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  1. Awesome thread... DMT reminds me of what it must of felt like to look up at the stars before we could magnify them with telescopes, except these perceptions are native to the mind. Psychology/neurology is one of the weaker sciences, that leaves us with primitive tools for analysis and incompetant definitions. I think these experiences will be validated when science unifies particle physics with quantum mechanics, because maybe the mind is more concerned with things beyond relativity. That's what it feels like to me, i'm not experiencing data or information but maybe things more related to knowledge or even a different kind of objectivity i'm not familiar with, kind of like the subconcience, collective subconcience or it could be the other way around, experiencing psycholigical data/information subjectively and my objective mind superimposing patterns which creates a feedback loop of my own self awareness.
  2. Endrogen

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    VVvvvvvvvVVVVvvvvVV gets an ecuador print for microscopy purposes vvvVVvVVvVV
  3. Endrogen

    Radiohead 'In/Rainbows' box set just rocked up

    Does the box set come with a second cd? http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OYGTQ3NR
  4. Any updates on the situation komodo?
  5. Hard to know if this is real but homeland security has to be doing something with its funding.... the actual link is down but heres the cached link on it
  6. Endrogen

    Two ways not to be.

    they say they come in threes
  7. Endrogen

    Method Man

    i liked it alot, although it was short it didn't cease to capture my attention. what do you use the led glasses for, influencing brainwaves? i cant find the post you made about them.
  8. Endrogen

    How trite

    yeh, ive seen how good traktor is at emulating vinyl, ive never tried to setup djdecks like that but i assume its probably only as good as a pitch shift.. you can try the sensitivity settings in the midi options
  9. Endrogen

    How trite

    I use this http://djdecks.be/ its compatible with any time-code vinyl, and also works natively with the vci-100... checkout the demo, for the price its tough to beat. also checkout the forums as there are a few skins available since the default is pretty bland..
  10. Endrogen

    Method Man

    Looks awesome, hope i can catch the full thing somewhere are those light glasses homemade?
  11. Endrogen

    How trite

    mmm i guess i'm i bit late, but i would've recommended the vestax vci-100, i've still keot my decks but the things you can do with a dj midi controller and laptop are pretty awesome. http://www.vestax.com/v/products/players/vci100.html
  12. Endrogen

    anybody using skype?

    I agree, but the whole net neutrality thing could be a problem http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060518-6860.html
  13. "I am told that five units could produce enough electricity to run an average household.'' http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21...39-2761,00.html
  14. Yep that would be my utopia, but things would get pretty bad before it would normalise. I'm spotting the trends through optimistic eyes but i'm guessing it will become a reality. As technology evolves faster and faster it will bypass control and the power/freedom it creates will transitional towards the individual.
  15. I believe every possible outcome exists as potential and the mind in the body unfolds its path through intention, you can see that as in making your own desiny or parallel universes for each person. either way i hope to live in a world where creativity is held above profit/desire and people who don't develop there own unique point of view will have a hard time interpreting/tolerating the world because a standard model won't be provided nor be relevant.