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  1. Nalak

    ID help? Subs maybe??

    Went looking for mushies out in stoneyford about 20 mins west of Colac this arvo. I found a few that I know are definately subs but I am not sure on these last few. They where found mostly in low lying damp areas amoung rocks and rotting debris, some where found on rotting branches. I gave every one I picked a good pinch on the stem after picking it, that was about 3 hours ago so any bruising should be apparent by now. Just wondering if anyone could help ID them, sorry the photos arent very good.
  2. Nalak

    Id help? subs, maybe?

    Thanks for everyones help.. Thanks again, I look forward to being a part of your wonderful little community here
  3. Nalak

    Id help? subs, maybe?

    Ok thankyou very much myco and mira.
  4. Nalak

    Id help? subs, maybe?

    Ok, yeah sorry about the picture, I didn't have a decent camera on hand at the time.
  5. Nalak

    Id help? subs, maybe?

    hmmm now I'm confused. . . .
  6. Nalak

    Id help? subs, maybe?

    Should I just eat it and find out? If so, how many/much should I eat? are there any dangerous look alikes?
  7. Nalak

    Id help? subs, maybe?

    Hi Jwerta, I was advised to dry them out last night by a friend so I did. I'm not sure if a spore print will work now but I will try. . . . As I said before, total noob haha
  8. Nalak

    Id help? subs, maybe?

    Hi guys, first post on these forums I found a few little mushrooms on my sisters property in stoneyford, about 20 minutes drive west of colac. The forest where I found them is made up of mostly gum and blackwood trees. I found multiple small patches mostly between rocks in low lying damp areas. They are only small, the biggest one I found had a cap about the size of a 50 cent coin. The stems are all fairly thin and the gills are a yellowish colour. The colour of the caps look the same as most pictures of subs I've seen and the stems bruised blue. The only thing different from the description of subs on these forums are that the stems are really thin, rather then the thick meaty looking ones I have seen photos of. I've never taken shrooms before and only know what i have read on these forums so I'm a bit wary of them. I'l post a picture, any help would be appreciated . Thanks guys.