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  1. Yes please and merry fetivuses to all
  2. Shroom

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Damn that was a sweet score. Well done!
  3. Shroom

    Free: Iochroma australe plants.

    Interested. I’ll send pm you. Cheers
  4. Shroom

    Cacti seedling giveaway

    Would love some seeds to develop my fledgling cactus collection
  5. Shroom

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    Sounds like lots of love has been spread. Sorry I missed out. I’ll follow this thread for future offerings.
  6. Shroom

    EGA 2017

    Whose heading the this years EGA conference. I’m going solo so wouldn’t mind meeting a few people. also I was after a meal ticket. Anyone able to get their hands on a spare one of these by chance? Managing food and camping and conferencing alone all at once might go beyond my abilities lol peace!
  7. Shroom

    Looking for rooted Caapi and some prints

    Hi all, I’m after the same (sorry to hijack what appears closed) I had some Cappi after a long winter and then brought out and got heavily rained on. Drainage in the new pot was blocked and sadly it was all to much when I eventually returned it had Also after some prints for my new microscope. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks