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    Youtube vids

    This is very good for my brain to hear right now. Thank you Mooji!
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    Post a random picture thread

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    no one's wished bogfrog a happy birthday?

    Ahahahaa sorry never got that memo, this birthday has been a battle, but it sometimes takes a war to know a lionheart, and in the end the war has always been with my self!And I won. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes, my only wish be this, may this day in my life be a pivotal point of monumental propulsion. I can make no good words of my own no more now. So I leave you all with a chant I taught the kids today, for new beginnings, fertilising innate potential and fostering quantum leaps of change: Mother Earth, Mother Earth, take this seed and give it birth Father Sun, gleam and glow, until the roots begin to grow Sister Rain, Sister Rain, shed thy tears to swell the grain Brother Wind, breathe and blow, sway new leaves, to and fro. Earth and Sun, Wind and Rain, turn this seed to living grain. Much love to you all, long live the Leos xox
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    Happy bday, hope ur being pampered!!
  5. Hey mutey, sorry I missed replying to this til now. I would love to show you a progressive forecast vid from my favourite astrologer sometime, just what i imagine your reaction to his demeanor alone, I think would be priceless. But it think it would work best when you find you are feeling weird/ out of sorts, affected by things in ways you wouldn't usually, or you are noticing friends and family are acting strange, so you can make your own conclusions as to weather it could be astrologically influenced. The impetus for me in looking into progressive astrology is personal growth. I know the natal chart can operate as a character framework but tendencies are not always expressed to the same extent, so (in my view) negative inclinations (or those that are detrimental to overall well-being, quality of life) may be to some degree minimised by concious effort to redirect them into healthier expressions and innate gifts, talents, aptitudes may be maximised and properly utilised. For me the logical (and comprehensive) way of approaching this would be to work with progressive astrology as well as natal astrology so that your actions are running with the stream of current energy rather than against it. But this is just my way of approaching things now, and I'm not a fanatic, just a semi-regular observer & attuner. As for mercury retrograde, although I was aware of it, in its last phase, I did one of the things you are really supposed to avoid doing during a mercury retrograde which is get involved in a romantic engagement with someone, and somewhat unsurprisingly (though it was surprising to me at the time) communication/expression difficulties got in the way of any real progress beyond the initial woooo-factor and it fizzled rapidly. I don't blame mercury retrograde but I certainly feel it had a big impact. This 12 year Jupiter transit thing sounds good. About time. I turn 24 tomorrow and I think I deserve some luck by now. I remember when you looked at my chart, you said it was a pretty one, but there's a difference between pretty and lucky right? I have Jupiter in Leo tho, which is meant to be a 'dignified' position or whatever they call that, a good place for Jupiter to be. How long does this supposed burst of luck last? Do I get a whole year? Or just a few days/weeks? Ps. Drinking 40% alcohol can't be blamed on the moon, the moon didn't buy it, the moon didn't pour it down your throat..where's this autonomy you're so glad of eh? Please don't murder your liver
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    Post a random picture thread

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    Favourite (psy)Dub Artists...

    https://soundcloud.com/kalpataru-tree/scrape-the-imagination My truest favourite. All time. Good for morning.
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    Youtube vids

    Oh dear. We all know bacon is serious business... But really? http://youtu.be/PbY8xASTBnI
  9. Hehe... If Each Zodiac Sign Was A Drug http://zodiac-society.com/2149155-3680756
  10. Are humans animals? I recently had an interesting albeit frustrating discussion in a class where we were asked to consider what the differences are between humans and animals, and if we are a part of the animal kingdom or not. I found that the general consensus of the group was that we are not animals, and largely this opinion seemed to derive from a sense of the superiority of humans over animals. The discussion was cut short due to time constraints, and probably with good reason as I was becoming irrationally irritated by what I was hearing. But it left me wondering.. What do you lot think? Are we animals? Largely I found the reasoning a bit flawed, most people seemed to think that we are not animals, because we possess certain qualities that animals do not, such as creativity, problem-solving, manipulation of resources, compassion, empathy and imagination. This is where I started getting really angry. Because I see animals have many of these traits, often in greater quality and quantity than you see in most humans. In example: - Creativity, I was driven to think of bower birds, those clever little avian artists who create 'bowers', little scenes filled with objects which tickle each birds unique fancy, they select objects of shapes and colours which appeal to them personally. - Problem-solving, well that's laughable that people think animals don't have problem solving capacities.. The New Zealand kea has proved time and time again it can solve complex, multi-step puzzles to reach a reward. Crows do this also. Chimps and other primates have been using tools long before we ever picked up a stick. Seagulls fly way up high and drop shellfish onto rocks to access their gooey innards. - As for compassion and empathy, whales, dolphins, elephants, even dogs show an incredible capacity for empathy. When it comes to imagination, how the fuck would we know what goes on inside an animals consciousness? It might seem irrelevant, but I feel it's not. If we continue to classify ourselves as being "a higher lifeform", separate from the animal kingdom, this further enforces our disconnection from nature. If we see ourselves as being outside the web of life and operating in our own, self-generated paradigm, then we can easily negate our responsibility to interact harmoniously with other lifeforms. Many indigenous cultures allocate the title of personhood to all creatures, not just humans. A baboon is a person. A praying mantis is a person. A hawk is a person. Each of these branches of people possess unique behaviours and dispositions, which if studied, can be learnt from. Surely this view is more beneficial to overall harmony because with personhood, comes a degree of respect and sovereignty. I also have issue with the view that humanity is a virus. That we infect a biosphere, reproduce at an alarming rate and utilise all available resources for our own means, without regard for the effect we have on other lifeforms. This view IMHO, while clearly having a high degree of relevance to the behaviour of the human species, also emphasises our difference from all other life forms and negates responsibility on our behalf to behave any differently. The last pet peeve I have to add, is that the rare time I see direct comparisons being made between humans and animals, so often it is in a purely negative light. For example, comparing politicians to wolves. Wolves have their own, highly sophisticated social structures which allow their packs to function. They live in accordance with the natural ebb and flow. Their actions may appear brutal at times, but there is an implicit higher reasoning, which is concurrent with the laws of nature. Their behaviour is driven towards toughening their own kin towards having the ability to survive. Politicians ain't like this.. Thoughts?
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    Are humans animals?

    My apologies. This was not made clear enough to me. Personal shit causing over exaggerated reactions. Sorry ace.
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    Are humans animals?

    I appreciate the clarity and groundedness of what you are saying, but personally I take issue with lumping belief in supernatural forces/manifestations into the same category as tradition and mythology, and the labelling of this as basing your existance on nothing at all, I find it kind of insulting, not terribly so, but I just consider it to be a little too reductionist for me not to pipe up. Most people I know (myself included) who believe in things which would currently be classed as supernatural, do not have this belief because it has been passed onto them through story and tradition, we believe these things because of personal experience which cannot be explained or understood within the scientific paradigm. Often these experiences have such a pronounced effect that they call into question the validity of following consensus view, when what you have experienced with your own body, your own mind and your own eyes does not find validation in the world around you. Some like to jump immediately to labelling such experiences as neurological or perceptual dysfunction, which I will not rule out, but if we are to be realistic, humans have ALWAYS been encountering things we cannot easily explain, and if we disregarded all of these experiences as meaningless I doubt we could have developed this far as a race. So if something is labelled 'super natural', it goes beyond our established consensus of what is natural, or what is scientifically understood, but since when has scientific evidence been the be all and end all of reality? Science works on hypothesis to establish probable causes for things which earlier we could not understand. There are many many things which had previously been considered supernatural, which we now feel we have a sufficient scientific understanding of to classify as natural. So really, by that token, why can't it be presumed that there are things that are considered supernatural now, but may in future be understood to such an extent that we accept them as natural? I recently had a discussion with my dad along similar lines, he gave an example of early civilisations believing that natural forces, such as say, a volcano, were embued with the spirit of a god or a deity, and this was logical for them to believe because they had no better explanations for the phenomenon they observed. When the volcano erupted their belief would be that they had angered this 'god', but really the resulting activity was due to the rising of magma in response to increased pressure underneath the surface of the earth. I accept this notion, its all good and well, but personally I have more faith in the mysterious nature of the universe, than I have faith in science to sufficiently elucidate these mysteries to such an extent that humans can safely say we understand them. My thoughts in response to what my dad said were along these lines, well yes, the volcano may be a natural phenomenon, which we can observe and explain the natural forces and factors which are evident, but to me this is only one half of the picture. I think it seems quite plausible that a certain kind of energy could build up around a volcano throughout its lifetime that may have an effect on those who come into its field of influence, and this energy may have the capacity to interact with the consciousness of those tribes. I don't mean to say that the volcano is a god, or neccesarily a sentient being, but rather that it may contain certain configurations of energy and modes of activity that can teach those who live around it certain lessons. The Maori word for spirit is 'wairua', which translates literally to 'two rivers', indicating that the forces matter and spirit are intertwined, always flowing together, and one stream cannot exist without the other. If we are to limit our focus to their world of observable matter and scientific exploration, we are cutting ourselves short.
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    don't cha love it when...

    When you have unknowingly spent all day with a piece of glass in your foot and when you finally take off that sock to see what's causing that unruly zing, the glass fragment is right there at the surface, easy as to pull out. Phew. The odds of this being so straightforward after walking on it all day are unbelieveable. When your best buddy in the whole world comes to see you, fills your heart and mind with joy and hope for the best possible future imaginable, and you know beyond all doubt that you are supported and loved and cared for and you see the synergistic creative power of your combined wills. And then she leaves you with artworks, poems and stories to adorn your walls with and warmth in your heart. When your cat is really really happy and just overflowing with all the love, smoochy kitty. When you have faith that even though there are hard times, things can and will improve. When things are nice, and you feel happy.
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    Post a random picture thread

    Artworks by Agata Kawa:
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    The Random Thread.

    Fucking hell Sally, that's pretty rough. Glad you're okay and didn't get picketed by the little shithead.
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    The Random Thread.

    Aww.. Get some decent ear plugs. I only have roosters who don't know what time dawn starts to deal with, but ear plugs are goood. Good luck.
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    Goats, everywhere.

    Be nice to mountaingoat HD, I like that guy. You gotta just take it as a compliment that you were so far ahead of the herd that you had the time to use the name, forget your password and come up with a new handle, amass all those posts and rock life before he cottoned on to the fact that mountain goat would make nice forum name. Shouldn't that make you kindred spirits? My Chinese astrological sign is goat, or sheep, I never know which. But yeah, I'm a shiny metal goat, tough as nails (on the outside) Goats are pretty cool. I would get one if I didn't value the integrity of my plant life.
  18. I'm inclined to think we are indeed part alien. David Icke should NOT be the only voice on this topic. If I'm an alien I'm quite sure I'm not of the reptilian shape shifting variety. Believe me, I had tried to shape shift and I couldn't get it to work. I knooooow we can't answer these questions. That is clear. The only philosophy I have studied was introduction to epistemology, which taught me I cannot be certain of anything, other than the flimsy notion that I appear to exist at this moment. So don't get me wrong peeps. This is not a cry for reassurance. I don't care that I don't know and can't know. But that doesn't make me any less interested in exploring the possibilities. And that's all they are. Possibilities. Is it better to hold no possibilities in mind, than some that you know you can never be sure of?
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    Where are we going?

    ^ Yes! Which is why it's fun to consider. No need for serious masks, or any masks at all. There may be as many answers as there are individuals, and none of them can be difinitively true, because we each uphold a personal reality, so make of the question what you may, there's no attachment to outcomes, I'm sure we're all beyond that point, but regardless of this inevitable uncertainty and intangibility, why not ask? Why can't it just be considered game? What harm could come of it? I have no idea where we are going. As I said with what I stated in the 'why are we here thread', I have two opposing world views living in my head. One is very connected to what Sally said, the rise of the machines and the fall of human power. But largely I think we have a influential role to play in this scenario, are we so innately self destructive that it has always been our intent to create artificial intelligence which will rapidly surpass us, perhaps enslave us, or perhaps just give us benign tasks and lives which appear to have purpose while the machines go about the real work? The second one, well, I don't know how to talk or write about that yet. Maybe I will get there sometime. I will try, that's for sure.
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    Why are we here?

    Halycon, yeah I do get pretty pronounced ups and downs, which is as you say, a part of life. I guess that's what makes it interesting. When I was a child, I really did not want to be here, and for a long time I thought there was no point in being here at all. Now that I have had some more time to experience the good things in life, and had enough understanding of the not so good things that I developed the will to create changes, at the very least in my own life, and through the way my behaviour affects the lives of the people close to me, I am happy to be here. I propose this as a question to you all because it is of interest to me as a question, and your responses are of interest to me as a..I suppose, as an athropology enthusiast. Human culture is interesting because we are all a part of it, we create it through our thoughts and our actions. We may be individuals, and our influence may be very small, but we are still a part of the whole, so what we think does matter. I think there are some universalities in the cause for our existence as a race, and there are also individual "quests" which we each uncover in the course of our life time. This is my personal view at this point in time: I see two opposing paradigms which have existed in my mind, and I sometimes fall into stream A. when things get rough, but in general I lean towards stream B. A. the nihilistic view, that there is little to no meaning for our existence, that this is a pointless exersize in differentiated conciousness, and there's no challenges to overcome, no responsibility for living in a healthy, fulfilling way, and nothing to look forward to. Then there is B. B. is the stream I commit myself to. That we are here to uncover the fullness of the human experience. That every experience we have enables us to develop as individuals, who exist in a collective network, which is always exchanging information. I have come to develop the point of view that humans are fundamentally divine beings. This divinity is not expressed in most cases, and is only fully expressed by a very very very small number of people. But the core potential, I believe, is the same. Someone once gave me the metaphor of carving, or sculpting. We all begin with a block of stone, and gradually throughout our lives little fragments of this stone are shaved off. Some people work steadfastly at carving their stone, every day chipping away at the things that sheild them from knowing who they truly are. Others might not carve much off their block at all, they might carry the fears and sorrows and expectations of others with them through their entire lives, never uncovering their potential to be any different than they are. Some might live like this for a long time, and then an intensive experience may shake them up enough that they begin peeling off the layers that had them blinded. I think the progress does not need to follow a consistent, linear progression. I think a lot can be shaved off in a very short period of time, and maybe the reverse situation can occur, maybe someone can carve themselves into an exquisite sculpture, and then without truly realising what they are doing, rapidly begin layering concrete over themselves. ..tbc.. Just had a guest arrive..
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    brugmansia sanguinea seed

    Sure thing! I'm watching and waiting on a few pods, so will be in touch when they are ready for you Will take pics of the blooms too as few more have sprung forth
  22. No? Just thinking..more than usual. It's an Aquarius full moon, AND a blue moon at that!