking at starting a print collection for microscopy purposes. I'll search and post elsewhere but also looking to get a decent microscope for microscopy and gardening (checking soil, compost etc). Thanks
  4. Shrooman

    Metho in alcohol lamp for sterilising.

    Metho (alcohol) is perfect for your alcohol lamp, and exactly what you want to use A spirit lamp is different, hence it uses spirits and not alcohol.
  5. Shrooman

    Interesting/Custom Fruiting Chambers

    Now that's a sweet setup!
  6. Shrooman

    Popcorn method

    I have done the popcorn tec for growing out SRA myc a few years back and it grew REALLY REALLY well, however purely from a price point of view wheat and rye would probably work out cheaper, plus since wheat and rye grains are smaller they have a much larger surface area, therefore more points of contact with the substrate so you should get faster colonisation. That's the way I do it and works for both rye and wheat.
  7. Shrooman

    my reishi rocket

    So did your blocks pin before you put them in the FC? I have 2 x 100% colonised blocks but no sign of pinning yet.....
  8. Shrooman

    my reishi rocket

    So for your 100% straw Reishi you just heat pasteurised with hot water? I've been very successful using the lime soak tek for white oysters into plastic bags with holes poked in. Takes about 2 weeks from inoc. to pinning for a 2.5kg bag. Trying some Golden oysters using the same method now. Currently I just soak mine in a drum with a large weighted saucer form a garden pot on top, then a few bricks to keep it submerged. I might look at going the shower method with a small pump in the future - would also work well for heat pasteurisation with an inline heater element to keep the temp up. Kind of like a RIMS beer brewing system, but instead of being a "Recirculating Infusion Mash System" it will be my "Recirculating Infusion Mycological System"
  9. Shrooman

    my reishi rocket

    Are you using the Lime Soak Tek for the Reishi as well??? I'll be stoked if you got those results using lime soaked straw!!!
  10. Shrooman

    my reishi rocket

    Lookin good! Is that 100% straw? Pasteurised or steralised?
  11. Shrooman

    a better led choice

    My FC at the moment loaded with POW with the new blue LED lights on the top level, and my old white LED bars on the 2nd and 3rd level:
  12. Shrooman

    a better led choice

    Nice find, thanks
  13. Shrooman

    oyster basket

    You can even go to Harvey Norman/Good Guys and get them from free if you can pick them up - they have to pay to get rid of them.
  14. Shrooman

    a better led choice

    That's dam cheap heat shrink, care to share your source?
  15. Shrooman

    oyster basket

    Looks great, I like the mesh basket! How do you get enough FAE in your fridge incubator?