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  1. Non-drowsy anti-histamine beforehand can reduce the itch. Metoclopramide will reduce/eliminate nausea. You can get metoclopramide OTC compounded with paracetamol as "anagraine".
  2. Imagine hiring a helium bottle and putting a handful of seed in each Ballon. Then letting them go, theyd go up and the rain down seeds everywhere
  3. This is extremely interesting. A friend of mine tried mushrooms for the first time a week ago. It's his first time with anything like that and he had 9g dry over a few hours and even then barely felt it. That amount would wipe the floor with even a seasoned psychonaut. He frequently takes oxycodone and as it was his birthday I'll bet he treated himself before eating the mushrooms. I'll ask him when I next see him. I'll actually have to warn him because if he eats 9g at once without the oxy he'll probably have an overwhelming experience
  4. Smiling

    High Thujone Absinthe

    Absinthe is easy to make (and delicious). NOt sure why its not more popular here because it is refreshing on a hot summers arvo. If you wanted to up the thujone you could soak the wormwood in the neutral overnight before cutting it down to 50% A lot of the stuff about absinthe is propaganda from the wine industry. At some point in time France (Europe as well?) had a a pest that decimated their wine crops. At the same time french soldiers were getting a little bit of medicinal absinthe in their ration packs. Returning soldiers didnt have any wine so they started drinking absinthe, as did a lot of other people. After a while the vintners developed a strain of grapes immune to the disease but everyone like the absinthe better. The wine industry set about starting a smear campaign against absinthe. This is where many of the myths of absinthe come from. After the ban another drink was created which is pretty similar, its called Pastis. Its still pretty popular in the south of France and amongst french kids who want to get drunk for cheap. This is a tried and true recipe: 5L neutral @ 50% 135g star anise 60g chopped wormwood 8.3g crushed fennel seeds 1 stick cinnamon 6 cracked cardamom pods 2 pinches of white and black pepper 1 nutmeg, cracked 8 cloves Just chuck all these herbs in a little pot still, chuck 100ml of heads and then collect about 2.4L. My final alcohol content was 78%. This is an absinthe bleu so its clear instead of green. To make it green you'd soak some melissa and petit wormwood for a day.
  5. Smiling

    Bulk sceletium

    Anyone got bulk sceletium? I can pay for it or give you back some of the extract I'm going to make. Cheers
  6. How is this going? I have a friend that has a psycho dog and would hopefully benefit from a little scelly.
  7. Smiling

    Pesticide made from Nicotiana rustica

    you shouldnt allow your plants to flower either. During flowering more nornicotine is produced which makes more carcinogens when curing
  8. Smiling


    I this still available? Los or portion?
  9. Smiling

    Meet up: Brisbane

    i'm away till the 21st but after that I''m keen
  10. I think nor-nicotine is the alkaloid that converts to Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSNA) enzymatically during curing. This is the reason what LC (low converter) strains of tabacum are, they dont convert much nicotine to nornicotine in an attempt to lower TSNAs in the resulting tobacco
  11. Smiling

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I wont be able to make it late june, Ill be overseas
  12. Smiling

    Interesting Mitragyna Species

    Since I cant find any Speciosa I have been investigating other species Ive compiled a list of ones that I think are interesting Mitragyna tubulosa An extract of this plant was compared against loperamide in rats. Opioids are well known to cause constipation, Just need to find some seeds... http://cyber.sci-hub.bz/MTAuMzMyOS9ianAudjRpM4yODAx/10.3329%40bjp.v4i2.2801.pdf Mitragyna ciliata It was the original "kratom" that was released but the leaves were found to be inactive. The stem bark seems to have some interesting properties http://cyber.sci-hub.bz/MTAuMTAxNi9zMDM3OC04zQxKDAyKTAwMjUyLTA=/10.1016%40s0378-8741(02)00252-0.pdf anyone got anything to add to the list?
  13. Smiling

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Oh no!! I thought this was tomorrow. Bummer. Ill hope to catch you all next time
  14. Smiling

    "Shamanic Science" subforum drafts.

    What is Shamanic Science? What are you trying to observe? Is it like Christian Science ie not science?
  15. Smiling

    texana seeds

    What is texana seed?
  16. I get this quite often, especially when I have to take opioid painkillers, so its not a surprise that kratom may cause it too. I usually wake up, cant move and then there is someone in the room with me walking towards me very ominously like they are going to cause me harm. And then I wake up drenched in sweat heart pounding. This will repeat many times in a night until I eventually stop trying to sleep. I found the best way to get through it is to put a movie on my phone and put in ear plugs. I usually watch a narnia film because its on youtube and is a very calm movie. Do you also sleep walk? I do this quite often too. People have seen me open the back door and go for walks at night, its so weird. The worst thing I do is piss on things. Ill wake up and go piss on a tv or something, so embarrassing. One time I was at a party and fell asleep, i woke up to this guy yelling at me. I'd walked into his room and started pissing on his bed/him.
  17. Smiling

    Meet up: Brisbane

  18. If you need a hand getting set up feel free to pm me. My main experience is with making moonshine but Ive made a lot of essential oil as well
  19. Taking the top of a keg out is actually pretty easy. Just google the type of keg and you'll be able to find a video describing how to do it. Home distillers use them for boilers all the time so theres lots of info out there. To find out what type it is just look at the top and compare it against photos online. The good thing about using a keg is that the hole connects directly to a 2 inch triclamp fitting which makes everything very easy. If you arent going to be consuming your oils you can get away with using much shitter materials. Those cheap steel 44 gallon drums work fine
  20. Making essential oils is really easy and doesnt really require much in the way of equipment. If you can source a big bucket, a 44 gallon drum and some copper pipe you can make an essential oil still. Use flour paste to seal everything on your hot side. As steam hit it is cooks it into a bread and seals the join. On the lid of your 44 gallon drum just put a snake of flour paste around it, will seal up well. Make sure to keep a record of how much water you put in and how mucch you take out, you dont want to be letting it boil dry. Collect all your distillate and put it in a big bucket and let it sit for a few days. Oil will continue to crash out for a few days. I drew a quick picture for you. A few things to make it better is to have a another 44 gallon drum next to it that you heat water with to refill the herb boiler. And insulation for the main boiler will speed things up immensely. Insulation bats work and are usually flame retardant (and you can get them at the dump). The water in the condenser barrel will get hot eventually but quicker than you think. Have a way to drain water and top it up. Heat the drum using gas (youll need insultation for sure) or using wood. Just hoist the boiler up on some bricks.
  21. @MeanGreen the suspense is killing me
  22. Smiling

    Velvet Bean

    Mucuna definitely gets into the brain. I used to take it when I was at uni, i would feel so sharp it felt like lasers were coming out of my eyes. I found the crushed bean to be better than the extract but also a little more variable.
  23. You could just put an airstone into the middle pot too. But I like the idea of having the outside pot holding the water as it means I can go away for a couple days. Although the downside is that theres less space for cuttings. Perhaps I need to make both and see which one works better for my situation
  24. Wow! What a cool little tek. Is this how you make all your cuttings? I'm going to give this a go.