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  1. nothing

    Lophophora Grafts and Dormany "?"

    Thank you for your input. Greatly appreciated!
  2. nothing

    Lophophora Grafts and Dormany "?"

    Dormancy* Sorry for the typo.
  3. Hi Folks! I have a few lophophora grafted on peresiopsis and San Pedro stalks. I understand San Pedro and Loph like to have a winter dormancy period. When The cacti are grafted does that change anything? I would imagine the Pedro/Loph grafts would enjoy a rest period but what about Pereskiopsis/Loph? Being unfamiliar with the growth cycle of this "tropical" cactus, is it requires to give these a dormancy period? Secondly, is there anyone out there that lets their Lophophora grafts grow year round? Will it weaken the cactus? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Guys!