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  1. Since the past 5 or 6 months I have been experiencing extremely frequent sleep paralysis, sometimes more than 5 times in a single day. And at least 3 or 4 times a week. I am almost certain kratom plays a big part in that, and on dreaming in general. I have been using kratom daily for over a year, following 8 years of heroin then methadone addictions. I am also a very heavy cannabis user, and prior to using kratom I absolutely never ever would remember any of my dreams. When I began using kratom I started having extremely vivid dreams several times a night and was able to recall them very well when I woke up. I even kept a journal for a while. About 6 months ago is when I was at the peak of my daily intake, at around 35g a day. I have since managed to taper down to about half that. This was when the sleep paralysis started happening. I also had a shitty sleep schedule at the time and had one of the best batches of sedative kratom I ever found, a red "Bentuangie". Most of the time it happens while I'm nodding/falling asleep, and always while on my back. I get this sort of electrical surge throughout my body sort of akin to extreme fear/startlement but not really, a buzzing sound in the ears which amplifies and amplifies, and this feeling of falling a bit similar to nitrous oxide. It is extremely powerful. I am completely unable to move, appart from slight finger movement when trying to move my arms, opening my eyes and gasping/breathing loudly when trying to produce any kind of sound. I can clearly hear myself gasping and I feel very much awake and conscious when this happens. It usually lasts about 15-30sec if I try very hard to make it stop. At first it would last only a split second and the adrenalin from not knowing what was happening woke me up immediately, but I would get it like 5 times in a row when trying to fall asleep, spaced by a few minutes. This was completely new to me at first and I was very worried it was some sort of neurological issue until I identified what it was. I do not get the paranoid hallucinations that some people report, like feeling a presence in the room or feeling someone is pinning you down and choking you. The interesting thing though, is that I have been able to do slight decorporations/astral projections/whatever you want to call it while in that state, if I try to not wake myself up and let the experience happen. Which is pretty difficult because the experience is so strong and overwhelming and really makes you panic no matter what. But for example, I clearly remember feeling like I was being pulled by my right leg in an upwards diagonal direction, and definitely feeling my whole body slide along with it. I also had my eyes open and the room was exactly my room. At this point I was too overwhelmed and "woke up", and I manifestly had not moved at all or I would have been on the floor and dropped from about 1m in the air. Another time I remember trying to let it happen, and when it got to the point I chicken out I tried lifting my chest to get in a sitted position and it worked. I had my eyes open and my vision shifted perspective just like it normally would when going from laying down to sitting up, but it also sort of felt like my chest and arms were emerging of my actual body that was still laying down, like a ghostly double of my upper body. Woke up shortly afterwards. What is very weird is that although I feel completely awake and conscious when this happens, and my eyes and ears perceive things the way they actually are, there is still some sort of waking-up process, everything stops abruptly and even if my eyes were open a second ago it feels like I'm opening another layer of my eyes if that makes any sense. I really feel like there is something there, and I'm somewhat happy to be able to experience this state and facet of my psyche. Any of you guys are familiar with sleep paralysis? Let's hear your stories!