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  1. shroomy

    older members

    Way too many TOM boys in Thailand for you baby you would hate it ;) . best leave them for me. Any time you want visit you are more than welcome i will pm my number .
  2. shroomy

    older members

    Rk good to here you are happy hope life continues to treat you well. i just realised its more amazing that i could remember my pass word ! dam memory hard drive is full these days
  3. shroomy

    older members

    Ok Darklight start drinking. but you will have to come to thailand to drink it, i live over hear now and love it. good see you still living the dream torsten hope the oz media treats you ok you deserve praise.
  4. shroomy

    older members

    Cant believe my log in still works. thanks Torsten. where are all the oldies at now?
  5. shroomy

    Rate a BEER @ sab.com (shaman-australis.com)

    I see no one has bothered to mention Belgium beers. Do yourself a favour and try as many as you can because the Belgiums treat beer like the french treat wine. my reccomendations - tripple karmalite, Duval, Duece really the choice is endless from beautiful chocolate ales to real fruit beers. mmmmmmm cant beat the belgiums
  6. shroomy

    Travel Tips: South East Asia -

    Hi, nothing new to add just a thanks to all who contributed to the thread. I am heading that way in may and plan to spend 7 weeks so all this information is gold at the moment.
  7. shroomy

    I am Back

    He realy misses that enama kit and i think he was engaged to that guy for some time and the rest of the stuff you can send to me for safe keeping . But seriously he is doing well and so is WD.
  8. shroomy

    I am Back

    There she is, How are you darlin? I have missed being around here to and also the time to even think about being around here. Seems like work has just taken over my life at the moment . yeah the road trip would have been awsome and i have just the machine for it to (oz trike). Drop me A pm with your number and ill give you call and have chat.
  9. shroomy

    I am Back

    Hey Mes, the join date holy crap where did that time go ?. WD is doing fine and has not changed at all just a little older and a little bigger . whats with the name changes? I reconise a few names from the past. Is darklight still posting here, I have not herd from her in some time, regretfully my fault entirely but i would love to catch up. CS is still CS and as mad as ever. thats about all the people i have kept contact with . Anyway glad to see you keeping the dream alive T its a great site full of great people and i have missed spending time here.
  10. shroomy

    I am Back

    ummm ??????????? beg pardon?
  11. shroomy


    One PM comming your way, thats just the reply i was looking for thanks.
  12. shroomy

    Share some wisdom!

    -Never try to keep up with the jones,s its better to drag them down to your level -a job well planned is a job half done -if you take the time it takes it will take you half the time -how long is a piece of string? twice the distance from the centre to one end -what if the hokey pokey is really what it is all about? -It takes a realy big dog to weigh a tonne.
  13. shroomy


    Hi Fenris, Wow sounds like an awsome trip and the timing is uncanny. it seems I will also be in SA around this time but prolly will not arrive until early may around your last week, who knows maybe we might meet up. As posted in chill i have not been around these parts for some time and returned for some trusted info on traveling to south america with a view to being involved in a traditional ayaushca healing experience.I was hoping some one here may have some info or some advise. I come accross this link http://www.ayahuasca-shamanism.co.uk/plantnames.htm and would appreiciate it if anyone has some first hand knowledge of this firm or some advise on where i should be looking. yeah pretty lazy of me I know But I am still fighting my way out of the industrial wilderness and really really do not have lot of spare time at the moment and would be greatfull for any help. Sorry for hijacking your thread Fenris but it seemed the logical place to ask. P.S Chemical Shaman Has Really BIG Lips.
  14. shroomy

    I am Back

    Hello to all the old peeps who may possibly remember me and appoligies to those that I have not contacted in some time, Thanks T for keeping my log in active saved me some time . Wish i had a good excuse for my absense but all i have to offer is being lost in a industrial wilderness for some time but it seems in the very near future i will have an escape from that exsistence for some months hence the reason for my return. I am currantly planning a bit of a round the world juant and come here to the people i trust for some guidance and low and behold theres a thread (holidays)on excactly what i am planning so ill tack onto that thread latter.Anyway hi to the people i do not know and hope to catch up with some of you soon. P.S chemical shaman has big lips
  15. shroomy

    The inside scoop on Darklights vagina

    : Dam straight! Not that tall girly looking boy cs. hey yeah i was,nt really carefull at all i thought good hospitality and all that would some how make me immune obviously i dont learn well from past experience . yeh we had great time we will definitly use that tactic again too it dam near came off . hopefully ill be able to come up that way soon myself it would be great to catch up you and the rest of the northern gang its been way to long and i need a good dose of reality.