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  1. Cheers @karode13 arrived safe and loved the little card that it had with it
  2. Whats the brand mate?
  3. If you are willing that would be great pm me what you want for it
  4. I thought you had to hand them over to the government
  5. MENUSELECT NEWSPAPER https://www.communitynews.com.au/city-west/news/humanity-star-appear-perths-skies-tonight/ Humanity Star to appear in Perth’s skies tonight March 1st, 2018, 05:23PMWritten by Staff Writer City/ West NEW PERTH residents are encouraged to look up at the southern skies tonight to spot the Humanity Star. It will be at it’s highest visibility about 7.51pm. A description from the Humanity Star website said the highly reflective satellite is visible to the naked eye and blinks brightly across the night sky to “create a shared experience for everyone on the planet”. Created by Rocket Lab founder and chief executive Peter Beck, the Humanity Star is a geodesic sphere made from carbon fibre with 76 highly reflective panels. It spins rapidly, reflecting the sun’s rays back to Earth, creating a flashing light that can be seen against a backdrop of stars. Orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes and visible from anywhere on the globe, the Humanity Star is designed to be a bright symbol and reminder to all on Earth about our fragile place in the universe.
  6. I can enlarge the picture so I cant tell bout four weeks I would expect the plate to be well and truly covered
  7. I'll take no. 5 if it's still going
  8. The man is a genius with mushrooms!!! but sometimes he is a bit serious for my liking and I understand where you are coming from lol
  9. cheers for sharing @Responsible Choice can you send me the link?
  10. @Mapacho pm sent. Gotta say I'm loving that list lol. My wish list is in your your inbox
  11. @Cubism count me in on all of them lol
  12. Ok other mycophiles lets get this thread going, I want what you have since my range is still very small and needs vast expanding !!!!
  13. Does anyone have Opuntia microdasys they can take a cutting off?
  14. Mate i would love some milly
  15. Sounds good to me, if we can lock it in for good ill make sure I'm there. @Mapacho I am also on the same page as you @Gimli lol I can bring Sally if anyone is interested in meeting her? I can also colonise so mushroom bags if anyone is interested I could do oysters, reishi and should hopefully have lions mane soon. With special orders available. Also might have a few seedlings if I get my ass into gear...