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  1. Quixote

    Harvest Ethics

    If the plant is endangered, don't take anything from it. If you don't know if it's endangered, it's endangered.
  2. Quixote

    Scop or not?

    Scop/Pach hybrid, I'd say. Too light green and the spines are a bit too prominent to be pure scopulicola, in my humble opinion. The colour could be a trick of the flash and camera though. Try taking a pic in natural sunlight.
  3. Quixote

    Eating cactus fruit

    Why stop there? I want a loph fruit smoothie...
  4. Quixote

    Rooting bridgesii

    Don't bother with sulphur dust. Just let the cut dry thoroughly before sticking the cut end into the soil. Thoroughly means at least 2 weeks, preferably a month at room temperature.
  5. Quixote

    Trichocereus pupping triggers?

    It seems especially strange that your cactus has made a pup immediately on top of another small pup. I've never seen them pup from the tip without the tip somehow being damaged. Maybe there's some bug or snail or infection that has damaged all the tips at once?
  6. Quixote

    Some identifications if you would be so kind!

    When cacti call out to you, you are well on your way to achieve true cactus-consciousness.
  7. I'm looking for a short, fat cactus that has big and frequent flowers. Any ideas about what to go for? Ideally one that would flower all year round when living indoors in a pot in a window. But I guess there are no cacti like that.
  8. Looks like a severely dehydrated Pedro. Is it soft to the touch?
  9. Quixote

    Recommend me a cactus please

    Which species ? Looking at Wikipedia, there are many, and they seem very different. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbinicarpus#Species_list
  10. Quixote

    Recommend me a cactus please

    Rebutia looks like a good candidate - to me it looks short and fat in the picture on wikipedia at least. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebutia Also of course Lophophora. I have one that gets older and more beautiful year by year. Never get bored of that
  11. Quixote

    Recommend me a cactus please

    Looks like a nice little cactus, but I was hoping to find one that flowers once in a while throughout the year. I guess such a cactus just doesn't exist, as in their natural habitat there's only one time of year suitable for flowering...
  12. Quixote

    Recommend me a cactus please

    Thanks for the suggestion. Was hoping to find a cactus that would be happy inside though, since the climate in Northern Europe is pretty dismal for at least 6 months a year..
  13. Quixote

    Trichocereus pachanoi?

    How come you don't like them?
  14. Quixote

    Trichocereus pot size?

    When it comes to pots, bigger is better, I think. So it's mostly up to you how big pots you can practically handle. The cactus will happily fill any pot you care to give it. And don't believe the stuff you read about gradually replanting into bigger and bigger pots. My experience is that roots quite quickly fill all the available space. There's no downside to having the unused soil sitting empty before the roots reach it. As long as the pot is free draining in the bottom and has plenty of pebbles and coarse sand mixed in, the plant won't get waterlogged.
  15. Quixote


    Looks like a nice Echinopsis Pachanoi, AKA San Pedro, and I believe it to be what people call PC or the "predominant cultivar" - the most common type.
  16. Quixote

    Short spined Trich.....

    Scopulicola. Not sure why it is so yellow though..
  17. Quixote

    Cacti I.D. please!

    Based on spines and the wavy shape down the ribs, the second cactus is also a Cuzco, I reckon. When it grows bigger, the spines at the bottom should start to turn very white. If that doesn't happen, I would guess it's a cuzco/peruvianus hybrid.
  18. Quixote

    yearlings, a bit wobbly

    I just read the data about the water we have here, and I think I misunderstood something, because it's not that alkaline - only 7,2 - 7,8. But it's extremely hard water (dH30+). I thought hard water was always alkaline, because of all the linestone? I wonder if I should add some acid anyway to make the water a bit acidic, because as far as I know, rainwater is around 5 pH. Also I worry about limestone buildup in the pots, and wonder if acidic water would take care of that...
  19. Quixote

    yearlings, a bit wobbly

    My tap water is full of limestone, and I really want to lower the pH, but I don't know how. I could chuck in some strong acid, the type used for cleaning the coffee machine, but I really don't how much to use. Any good suggestions? Would a tablespoon of acid for a litre of water do the trick?
  20. Cacti can teach us many things. This one teaches that it's not so important where you grow up, or if you're not the most handsome creature in the world. What matters is that eventually someone loves you and gives you some nice pot. To grow in.
  21. Quixote

    Want a second opinion of catcus identification

    Yeah it's a cereus mate. If it were a dehydrated Pachanoi, it would be all wrinkly and soft to be that skinny.
  22. Quixote

    marking/corking on macrogonus

    Isn't it just regular sunburn?
  23. I had no idea they could get this big.