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  1. Blonde’beautee

    Spores for microscopy

    Could you check messages please
  2. Blonde’beautee

    Spores for microscopy

  3. Blonde’beautee

    All prints are for Microscopy ONLY!

    Hi could i please get some spores sent and will cover costs of postage as well as any other additional costs please
  4. Blonde’beautee

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hi can i please order some prints so that i that I can do some further research work please .
  5. Blonde’beautee

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Yes please . Thank u kindly .
  6. Blonde’beautee

    various seeds to giveaway

    Anything u have .sorry for late reply
  7. Blonde’beautee

    various seeds to giveaway

    datura or desert rose?
  8. Blonde’beautee

    various seeds to giveaway

    if there are anymore seedling love left.....
  9. Blonde’beautee

    various seeds to giveaway

    surprise me.... Thanks heaps