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  1. Hi Folks! I have a few lophophora grafted on peresiopsis and San Pedro stalks. I understand San Pedro and Loph like to have a winter dormancy period. When The cacti are grafted does that change anything? I would imagine the Pedro/Loph grafts would enjoy a rest period but what about Pereskiopsis/Loph? Being unfamiliar with the growth cycle of this "tropical" cactus, is it requires to give these a dormancy period? Secondly, is there anyone out there that lets their Lophophora grafts grow year round? Will it weaken the cactus? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Guys!
  2. nothing

    Lophophora Grafts and Dormany "?"

    Thank you for your input. Greatly appreciated!
  3. nothing

    Lophophora Grafts and Dormany "?"

    Dormancy* Sorry for the typo.