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  1. What does TBM stand for, Echinopsis lageniformis mutant?
  2. Leaves

    Profitable plants

    Farm some Kakadu plum & market it as the next 'superfruit' & price it like the acai mob do.
  3. Leaves

    Plant packs for sale

    Cheers mate, been wondering what the hell I was growing.
  4. Leaves

    Plant packs for sale

    What is the plant on the far left of the first photo?? I have a couple growing but have no idea what they are, maybe sun opener?
  5. I grew this from seed that I took off a plant that was growing around sydney somewhere. It smells like lime, very nice. I thought it might be some type of Plectranthus. Needs ID, Thanks in advance.
  6. Cheers for the ID both of you, looks like it is Portulaca pilosa, it varies form so much. Medicinal Plants of Central Asia: Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan: Uzbekistan states that in chinese medicine portulaca is used to alleviate pain & swelling. Effects include a sharp increase in blood pressure due to high noradrenaline content. The plant contains an abundance of catecholamines, dopamine & noradrenaline, free oxalic acids, alkaloids etc.
  7. I took the photos late in the afternoon so the flowers are closed. It produces lots of seeds per flower & like to grow in sand. I've looked everywhere & cannot ID it. Anyone know what it is?
  8. Leaves

    Telstra scamming their clients.

    Can you get a copy of the numbers called or the data used? When I was with Telstra my partner or myself would have to call them for every single bill to get it corrected. You should be able to work something out with them if you are not causing the high bills. You don't have a dialing program/virus on your computer that is calling a 1900 number or something? As they exist. From experience I never give any company the right to bill my credit card, so they have to chase me if they want to keep a customer.
  9. Leaves

    Dendrobium nobile alkaloid extract

    quarterflesh the plant used in Craze is only listed as Dendrobium, no species is listed & there is a lot of them. I don't think any of the orchids are active in the way Craze is marketing them, I believe by not listing the species name they are just trying to make it easier to throw in some untested stim & claim it is from the orchid, like the DMAA/geranium BS. Also Dendrobium is know as shí hú in chinese medicine, so the nobile species could be acquired through a decent Chinese herb dispensary. edit:I just looked up some other brands that sell Dendrobium as a stim & they claim it to be nobile alkaloid extract so it must be the one. Medicinal properties and uses of orchids: a concise review
  10. Leaves

    Experiemental Aizoaceae bioassays anyone?

    All good with the fires, was just helping out. So about the stuff marked Mesembryanthemum sp. Was it just the ones you see everywhere at the nurseries, named Mesembryanthemum sp. (Pink/Orange/Red etc)? Any chance of a photo of the plant? just add this, no noticeable effect from smoking 0.7g Glottiphyllum, 0.5g Faucaria tigrina, Aptenia cordifolia 1.5g. Barley perceptible effect from smoking 0.4g Rabiea difformis, but smoking Kanna doesn't seem to work for me either. I should add that if I had over 150-200mg of the Mesembryanthemum sp it felt like I had too much, difficult focusing, nothing extreme but not comfortable. It did impress me enough that I have bought every single different Mesembryanthemum sp plant I can find & since roughly only 2.7g of fresh material should be needed to feel effects I am hoping it will not be hard to track down.
  11. Leaves

    Experiemental Aizoaceae bioassays anyone?

    Sorry Toast, stuff came up then the bush caught fire. Whatever the Mesembryanthemum sp. 1.4g's was, it is the strongest by a decent margin, snuffing it was kind of nice, the smell & the feel. Was is real Kanna? It seemed stronger than any Kanna I have tried but it just might be that my body needed to learn the effects so to speak. t+0:00 100mg of powdered Mesembryanthemum sp. snuffed, slight burn (feels nice), t+0:10 clear head & increased energy levels (less effort to move & do strenuous work) t+0:20 same effects just increase in strength, was thirsty 30mins ago now not thirsty. t+0:45 peak of effects, pleasent tingling sensation on top/back of head. t+1:30 can feel effect diminishing t+2:00 most effects gone now but still come and go in waves. t+2:30 back to baseline I really like this Mesembryanthemum sp. & since I had so much I tried snuffing a bit with some powdered Nicotiana rustica & they go very well together in my experience. I noticed tolerance builds within a couple of days if constantly re-dosing. Planthelper the Cheridopsis did smell like stinky foot cheese or something, very interesting. The Cheridopsis candidissima came roughly chopped, 0.75g. I didn't smoke it because it was so salty, it just didn't seem right. t+0.00 750mg Cheridopsis candidissima is placed in mouth with some Pinus sp. resin (so it would stick together & slowly release alkaloids around gums) t+0.25 Can just start to detect a stimulating/clearing of the head effect t+0.40 Feeling stimulated now with a slight raise in heart rate, feels like heart is pumping harder. t+0.45 Very motivated now & a moderate euphoria comes & goes in waves. t+1.00 Still feeling stimulated but the euphoria dropped off quick t+1.25 Back to base line. I really enjoyed the effects from the Cheridopsis but they were very short, some nice blends could be made with these different mesembs
  12. Leaves

    Bugs destroying Brugmansia/Datura

    I use powdered cinnamon to keep back pests moving over the ground, works with snail, slugs, ants etc.
  13. Anodyne, I just meant the DNA imprinting of seeds for healing. That's all, sorry it offended you, I was in a rush. I have seen plenty of people with similar problems & the DNA imprinting just worked for them. I thought in the off chance it might help Mutant's buddy that it wouldn't hurt. I read plenty of books on astrology but I can't see how that makes any difference anyway, 2 different things, in fact the Vedruss are against astrology. Arkaim, in the Southern Ural steppe is a 40,000 year old astronomical observatory & city, not really related to the new age astrology.
  14. Leaves

    Nigella Sativa seed oil

    Anyone down in Sydney can find Nigella oil cheap at Abu Salim Supermarket 151 Waterloo Rd, Greenacre NSW 2190 ‎. It comes in a glass bottle 500ml I think, better than the ones that come in plastic bottles at the indian groceries. Anything more than 15ml gives me nausea. I think they had the best quality one behind the counter.
  15. I don't know, this might help, might not.
  16. Leaves

    native?? id pleaz!!!

  17. Leaves

    Mind Over Matter

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-wuOYlxMSY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhMnSzOEe1E
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    no youtube sounds?

    Just a tip, if using chrome or firefox I had to uninstall flashplayer v11 & manually install the older flashplayer v10 otherwise the videos only play when the mouse cursor is moving.
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    Experiemental Aizoaceae bioassays anyone?

    Since yesterday Cheridopsis candidissima gives me the best effect out of all the mesembs, i'll write a report up tonight when I have time. Stinks terribly but has this amazing salty flavour also, could be used as a spice.
  20. I have heard talks from the Permaculture world about how back burning regularly is reducing biomass (mulch) which is causing the ground to dry more which is helping species that rely on fire more therefore creating a more dangerous area to live in. I can see this for myself in areas locally that cannot be burnt due to regular walkers/hikers, the ground is up to knee deep with leaves but underneath these leaves it is still wet even tho is hasn't rained more than a light shower for over a month. The solution the Permies come up with is to selectively chop down & mulch (trunk/leaves/everything) one tree per 100 trees, or something like that. This dramatically help mycelium which acts like a sponge. The rest comes naturally. here is a link if anyone is interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGqGNRZLGg4
  21. Leaves

    Experiemental Aizoaceae bioassays anyone?

    Just a note that I find 5g of oral Kanna very mild. Material: Delosperma spp. bosseranum Route of Administration: Smoked, Snuffed & held in mouth for 20min Amount Consumed: 1.5g (500mg powdered/1g chopped) Time of consumption: 7:30pm t+0:00 200mg of powdered snuffed which burnt the nose, 300mg smoked with tobacco thu pipe (very harsh), 1g chewed & let sit in mouth. t+0:30 no effects noted yet (was expecting effects sooner, like kanna) t+0:50 moderate feeling of relaxation/contentment, similar to kanna but more relaxing, clear head. t+1:00 feeling of contentment slightly increased & also some mild euphoria & head still clear, colours brighter than normal. t+1:30 euphoria subsided but calm content feeling still present & clarity of thought, also no craving for desert t+2:00 can still feel a background buzz & colours still more vivid than usual. t+3:00 back to baseline Smoking Delosperma I found to be very harsh & I do not have a sensitive throat, snuffing burns quite a lot. Chewing seems to be the best method for me & now I am very interested in trying 3-5grams of D. bosseranum
  22. Anyone who has picked fruit should be able to tell you that towards the end of a day picking your mind feels scambled. I picked fruit (chinese cabbage mainly) when I was still at school & the same effect could be seen each day, sometimes my friends & I would have to leave because we would just start to feel to strange & get dizzy, everyone's behavior would become very extroverted. I also used to have a problem trying to sight read sheet music after picking because my vision would do this strange zooming in thing where I could only see one note at a time therefore I couldn't string the notes all together. This went away after I stopped picking so I put it down to what ever I was being exposed to on the farms.
  23. deleted post - sorry, worried about people damaging/killing native plants using the info I posted.