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Next generation grafting

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I did these Loph grafts 7 days ago and now it's time to peel off the cling wrap and see how they look. I stole the technique from DRCEVNL (Ruud Tropper) who has posted a series of vids on youtube. I've plugged it a few times before & the vid with the method I used for these grafts is called - Next generation grafting

Next Generation grafting

As in the video I made no attempt to align or overlap vascular bundles/tissue. I basically just cut the scion and stock and shoved them together & moved them around a bit to expel any air bubbles.

They seem to have stuck, which is no guarantee of anything with a graft using an Opuntia as stock. I've done them with larger Opuntias in the past and the scions have held on for months and slowly withered away. I even took pictures and applied software filters to define the vascular "ring" that runs almost parallel to the surface of Opuntias and took extra care to ensure vascular overlap with the scions but they failed anyway.

When I get the urge I'll update this thread and we'll see how well it turned out.

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They look nice and simple to do, I too have seen the next gen series.

I might have to track down some Opuntia! I only have the freakishly large whale tongue size ones around my area, spiny as too. Thanks for sharing :)

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