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  1. whoami

    Euphorbia peplus Wanted

    one man's weed is another man's flower xD
  2. whoami

    Drugs sold as 'food' exempt under new laws in Aus

    Meh, I'm just thinking about places like remote communities. Obviously you people have never fucking been to one.They lack even the most basic health services, let alone chemists and clinics. As I SAID it would require reform in so many areas, not just in legislation. Its so much bigger than that. The government hardly gives two shits about the welfare of these people as it is. All they do is throw money at them as if it helps. The issues indigenous Australians in remote areas face are many, and the government does fuck all to really help As I said, I'm talking about places like remote communities. I'm not about to go and try to explain how they are. Sure, make more substances easier to acquire and easier for people to abuse, I'm just as keen as anyone else to see what happens when they're all addicted to opiates instead of alcohol and tobacco. maybe give them access to whatever sort of amphetamines they like eh?? Especially when considering how much trouble some of the more 'enlightened' cunts have managing their own addictions as it is!!!do you see the point yet?? I think yall need to visit an old mission
  3. hey I can't find that thread where the guy was asking about a cactus and I said I knew of some?? my boss reckons its some kind of Pachacereus. I know nothing about cacti though but yeah. pachacereus something or other
  4. whoami

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    I used to love playing Time Crisis in the arcades but it seems they are going out or style. the only real arcade that I know of now is that one on the gold coast. a couple of racing machines at the city cinemas just don't count
  5. whoami

    Heavy Metal

    BUMP!! Wassup!
  6. whoami

    Drugs sold as 'food' exempt under new laws in Aus

    Never made sense. but I don't think were ready to have all drugs legalised just yet. sounds like some kind of utopian ideal. but too many people are struggling with drugs that are already legal. like alcohol in remote communities. the cost to society to educate everyone on responsible drug choices would be absolutely massive. imagine dealing with a community where 80% of people are high all day and refuse to do anything else with their lives. the standards of living and quality of life would plummet. it'd be the worst thing you could ever do in some places, make drugs more accessible and with less convictions. it sucks but its the way it is. some places would descend into absolute chaos overnight
  7. whoami

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    you sound like quite the gamer, RC I wish satellite internet was actually good enough to play MMOs
  8. whoami

    tricks ?do you care to share?

    ^ some guys were doing that with the crystal ball at Eclipse 2012 the morning of the eclipse. I'd never really seen it done before so I thought it was so fuckin cool. they were dressed like... leprechauns, or elves. or something. and their little skit was to fight with the ball and try to wrestle it off each other. then one dude would do all this tricky fkoating shit with this child like look of amazement on his face. it really topped off my morning cus I was just fried from partying the night before and still glowing hard so I could have watched their shenanigans for hours
  9. whoami


    do you still want a troll, sally???? hehehehehe
  10. whoami

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    mmm the council are just fkn gold diggers though but in regards to vidjah games, if anyone out there plays worms, as unlikely as that is, we should definitely play some crazy crates xD
  11. whoami

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    yeah man gotta pay em for shit here too!!, I often go out to the local dump for work so sometimes I can score shit and sneak it back out without having to pay xD might see if there's a tv there this arvo. highly highly highly doubt thered be a working one there though, if it worked they'd probably put it on a velvet cushion in a glass cabinet with a little sign asking for a few hundred bucks
  12. whoami

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    if only there were somewhere less than 300Ks away I could actually get a working tv for ten bucks xD haha nah good idea though. for gta v it'd be worth it even on the oldest, smallest cathode tube telly then again is have to travel 300ks just to get a copy of Gta unless I got it sent to me