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  1. obtuse

    Acacia plant giveaway

    tempted. heading back to mainland in a few days so probably don't have time to organise pickup.
  2. I was expecting her to play up, I was not disappointed
  3. Its been a while..... a long while and the world went all topsy turvey,. I hope you are all well, and your lives have been nice and calm. big hugs to all in this weird time <3
  4. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    sounds like a good idea there Ronny.
  5. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    missing in action as always
  6. obtuse


    Looking forward to meeting people and long fungi chats.
  7. obtuse

    Microscopy and DNA workshops

    will be fun. pity you are so far away DL.
  8. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Have to skip i am afraid. will see you for spring meet (if not before hand) (oh, and if im in the country!)
  9. obtuse

    Tas meetup/get together.

    if i was in Tas, id be interested. im back down south for a week or so soon.
  10. Omg .... excited. looking forward to catching up with people. :D
  11. obtuse

    Edible Cultures for Sale Australia

    I am also on the hunt for some cultures. looking to buy though as i have nothing to trade
  12. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Curious about all the cactii missing from the cactii garden. is this new or was the garden still entact at the last meet.
  13. obtuse

    Meet up: Melbourne

    sorry cannot make it. hope you all have fun.
  14. obtuse

    The Shaman & The Scientist - Sydney

    This looks awesome. wish i could get there.
  15. obtuse

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    there would have to be a few people around sydney able to help. otherwise at some point i'd be happy to head up to sydney and do something like an intensive one day workshop.
  16. obtuse

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    I would recommend Worowa's courses. packed full of good practical info.
  17. obtuse


    there is only one ....Shroomery
  18. obtuse

    Aus Mycology Study

    As already mentioned there is no mycology degree offered by any australian universities. but if you look there are some good units around, my recommendation is to focus on majoring in plant science and microbiology, and then specialise. consider doing some genetics, and bioinformatics units, given that microscopy is now fairly old school as we progress towards using dna for identification. University of Tasmania has some good units in mycology, and a fair few researchers doing mycology research there. University of Melbourne seems to also be a good place to study mycology. I recall the sydney university also had some good courses going. Really in therms of what to study you are only limited by your imagination and government funding. and finding a good supervisor. there are so many areas to study, ecological roles of fungi (this is a huge field), natural products and toxicology of fungi if you are interested in chemistry (also huge), using fungi in remediation, as plant pathogens, soil fungi and the role of glomeraceae in agriculture. plenty of opportunities if you are interested in just growing them. my advice is to learn fungi taxonomy as best you can, start cultivating them at home, and mastering cloning on agar and associated skills, see which aspect of mycology takes your interest and then look at a pathway through undergrad.
  19. obtuse

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Earth frequency
  20. obtuse

    Meet up: Brisbane

    who is at EFF this year?
  21. obtuse

    Merry Christmas 2018

    happy holidays. and all the best for the new year. a year of changes ahead i think
  22. obtuse

    Mushroom culture confusion

    define reproductive cycle