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Importing to Tas

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Hi, does anyone know if it is legal to import cacti like San Pedro to Tassie? Seed and/or cuttings?  


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It is fine to import San Pedro to tasmania.  It is dealing with state customs that can be a pain.


for live plants you need to have a phytosanitory certificate.  some growers have these, some dont.  And most people are pretty clear about whether they do or dont.


Seed is another matter.  I cannot say whether you are meant to have approval to send send to tas or not.  but most people get their seeds. I have had more problems getting things into australia.


My advise is to find people more local to you.  there are some awesome collections in Tas.  start there.


I am returning to Tas in a couple of weeks and have some specimens for sale.  PM me.

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