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Found 62 results

  1. AVAILABLE : KEPEL(STELECHOCARPUS BURAHOL) SEEDS FOR SALE Kepel(Stelechocarpus burahol) seeds available for sale. Able using paypal payment. Discount and special price for wholesale buyer. Send message to Maryoto1981(at)gmail.com to order.
  2. TROPICAL FRUIT SEEDS FOR SALE:Sandoricum koetjape,Diospyros blancoi and Nephelium lappaceum 1. Diospyros blancoi(Velvet apple) - $1 USD per one seed 2. Sandoricum koetjape(Wild mangosteen) - $1 USD per one seed 3.Nephelium(Rambutan) - $0.50 USD per one seed Send PM or email to order. Discount for wholesale buyer(More than 100 seeds)
  3. alexho

    Fresh Durian Seeds ?

    anybody ? i want to try growing these :D pm me if you have eaten fresh, not frozen durians, save them for me please lol. durian nutter
  4. whitewind

    Christmas Seed Giveaway

    There, that got your attention, didn't it? But are we really giving away the right kind of seed this holiday season? Read on to find out more.. http://theconversation.com/wash-and-go-for-a-weed-free-christmas-holiday-20920 23 December 2013, 7.44am AEST Wash and go for a weed-free Christmas holiday Authors Catherine Pickering Associate Professor at Griffith University Micheal Ansong PhD candidate at Griffith University Disclosure Statement Catherine Pickering has received funding and/or conducted consultancies from the Queensland Government, Brisbane City Council, New South Wales National Parks and the Australian Alps Liaison Committee,,the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility and the Cooperative Center for Sustainable Tourism. Micheal Ansong does not work for, consult to, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has no relevant affiliations. While native in Europe, gorse has become one of the world’s worst weeds, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Flickr: orangebrompton As Christmas and summer holidays approach, many of us are packing our bags, ready to drive off on holidays to see families and friends. Those long car trips are often to coastal towns, national parks and other stunning landscapes. But before we all set off, it’s worth giving a thought to what else may be coming along for the ride. There are more than 625 species of plants worldwide that have seeds that can attach and be dispersed by cars, according to our recent systematic review, published in PLoS ONE. Nearly all of these plants (96%) are considered a weed somewhere in the world, and 370 of them have been introduced to Australia and have now spread to a wide range of habitats. Why does carrying weed seed matter? In Australia, weeds threaten many natural ecosystems as well as invade our gardens, and are a major threat to biodiversity globally. They are also very expensive to manage, with the estimated cost of weeds to Australian agriculture a massive $4 billion a year. Worst weeds to watch for Nine of the worst weeds in Australia have seed than can be carried on cars. Weeds growing on road verge in Kosciuszko National Park. Click to enlarge These include boneseed, Chilean needle grass, serrated tussock, gorse, two species of willows, parthenium weed, blackberrys and mediterranean broom, which are all considered to be “weeds of national significance”. Gorse alone is thought to cost well over $1 million a year in lost productivity, mainly in Victoria and Tasmania. With its masses of bright yellow flowers, this tough prickly shrub can produce up to 6 million seeds per hectare each year, which can then last up to 30 years. As well as dominating old pastures, riverbanks and roadsides, gorse is a flammable species that is becoming an increasing problem in national parks, including the Blue Mountains, Barrington Tops National Park and the Australian Alps. One car, thousands of seeds Although individually our cars may only carry a few seed, collectively it all adds up. With more than 12.7 million passenger cars on the road in Australia, we estimate that there are between 25 million and 51 million seeds carried on cars on any given day in Australia. In one of study by Nigel Wace that we reviewed, the sludge from just one car wash in Canberra was found to contain an astonishing 18,566 viable seeds. Cars can carry seeds long distances, much further than by many natural means such as wind and water. Although most seed is likely to be dispersed at shorter distances (up to 40 kilometres), some seed is transported more than 250 kilometres on cars. Weed seed hiding places So where on your car might all these seeds be? Seeds can be found in lots of places, including wheels, wheel rims, under the chassis, front and back mudguards, and in the interior, particularly the floor mats on the driver’s side of the car. They can also travel on arches and bumper bars. Where and when you drive matters too. Driving on a paved road collects less seed than driving on an unpaved road. When it’s dry, fewer seeds may attach to your car, but they may then be carried further than driving on a wet day. If you get lots of mud on your car, it’s likely it will contain a lot of weed seed, particularly if you drive across paddocks, road verges or go four wheel driving. Carrying weed seed may not be such an issue when you’re driving in cities, but when you’re heading into remote natural areas, you may be bringing weeds with you. So what can you do about this problem? It’s easy: just give the car a quick wash before you head out on that holiday. Then pack your bags, drive safely, and have a great summer break.
  5. Hello fellow plant lovers, I would love to buy some Acacia phlebophylla seeds to grow here in Tasmania. As we all know it's an endangered tree so the more we can grow and distribute seeds or seedlings the better. If someone can help with some seeds they would like to sell I would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  6. Trichocereus (9): bridgessi, cuzcoensis, pachanoi ‘PC’ x bridgessi, pachanoi ‘PC’ x scopolicola, peruvianus x bridgessi, spachianus, tacaquirensis, taquimbalensis, werdemannus Ariocarpus (3): retusus, fissuratus, trigonus Lophophora: williamsii var. Texana Pilosocereus azureus Euphorbia candelabrum Cereus peruvianus Montrose (wax X knobbly) Capsicum annuum (9): Indian PC-1 Tezpur (Naga jolokia), Guajillo, Cascabel, Serrano, Thai birds eye, Siam, Rainbow, Peruvian Purple (Aka Purple Prince) , piquin var. aviculare Capsicum chinense (9): White habanero, Choc hab, Red hab, Orange hab, bhut jolokia, Naga Morich yellow 7-pod, Trinidad scorpion, Red scotch bonnet Capsicum frutescens: Negros Capsicum pubescens: Rocotto Raja Ipomea alba Datura (2): metel var. Chlorantha, stramonium Acacia (8): acuminata, concurrens, floribunda, macradenia, mangium, melanoxylon, podalyriifolia, victoriae Papaver somniferum (12): Turkish mauve, Indian Raja, Hens & Chicks, Persian white, Wizard Red, Big White, Purple, Pink & Whites, Danish, Red Tassie, Pink Truffle, Giant Pink Psychotria (2): alba, carthagenensis (both fresh in berries) Heimia: salicifolia (Sinicuichi or ‘sun opener’) Leonurus: sibiricus (Siberian motherwort) Calea: ternifolia (Syn. C. zacatechichi) After: Preferably small offsets or grafts, but seed is also good. Will also organise money trades for the cacti I’m after if owners dont require anything on my list. Ariocarpus Astrophytum Coryphantha Copiapoa Turbinicarpus Mammillaria Gymnocalycium Lophophora (not Texana, and preferably not fricii) Matucana Interesting Mexican Tap roots Offer away people. Stillman, Myco, and Got I know you 3 in particular have bits and pieces(and offsets) I would kill to get my hands on. I know my cash could be pried from my pocket for these ;)
  7. Rum and Monkeys

    Mammillaria Fuscohamata/Jaliscana

    Hello everyone, I have no idea how, as I have not seen flowers let alone flower buds, but over the last couple weeks I have noticed berries popping up on the above mentioned plant. I am not interested in sewing them, so I was just wondering if anyone was interested in growing them. At the moment I will assume I have just enough seeds (once opening the ripe fruit) for two members, maybe more, maybe less.. Time will tell. I will go open the ripe one today sometime and count the seed from just one. Don't want anything for them, just sent to a good home.
  8. endorfinder

    Whole Bunch of Seeds on Offer

    Hey y'all - Firstly, I know I have 25 odd PMs to reply to, some which have been waiting for a week or two. It's been a hectic time so my apologies, but for the sake of the freshness of these seeds I need to get this post out. I have just landed a bunch of seeds from a range of sources, most have cost me $ but some were kindly donated by planthelper (these are to give away). So... woo me, make offers for trade here preferably or by PM. Those I have promised seed in advance to will get first priority obviously, and those of you who have been promised first dibs - you know who you are and I have a few more seeds set aside for you. Freebies from planthelper, these will go to people who trade other things preferably but any left over I'll send out for free: Heimia salicifolia x 1000+ Mimosa hostilis x 20 Psychotria viridis very fresh berries (2 seeds each) x 20 Anadenanthera colubrina var 'cebil' x 15 Seeds to trade (preferred) or sell: Pau d'Arco (Tabebuia impetiginosa) x 5 Passionflower Official (Passiflora incarnata) x 10 Skullcap - Baical x 20 Skullcap - Barbat x 20 Skullcap - Official x 20 Chamomile German (Matricaria recutita) x 400 Comfrey True (Symphytum officinale var patens) x 5 Tulsi Vana (Ocimum gratissimum) x 20 Lettuce Wild (Lactuca virosa) x 80 Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) x 20 Krishna Tulsi x 25 Rama Tulsi x 25 Kapoor Tulsi x 25 Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha African Type) x 10 Arnica chamissonis x 30 Belladonna Official (Atropa belladonna) x 50 Anadenanthera sp. "Yopo" unconfirmed species x 10 Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) x 10 Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco) x 10 Jatropha Coral Plant (Jatropha multifida) GONE Foxglove Wild Oregon (Digitalis purpurea) x 200 Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) x 5 Lavender Broadleaf (Lavandula latifolia) x 30 Mandrake officinalis (Mandragora officinalis) x 6 Mormon Tea Green (Ephedra viridis) x 50 Mormon Tea NV (Ephedra nevadensis) x 50 Fresh from SA: Hoodia gordonii x 150 From kiwi about 3 weeks old: Tabernaemontana undulata x 2 Tabernaemontana sananho x 2 Psychotria colorata x 2 Alicia anisopetala x 4 Let me know what you're interested in folks, I have more seed than I could ever sow here. cheers -ef Edit: numbers are total approx available, I will break packs. All seed from kiwi and viridis berries are sitting in sphagnum on mild heat. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW MANY OF EACH YOU'D LIKE! As well as what you have to offer in trade and I'll get back to you with confirmation etc. please put anything unrelated to these seeds into separate PMs too This is obviously gonna take a while to sort out... Thanks for your patience.
  9. Hello I have a huge selection of PGR's, plants and seeds for sale or trade. Have hundreds of different plants and seeds for them, although at this very moment they arent hardly listed at my site where my PGR's and other plant laboratory type chems are all up at the moment. I've made some crash course summary pages with visual aids to help understand PGR signaling in plants, along with the importances of understanding and utilizing the other types of plant biostimulants which tends to remain as 'exotic' information for most people despite some of these concepts as beiung amongst the most important to understand for most every grower of plants. http://massspectrumbotanicals.com/learn/http://massspectrumbotanicals.com/learn/ See the pages: Biostimulants: Health Supplements For Plants Plant Biostimulants OverviewI'll update when I my plants and seeds added to the site finally. ALl thats currently up are Calea Dream Herb plants & seeds.
  10. hi! there are many psychotria nexus plants out in the community, but everybody say's they never produce any seed, so I was surprised to find some in mature seeds, on my nexus plant, a couple of day's ago. this motivated me and I inspected all my viridis very closely, and in doing so, as well spotted some seeds are forming on my moon! but nothing on my shipibo! so this thread is devoted, to pictures and text, regarding which viridis are producing seeds for you. even more important, I believe, SEED PRODUCTION, IS A VERY GOOD additional, IDENTIFICATION TOOL!!!! the common strain, flowers and sets seeds easely and early in the season. the moon, flowers and sets seeds a bit later the nexus, flowers as well late, and seed production is poor. the shipibo, has not flowered yet, in my care. here are the pic's, so who else got nexus seeds, in the making, am I, the first? NEXUS: NEXUS SEED: COMMON LONG LEAVED: COMMON SEED: MOON: MOON SEED: SHIPIBO WIHOUT SEED:
  12. Hey all just go back from picking some prickly pear off an opuntia on the side of the road: apologies for shotty pics, they were taken on phone Went under prepared and now covered in glochids lol pretty sure some of them need to finish ripening, they were covered in fluff but apparently its just some bug you can wash off I cut one in half to sus it out as ive never tried one before, didn't taste to bad I'm keen on getting the seeds out though for growing and giveaways but i have no idea how to separate the seed from the pulp, was thinking maybe a low heat in water and straining? or just leaving the pulp to dry out and clean them up with my fingers cheers for the help everyone, time to head back to the tweezers hahaha