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Gulf oil disaster and Effects on the planets weather

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Since the BP oil debacle last year there has been major changes in the way the planets ocean currents flow and in some places this current has completely stopped.

It is commonly accepted that ocean currents regulate the planets weather and that El nino an La nina events bring droughts and floods respectively and in Australia we seem to get the worst of it a lot of the time.

Since the BP mass fuck up, the North Atlantic ocean current or drift as some call it has stopped.

This current regulates sea temperatures in the Atlantic ocean and is largely responsible for preventing European nations slipping into an ice age by warming the ocean in the surrounding areas.

This winter we have seen European countries having record low temps and large areas have experienced prolonged freezes and enormous blizzards.

I believe this is a major contributing factor in the floods we have experienced here in the last few months. Perhaps Queenslanders should be launching a class action against BP

It may be on the other side of the world but we are talking massive volumes of water and thermal mass, it is all connected and should be in balance, now that balance is gone who knows what the ramifications will be.

The guy who was leading the information campaign about all this a few months back was warning of a possible ice age as a result.

Curiously now he seems to have been silenced ?

North Atliantic Current

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Could be a coincidence but BP are still bastards and deserved to be keel-hauled through the very waters that they have ruined. Currently, I would be more worried about all the oil that was "broken down" with the oil dispersant that has now entered the food chain. As far as the floods go in Queensland they had worse ones in the past.

Quite an interesting link, thanks.

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Not to mention all the nephrotoxic dispersant that has entered the food chain and gulf coasters lungs.

Sure am glad I'm 1500 miles from that mess.

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whoa! the current stopped?!!! maybe this 2012 thing is the real deal afterall! I live in the tropics.... should I start making a dogleather coat for the deeeep freeeeze years about to come!

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