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  1. bloodbob

    Teen 'died after inhaling party butane'

    Yay for waking up in a pool of urine and spittle. I'd like to say a pool of blood but there really wasn't that much blood when I passed out hitting the bridge of my nose of the concrete ledge. I'd strongly assume that I stopped breath but spontaneously started breathing again. But hell yeah it can be tripper at times I felt like I was in a 2d universe.
  2. bloodbob

    Coffee and coffeine withdrawal

    Doing a 3 person job with 1.25ish people and taking caffeine to help me go through the extra hours. Well eventually I snapped so I gave up caffeine around then. Thankfully I didn't have to worry about withdrawl headaches as I already was having the worest headaches of my life from my mind and body finally having a chance to deal with all the stress whilst I took time off from work. Anyway fruit juices seem to help getting off the caffeine I've found.
  3. bloodbob

    Brisbane EB Meeting!!

    17th thats a monday don't you lazy bastards have jobs AHh crap just realised this is last years thread.
  4. bloodbob

    The Lab

    aawww damn
  5. bloodbob

    Hushmail not secure

    If you have no trusted channel it is impossible to securely communicate. Its a fundmental truth in cryptography. A particular issue is self signed SSL/TLS certificates as unless you monitor that certifcate to make sure it hasn't changed it is simple for someone to do a MITM. Now i'd assume the US government could probably pressure companies like verisign to fake certificate for drug busts which means you probably should trust certificate authorities. Of course they can always go to the end box after the encryption as well. ASIO can put monitoring devices on your, your vehicles and in your home for up to 6 months.
  6. bloodbob

    nutmeg mace dosage

    What would be a recommend starting dosage for nutmeg mace?
  7. bloodbob

    Hybrid legality

    Then having many wattle's in your back yerd is a crime. Also in some states the jail time is only for the plant and not the active ingredient in salvia's.
  8. bloodbob

    Who likes vodka and redbull?

    Who likes vodka and redbull?
  9. bloodbob

    The Lab

    I was trying to connect to the lab last night I'm sorry I've been a slack bastard.
  10. bloodbob

    Brugmansia first timer

    If your going to do it orally take this advice. Having been nursed by mother into the earlier hours of the morning and her considering calling the paramedics because she couldn't keep on looking after me I have this to say. Once you take a dose don't take ANY BLOODY MORE. Its a nasty thing as it slows down you digestion so it delays itself there is no real knowing when its going to hit please don't redose its got like a 12 hour half-life. The hallucinations/delusions aren't fun or cool however I didn't mind the body high which of course can be experienced at a lower dose as well as all the negative effects. ( Having your friend dissapear on when your talking to them is just plain annoying )
  11. bloodbob

    Calibrating ebay 0.001 scales

    No actually I can't see if you were out by 20grams I'd be hell suprised thankfully I looked at the picture. 0.033 really ain't that much it could be the weights. However this might not be really much a of a problem. 0.4% probably isn't going to matter that much in the end.
  12. Just a friendly remind paracetamol can destroy your liver quite easily and you won't know till its too late. So don't go eating to many of those pills.
  13. Personally I think thats probably worse because it means at their descrition charge anyone who *#[email protected] them off. I'd love to see the judgement for the KHAT case since obiviously so special about KHAT thats not special say about many wattles or morning glories ect. If the ruling was in the magistrates court is probably not such a big deal but if it was made in a higher court the ruling would have set a precident and as such its law until its over turned.
  14. What is it with people these days they simply have too much time on their hands. 100 Years ago you were on a farm up before dawn cutting wood and milking cows and then working till past sun down. These we are all a bunch of slackers like I saw a job advertised where you only work every second week and they fly you around the place I believe <removed but he will know who he is> is one of those slackers his doing who is raping in the cash. You know what the worest type of slacker is it the slacker who has nothing better to do but to sit square eyed in front of a computer going to website while his got a joint in his hand ( or her hand ) and look up random blog to see what the fuck people write about.
  15. bloodbob

    New Forums

    I made it across.