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  1. To answer your question specifically, yes. I had no intention of giving up meat and grog...... my favorite meal is Malaysian Beef Rendang and I was a whisky connoisseur, I just love everything about it. But, after my 2nd deep Iboga session, the plant made me give them both up. Total dissociation from any desire for either. 4 and a half years ago. The fundamental reason is high vibration. The plant wants me to maintain the vibration of the medicine, and meat and grog are too low vibration. Besides better all around good health, (which is what you want from a good medicine). I get way more value from my other medicines, a cleaner system for them to work with. So, be careful with Iboga, you might just get exactly what you need. Not necessarily what you want.
  2. All living things are conscious, aware of their environment, but all except us live in the moment, fish have a notorious lack of memory but are still conscious beings. My dogs "know" lots of stuff, but they don't know that they know it. So I dont see what memory has to do with it. We are possibly continuous consciousness from previous lives, that our current ego denies us memory access to. Anyhow all that is part of the unknowable that we must accept . Memory is not important, a distraction actually. To live a fulfilled magical life, enriched and expanded with the medicines from the plants, and capable of all our possible potential, its best to be open to the concept that everything seen and unseen has an energy vibration that is connected. Not an accident, but a plan to create the conditions for life. Dose enough cactus and you will become aware that there is more than just light and heat radiating from the sun. There is information of all sorts, forces that created cell division and shaped ALL life. The plan of life is encoded into starlight, and shines thru the known universe. Chicken and egg stuff, but if this vibrational energy- light, is evolving planets to produce beings like us, conscious and self aware, then consciousness may be the fundamental essence of everything. And Starlight its pure form. Memory is a distraction to awareness. When we want to experience beyond/ more than our self, we tune into the present moment. When we are working with the plants, we experience fields of information beyond memory. Plants are conscious, but have no memory. The conscious universe is so huge, with so much happening in each milli-moment ,that the past and the memory of it, would need a separate universe for each moment to retain. So there is just the great eternal conscious moment in all its forms. Not to be known, but experienced, by being present. The great gift of being part of all its joys and horrors. The nature of the universe is cold, emotionless and indifferent, everything constantly killing something for its sustenance. Everything having cycles of destruction. Just cause its heartless, doesn't mean its not conscious. Just as everything in the material world has a particular vibration, ie the particles in diamond vibrating faster than those in sandstone. We are created to emit the vibrations that the physical world cannot. It is our job to raise the spectrum of vibration, by creating the higher frequencies of love and compassion. This Earth is not fulfilling that, due to the distractions of greed based consumerism, a very "not conscious" paradigm. "Loving" a diamond necklace, is not the same vibration as loving a stranger. And even if you disagree with my thoughts, you would have to agree that more selfless love would make the Universe a more conscious place. Oh, I digress, sorry, its too cold to get out of bed.
  3. The dried leaf can be smoked at any age. With most sacred plants, the tradition is to pick the leaves in pairs. I feel it is a way that makes you more mindful about what you are doing. The newer growth is good. Dry them till they are just crispy. Inactive by themselves, but will work as a MOAI and synergies well with cannabis, for a super medicinal smoke.
  4. Ayahuasca is the sixth album by drone rock band Pelt. It was released on June 12, 2001
  5. Yes, it is good medicine for your plants and garden too, put it in the compost. The dried leaves smoked will potentiate things.......shrooms in particular. And thats a great way to start the next level relationship with the plant, when you do brew......you will already be friends.
  6. Yeah sure, share away. @Freakazoid has a nice one of everybody leaving on the mountain climb.
  7. Lovely camp, thanks Torsten for a lot of effort and expense. Hillbilly feeding folks from thin air is always biblical, and worth the 12hr drive to experience, seriously thanks for the sustenance. I got wonderfully high on the saturday, here are some pics to prove it. I love that my SAB mates are so staunch, and never miss an opportunity to connect.
  8. Does that mean you are coming to the camp, or are you having your own ceremony and planting on Hillbilly hill .
  9. 3 tickets bought, Im coming with non forum plant buddies. Got the leave pass from the missus. Having a mini road trip, making a meal out of the event. Cheers.
  10. I run an "aya B@B" your welcome to hop on the queue and book in.PM for details. Im not big on rue, it "feels" like a poison to me. And has no heart or nurture, no story or dialogue. Its alright for potentiating shrooms.
  11. Cheers, no Ive never felt the call for mapacho. If im smudging a big group, I use Acacia. I was "instructed" to get a traditional Chapaka and was shown a vibrational cleansing using Aqua de flora and throat singing vibration. A fragrant fanning percussive droning with a unique beat and melody for every person, depending on their energetic needs, channeled thru the vine. With bigger groups, usually with cactus, I work with a partner who has trained with a Cactus shaman and she uses Mapacho when available. She is bringing the Shaman over in spring, so I get to hang with a Cactus Superman who doses every day. My first Shaman.
  12. No worries Cubism, Everybody is still stuck on who to drink with and where. Shackled by tradition and context. But there are whole new "next level" practices that we can be guided to by this plant. There could be no limits once we bust thru anchoring paradigms. People are focused on the human factors, and we dont give this plant the credit deserves. I have plant consciousness access thru it and it has human consciousness access thru me. And we are a team, like Batman and Robin, awakening folks. It never gives me challenging clients, it never wigs out people or gives me a handful of problems. Because everybody is nurtured commensurate with how I have nurtured the vine. Simples. Ha, Im being interviewed under the vine for a documentary this week, so yeah, I have been collecting my thoughts to be as articulate as possible. Thanks for the feedback, means Im on the right track to explain non-traditional use and next level value adding.
  13. When I first heard about aya in 2000, I hopped online and bought a bunch of ingredients from a supplier in Britain, and had my first journeys alone in the garden. They were powerful and great. I was also lucky enough to meet the "right guy" back then, and got a vine and all our other favorite plants. Whilst my vine was maturing, I was going thru my shroom stage. But would smoke vine leaf, the shrooms and vine would activate each other, and I could start my relationship with it. After 8 years I started making my own brews, it is a teacher plant, and those with patience, will find the instruction manual encoded within the medicine. After 10 years, I heard of people doing Ceremony in Australia, I had sorted out all my transpersonal stuff years ago and needed to pay for a brew like a "hole in the head". But one mob had a famed acupuncturist /healer as a regular, and I went to that first circle mainly to snag a dry needle torture session from him. They seen how experienced I was and invited me to be on crew. And I worked with the public, up to 20 at a time, from all over the world, many experienced from the amazon. After 5 years I witnessed most everything that can happen.Possessions and the like. They used imported amazon brew, and I would smoke my vine, so it would get all the latest plant goss and updates from the Amazon. (end of pre-amble) People go on about dialogue and relationship, getting messages from the vine. If they were not so self absorbed and self centered, and listened to what the vine needed, they would know this. These plants are like all the rest, they have one agenda, to be propagated.(in the ground and in peoples hearts) Plants have flowers and fruits, to appeal to insects and birds, to propagate them. Plants have food and medicinal properties to appeal to humans, to propagate them. To ensure they wont go extinct. The most successful plant is Cannabis. Its appeal has seen it spread to every part of the world, and genetically improved etc. It will only go extinct in a global catastrophe. The vine was in the jungle going, "what the fuck is all this logging?, whats with all this mining?, why are the shamans harvesting more for all these new big Ceremonies?, who are these people from all over the world? Well they look like my ticket to safety". And the vine left the jungle to be propagated around the world, minimizing its extinction possibility. So anybody who doesn't grow a vine, is missing the plants needs. Grow an Orange tree, and you will be rewarded with an annual harvest of fresh fruit. Grow a vine and you will be rewarded with "magical" abilities, and the latest upgrades of vibrational frequencies. The nurture you put into your vine will pay you back many fold and in inter-dimensional ways. Take it from my experience that serving your own brew, as compared to a sourced brew, even if its a grouse amazon concoction with chaliponga and all, is chalk and cheese. So, Im glad Ive never been to the Amazon (im sure its quite dandy) or even met a proper shaman. I dont want all the distraction of Cultural Context. Lots of it smoke and mirrors showmanship. The least interference between you and the medicine, often the better. At the end of the day, it is just your Central nervous system and cerebral cortex with the plants. Safety is the main thing, and when facilitating I draw more from a background in OHS, QA and Manual Handling Trainer than feathers and crystals. Big circles are a new tradition,to cater for the demand, but they also encourage commerce and the greed that goes with it. Most of the time they are a psychic soup of clutter. When they go off the rails, yes they are total trainwrecks. Here and the Amazon. (i decided to venture out and pay for my first circle in years a few weeks ago, and it crashed) Traditionally a villager and the shaman would work one on one, which ironically is my current method. All I can report is I have well traveled folks from all over the world, who have drank with all the shaman and a night with me actually under the vine ranks as special and sometimes more beneficial than other their more traditional experiences. This is something to think about. The Shamans vine is hidden in the jungle, its not his...the jungle nurtures it. You dont see it or touch it. This is a new thing. You can have your own vine, feed it with your DNA, bury your dogs under it, sprinkle you Mums ashes on it, nurture it, grow potentiated shrooms under it, or any value adding ritual. Its like planting a Genie.....(that takes 10 years to come out of the bottle), that can train you in magic. To show us their appeal these entheogenic plants need to get inside people. So the gardener, once trained by the plant, and both plant and gardener have complete faith and trust in each others powers and talents. The gardener has a duty to propagate" the spirit" of the plant into people. To plant that esoteric seed. And safe set and setting is the ground to plant that spirit seed. And any enhancements and healings are the fertaliser to make it grow. Anyhow, what am I trying to say..... You can always consider taking your medicine with a gardener as an option to shaman. And that's my reasonably informed opinion on Ayahausca. And having said that, Ive recommended a few folks go to "the temple of light" (as an anthropologist friend wrote her thesis on them) And they do an excellent job, and have plants you can see and touch.
  14. Timing and venue sound great. Im ready for a road trip. April........ it will be a moral though that as soon as we head up the coast, the conditions will become perfect for Subs up i the mountains. oh well, community is more important.
  15. Ok, I have been umming about this, but my next operation has moved forward to this Fri, so I should be ok. Ive been thinking that its awhile since I hosted on the Coast, and its also awhile since we have had a social allnighter. The date would be Sat night 17th Feb, that is close to both Hillbilly and my birthdays. And I want to celebrate the completion of my surgerys, and start of being a new man. Big Col 2.0 I want to do a Mexican theme party, my backyard already has the decor, skulls, mexican food, cactus shots, etc etc So, what is the interest ? Lets do details as usual on PM. Sorry no newbies.
  16. So stupid, Cocaine is the easiest drug to taste test, unless this stuff causes numbness as well. What if it had of been an RC. They still would have dosed 500% too much, and anyone who has ever been foolish enough to snort an RC, will think twice before snorting anything, thats for sure.
  17. This is how far you can take things with Caapi cross sections. Not my Strat, but this guy takes custom orders. So, in theory, you can harvest some vine, make a brew and bung it in the freezer. Send this guy enough vine to do a guitar, which he sends back to you. Then you can drink your brew and play the strat, vibrating the vine internally and externally in a medicinal loop. Next level drinking !! A great plan. Vine sections, chacruna grout, 24 carot gold fittings.
  18. Nice pipe Toast, yeah Huan is a lovely bloke with an amazing garden of rare treats. I recently got an aya serving cup that I love thru old mate Flux. Vine sections with chacruna grout, around a Mahogany cup. Just the right size, for a nice strong brew.
  19. Going great. Still haven't watered yet, maybe its time. Got a nice flower. I think you have made a winner with that stuff. I just wish I had more rare gems to pot up with it..
  20. People dont realize coffees effect till they try to give it up. We always tell people not to drink it when coming to circle. That causes more problems than we were trying to avoid. As everybody has a bloody withdrawal headache for the session. ........exactly what we were trying to avoid. And it effects how much they can dose and "submit" to the journey. Yes the vine will potentiate the coffee, its a fine line to reduce your intake and avoid the withdrawal headache.
  21. A bit of vine never hurt anyone. You have chosen the right medicine to have at the center of a plan to bring about some positive changes in your life. Yes its chemistry may improve the symptoms of depression, I hope they will. But its a vibrational medicine, allow it to change your vibration to align with the new pathways you desire. Look for signways to the path, generally hiding in plain sight, in everyday life, allow the vine to illuminate them. You will be rewarded by "paying attention",not only to how you are physically feeling, but to opportunities to "join the dots". You have commenced an "act of will" and stated publicly your intention. You need to see this thru now to show the vine you seriously require its help. Stopping will turn the process into a procrastination, and have the opposite effect, making plans impotent. giving the energy working against your interests power. Magic 101 basically, but worth a mention, when working with a magic potion. You have good friends, and are part of a great community. You have wisely chosen the best hobby in gardening, and have great skills. Life can be anything you want, leave the old story, and step into a new one. There are plenty of great chapters to write. Best regards brother.
  22. Was only a matter of time I suppose,before somebody made an ayahuasca Stratocaster. Despite some people thinking it disrespectful to play really psychedelic electronic music during a session, I find my vine loves to have a play on a Strat when its in me. And the improvisations are so interesting. So this is just natural evolution of "stuff". Made with Ayahuasca vine, Ayahuasca and chacruna leaf grout complete with 24k gold fittings. On the Christmas wish list.
  23. The Stratocaster a personal history. It all started in 1970, with my first record, RCA's supercharged hits of 1970, I was 10 years old. Track 1 side 1, American Woman by the Guess Who ,with a still iconic guitar solo, strong defiant wailing notes played by Randy Bachman on a Fender Stratocaster. The greatest thing I'd ever heard, played hundreds times, etched into my young mind. Then came Richie Blackmore and Jimi Hendrix, using sound as a sonic force, expressing energy as never before as they waved their Strats in front of Marshall Monoliths. Of course Jimi Page distracted and tempted us with his Gibsons, as did others, but those instruments did not have the "wild flexibility" of the Stratocaster. Makoto Kawabata has been my Strat Champion for many years, never afraid of a 20 minute solo, and my happiness was momentous when Helios Creed changed from Gibsons to a Standard sunburst Strat with Maple Neck, (the same as my 1996 50th anniversary model) a few years ago. As soon as my apprenticeship allowed me to save enough money, at 19, I went into Palings Music Sydney to buy my first Strat. A 1979 Antiqua with Maple Neck. This rare model with its Grey/green to white sunburst finish is now a desirable collectors item. A great regret in my life that I sold it, ive never seen another in the flesh. I had a old school Fender 100w twin reverb amplifier. Soon to come were drum and Bass machines, synths and echo units and wah wah to create a wall of sound for the Strat to sing and scream over. There has never been a thought of becoming an act or going public, it was just about the act and joy of improvisation and creation, using this almighty expression tool from the Fender Corporation. I jammed in my music room till 1986, when another American design icon and symbol of the 60's started overwhelming my desires. Id convinced myself that all this shoegazing soloing was antisocial, I needed to get out there, in the world with all the people and cars…. so I sold my Strat and gear……and bought my first Harley Davidson. I still had beautiful Martin acoustics and banjos and stuff, I would go acoustic, and join the world. Dec 5 1987 a woman did a right hand turn in front of me on my bike, I gazed at the mangled chrome icon as I lay dying in the gutter from multiple trauma ,wiggling the toes of my un-smashed leg to see if I was paraplegic. Undeterred and informed by a Post Traumatic Stress delusion that I was "hard to kill", I commissioned a custom "shovelhead" electra glide, joined an old school outlaw club, and let my Daemons run amok. Thankfully that period came to an end in a few years, and it was time to get my life back on track……first thing required was a Stratocaster! I wish Id saved the cash as my other regret is trading a 1927 Martin Parlor for a Strat, but it had to be done. Sentimentality drew me back to the Palings City store for a Black Standard Strat with maple neck. Not long after I was robbed by 2 junkies, the Strat among other precious possessions including 2 Tibetan skulls and a ridiculously rare vintage tenor guitar were stolen. That event was the trigger for leaving Sydney and moving to the Central Coast. With the insurance money I bought the 1996 Anniversary Strat, a Yamaha acoustic and a Roland Groovebox (a multi instrument sequencer)….and never looked back. The big life changer was Roland looping technology. It became possible to multi track record and overdub in real time. Switching loops backwards and all the stuff Id dreamed of. Improvising with yourself just went stellar ! Now I have a RC300 where there are 4 tracks to do multiple recordings, its easy to get 12 Stratocasters layered with pure digital sound. Stratocaster soup, just delicious. In addition, us consumers have benefited from a reverb/echo unit pissing contest from a few of the boutique players. My Blackhole space is like the echo deck at the end of time. Vibrating a Strat has never been more blissful or mind-blowing. Now as I become a "grumpy old man" my Stratocentric thinking is becoming quite evident. There was a period and genres of music that still continue, that think it is hip to leave guitar out completely, deliberately! Seeing it as some pretentious dinosaur tool. DJ's and the like. Im not going to leave a house full of beautiful instruments, to attend a music event with no instruments! Most of the reason for the effort/expense to go to gigs is to see instruments and how they sound and are used. Not the same rig with different ipads. Id prefer going to a music store and look at the stock, rather than some knob twiddling festival smoke and mirrors hoo ha. So, that’s just me, I know, this essay is how I conditioned myself into this blissfully judgmental state, wallowing in my narrow minded view of music's "evolution". (a healthy appreciation for classical music has contributed to this as well) So back to Strats. Im quite social nowadays, attending lots of Ceremonies and meeting lovely people of all ages. The medicines purged those wild Daemons years ago, and Im well respected. Experienced.....some even say nice. Young folk seek my sage advise and as you can see, I have no option but to say……… "your wasting this incarnation if you don’t play a Stratocaster". Hmmmm, my tongue slightly in cheek. But I can tell you this, when im alone with the vine flowing thru my veins, she loves to put down a multi layer Strat drone and vibrate thru the guitar and me, the 3 of us as one, in post modern icaro mash up bliss. My vine is sure as hell not wasting its incarnation and loves to play my Fender Stratocaster thru me. I know, cause its unique to what Id play otherwise. Stratocentric thinking…..its a thing…….probably a curse…….but this essay announces that Im owning my issues. My rationale by default says many of you have missed this opportunity, wasted your lives, but of course I don’t think that, we are all equal with different perspectives and talents ……… this is just a heads up for next incarnation. The Stratocaster is so well designed, it will be around to play the fuck out of, for a few more lifetimes. The root cause 1979 Antigua Stratocaster, the most polarizing finish of all strats, love it or hate it, it sends collectors wild. I wonder who is playing mine now ? Be worth 10 times what i paid, bugger! 1996 50th Anniversary strat,Boss multi effects. Boss RC 300 looper, space echo, job done, no limits. Always needs to be a skull somewhere. Set the controls beyond the heart of the Sun !
  24. 2 people to lift a large crest in a pot. How do these lowlifes find each other ? They are certainly not ashamed of being a thief, planning and executing a devastating blow on one of the nicest and generous blokes you could meet. Being robbed stays with you forever, and puts a big dint in your trust. Lets hope Karma stays with them forever. Better still, as a community we get to the bottom of this, they are very unique and recognizable plants, and if there are 2 or more thieves, thats more chance of loose lips. Got to turn up one day.