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  1. Irie, So I have recently come across a small leaf variety of P.Viridis. It was growing in a clay pipe pot and totally root bound. I had them crack the pipe and add soil, as it was clearly suffering and had started looking bonsai. I have no idea how the plant reach in this private garden as the plant is not native to here. It may have been the original plantation owner who apparently collected many rare plants from around the world. So I guess I should pop back down the road a get a few cuttings, for preservation purposes.... Respect, Z
  2. Irie, An interesting article a friend sent; hxxp:// Respect, Z
  3. Irie, Treat them like coffee. I would clean and dry them off then store in fairly dry spagnum....otherwise they might sprout. They may take six months to sprout anyways..... Respect, Z
  4. Irie, Up-date This is the latest from Pedro: "There are three possibilities. Serjania equestris, S. laevigata or S. nodosa. I would need to see the leaves to be able to tell the species." Respect, Z
  5. Irie, So got a reply from some buddies at an online group...... "Are we seeing several vascular cylinders in the cross sections, most noticeable in the piece on the right, all surrounded by a common periderm? If so this is characteristic of Serjania (maybe other genera too) Sapindaceae. Serjania do seem to have Amerindian medicinal uses Serjania mexicana is found in Jamaica (Acevedo seed catalog). If there are three external vascular bundles in mature stems that would give three ribs perhaps leading to the local name!" I think he's aced it! Respect, Z
  6. Irie Bro, Here's a pdf of Medicinal Jamacian Plants.. Should be of good use to you... Respect, Z Medicinal-Plants-of-Jamaica.pdf
  7. Irie, A couple more reffered to as Strong Back Chrysanthellum americanum Desmodium sp Respect, Z
  8. Irie, Still working on three sisters....Any idea of use?? "Strong Back" posibly, Cuphea parso Also found refference for "Strong Back Root" Morinda royoc Respect, Z
  9. Irie Brother, Would like to see out of the bag. Could be anything at this point... Not heard of "three sisters" before.... Any chance of creole name or other language?? I have everything else you mentioned growing in abundance here. Respect, Z
  10. Irie Bro, Maybe he gave you a voacanga africana?? Respect, Z
  11. Irie, A.Peregrina Respect, Z Post should have been in non-c id's
  12. Irie, Damn man you're not making it easy!! Got any idea of the seeds and their pods??? Color of seeds?? Respect, Z
  13. Irie Bro, Any idea of flower color or shape..... Any thorns, spikes or the alike? Not a Hostilis for sure! A little more info should help... Respect, Z
  14. Irie T, Bang on. My question is how big do these get???? Running out of space in my yard but just planted out a bunch of seedlings(50 odd) about 2 years old, that were totally root bound in there little baggies! Found the seeds I got from the US, really easy to sprout had at least 100+ but managed to cull them down to 50 odd! Respect, Z
  15. Irie, Good news - Bad news! So it turns out that this plant is sterile!!shite But there is tales of seedling not too far away. A so the fairytale continues! Respect, Z