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  1. nitrogen

    MSS Signing Off

    Hope you can make it back! Been benefiting from and enjoying your online contributions for over a decade now..
  2. Sweet, I'm glad to see some of the Psycho0 x N1 have been grown out - I have a few growing myself - not very well in the current conditons.. Took this picture this morning - my pachanoi v "huarazensis" is in a large pot with some pereskiopsis - these pereskiopsis are growing like mad at the moment! One branch is like 7' tall - and they provide the huarazensis some shading on what would otherwise be perhaps too many hours of direct sun - symbiotic vibe going on there.. Wish my other plants could get this much sun - soon though, perhaps soon..
  3. Wow, beautifully grown m8!
  4. Yah Zelly and a couple other friends of mine have been very helpful these past couple years - I'm at the beginning of a second career and have yet to generate financial abundance thereby - so for now many of my plants are at friends' places till I get myself into a house of my own. They love it at Zelly's though, that is for sure - the man has a serious green thumb and has rehab'd multiple cacti of mine that were rootbound or otherwise needing TLC.. The hybrids I made this year were all from the plants that I have at my current residence though - I kept some to stay with me, even though I know they won't grow much in these conditions.. Zelly got some Lumberjackus and Psycho0 pollen from me this year, and the Huarazensis cross listed above is from pollen from his clone, not mine - my Huarazensis has not flowered this year this far. So yes indeed, more hybrids in progress here in the SW USA..
  5. Connoisseur Hybrids 2015 Happy happy happy, again we fly! While my plants have had less than ideal growing conditions, they have graced me with flowers this year – the TPM flowered for the first time since 2012, which means another round of mutants So, here they are, the connoisseur hybrids for 2015. This is a seed giveaway – if you’re interested in some or all of these hybrids send me a PM with your address. Have patience, it will be a several weeks before these go in the mail – and I cannot ensure everyone who PM’s me will get them. I have limited seed and priority will be given to SAB members who are older and/or who are contributors to the cacti forum. This is a celebrity group of parents here, however, the “Sharxx Blue” strain is a star of this show, in my opinion – this is the bluest, and perhaps the most distinct peruvianus I have seen. I absolutely love this strain and am so happy it flowered! Big thanks to Interbeing for sending me this magnificent plant many years ago. *** There are some additional hybrids I made this year that will be available as bonus/add-ons to orders for Zelly’s forthcoming hybrid seed. One of them is an epic bridgesii cross – Psycho0 x Lumberjackus. If you get this cross I hope you grow it out – I was hoping to see Psycho0 x N1 pics from the 2012 connoisseur hybrids but they have not materialized - I think people were so stoked on the TPM crosses that year that the bridgesii x bridgesii got overlooked. The Sharxx Blue x Psycho0 cross will also be available, and that gives us the bluest bridgesii x the bluest peruvianus in my garden. *** The 2015 hybrids for this giveaway are: 1. T. bridgesii v. “Lumberjackus” x T. peruvianus v. “TPM” 2. T. bridgesii v. “Psycho0” x T. peruvianus v. “TPM” 3. T. peruvianus v. “Sharxx Blue” x T. peruvianus v. “TPM” 4. T. peruvianus v. “TPM” x T. peruvianus v. “Sharxx Blue” 5. T. peruvianus v. “TPM” x T. pachanoi v. “Huarazensis” 6. T. bridgesii v. “Lumberjackus” x T. peruvianus v. “Sharxx Blue” Enjoy, and, pics or it didn’t happen! T. peruvianus v. “Sharxx Blue” T. bridgesii v. “Lumberjackus” T. bridgesii v. Psycho0 T. pachanoi v. “Huarazensis” T. peruvianus v. “TPM”
  6. nitrogen

    t. huarazensis == t. santaensis ?

    The one we call "huarazensis" here in the USA is not Yowie nor Santaensis - of the cacti pictured above it is only the one on the Misplants site that is indeed T. huarazensis. So, the naming isn't very precise - but the strain that people are talking about when they talk in glowing terms about T. huarazensis - the strain that created the reputation for T. huarazensis - that is the one with tiny spines as in the pic above. The strain arrived via Karl Knize in Peru - my friend Malo at the nook imported it along with many other pachanoid type plants - he grew it out and sent lots of cuttings around the community, and so the reputation of the strain developed. My own huarazensis was given to me directly by Malo - he lopped off a large limb and gave it to me when I visited him in NorCal. Zelly's huarazensis I believe was via Mitosis, who also got it from Malo... Now, the reality is that T. huarazensis appears to simply be a variety of T. pachanoi - and the name could perhaps be used to refer to a bunch of pachanois from that region. That is to say, people may be calling other strains of pachanoi "huarazensis" as well, having no idea that the name is already being used to identify a particular strain - this may be what Sacred Succulents is doing. So, in summary, "huarazensis" is just a variety/strain name of T. pachanoi - T. pachanoi v. "Huarazensis"
  7. nitrogen

    New stuff today

    I wound up with my seed grown "Ecuadorian pachanoi" plants in a similar way - "Beeker" from the Nook was moving and offered a pickup-only giveaway of some of his cacti - this is where I met him and also Mitosis. Beeker gave both me and Mitosis a couple pots full of Ecuadorian pachanoi seedlings - which I grew for years, with them eventually flowering and allowing for a number of crosses, such as the EP x Psycho0 hybrid Philocacti posted about.. Beeker also introduced me to the ceremonial practice of drinking ayahuasca, which has had a more beneficial effect on my life than anything else I can think of, save perhaps for the life-changing effects of yoga I experienced back in the early 2000's.. So, yay Beeker and yay pickup-only tricho giveaways! Anyhow, enjoy your new babies!
  8. nitrogen

    Introducing "Zebra"

    I see the stripes on the new growth still no? What a beautiful cactus that is Philo!
  9. nitrogen

    zellys boarding school

    There is no pride in admitting someone can take care of your babies better than you can - but what can I say, I haven't provided a good home for them these past couple years.. The back-story is that someone reported me to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Achuma), and PETA put a bunch of heat on me to find a foster care situation for my babies.. Fortunately Zelly was able to do this and has excelled in his parenting - my babies are thriving over there..
  10. nitrogen

    Super Pedro X Psycho0

    Interesting - I have not found this to be the case at all - the Super Pedro x Psycho0 seed I got from PD shows longer spines at least half the time - the ones that have the really short spines like a pachanoi are probably 20% of them - the rest had intermediate or longer spines.. Maybe he mislablled the batch and it was actually Psycho0 x Super Pedro, I dunno..
  11. nitrogen

    beware of verne

    I had an ex like that that..
  12. nitrogen

    is t. huarazensis really juuls giant?

    I agree - the similarity is only in the very short spines..
  13. nitrogen

    Super Pedro X Psycho0

    Beautiful hybrid, one of my favs! Here's a few of mine (I didn't breed these btw - PD made the hybrid seed that I grew).. This one I gave to a friend who is growing out in desert conditions: And here's the ones I kept for myself - this is an old pic - they are currently in boarding school at Zelly's place and are like 3-4x bigger than in this pic:
  14. nitrogen

    is t. huarazensis really juuls giant?

    Yes technically that is what it would be - it's similar to how people call "T. Lumberjackus" as such instead of "T. bridgesii v. Lumberjackus"- though in the case of Lumberjackus it is a bit less clear a some people think it is a bridgesii hybrid rather than pure bridgesii.. Huarazensis and Juules are not the same strain though, that is for sure..
  15. Here's a few of mine - my growing conditions are not good - I get 2-3 hours direct sun in the summer and no direct sunlight in the winter - lol, somehow my cacti manage to etiolate and get sunbunred at the same time - I think it's the low-horizon afternoon sun that does it - hits the side of the trichos.. One day though, a house with a yard (SS02 x pachanoi ) x TPM N1 x TPQC (SS02 x pachanoi) x TPM TPC x Juules TPC x Juules TPM x (SS02 x pachanoi) TPM x (SS02 x pachanoi) TPM x N1 TPM x N1 TPM x N1 TPM x TPQC
  16. nitrogen

    Bridgesii Porn

    Yea that is totally a Psycho0 - aren't they beautiful? Mine gets really long spines like that on the base also..
  17. nitrogen


    Philo sent me one of these also - thanks brother! Will have to get photos here at some point
  18. nitrogen

    Pachanoi "Justin"

    Probably then named after or by the long-haired hippy looking Justin, of the two..
  19. nitrogen

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Tell her that all adds up to a lot of getting shafted..
  20. nitrogen

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    My experience exactly! Pimento man, that is gonna be a serious cactus patch a few years down the road..
  21. nitrogen

    Guidelines for new cacti names..?

    Well, it's already far to late to name only those varieties that are exceptional in some way - as used to be the case. Personally, I only name the ones I have if: - It is exceptional in some way and I propagate and distribute it - I cross it with another plant to make hybrid seed - I know it hasn't been named by someone else and does not appear to be a plant that is the same as has been named by someone else - this is important, as some of you may recall the low-integrity and somewhat mentally retarded individual who was posting about his "huanucoensis" on here, then selling it for outlandish prices on ebay as such, despite that it was clearly labelled as a pachanoi by the nursery in California where he bought it and didn't look like a huanucoensis to begin with..
  22. AZS you should change your username to NFA (Not F*cking Around)
  23. Wow AZS those LJ x Juuls seedlings are looking great - with the maturing of the traits you can really see the genetics of both parents.. Those do indeed look like how I'd imagine an LJ x Juuls to look..
  24. Just caught up on this thread.. To clarify things here - I totally procrastinated on getting the hybrid seed to Zelly, hence the delay and confusion around the freebies - I told Zelly the seed would be ready well before it was, so he put the offer up on his site thinking he would have the seed pretty much right away - but then I got wrapped up with other things and was way late on getting these seed to him.. All's good now though :-)
  25. Hey y'all, a friend of mine says it will be 25 degrees where he lives later this week - will the trichos freeze and die in this? What is the lowest temps your trichos have done ok with? thanks!