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  1. sounds good to me just need to get the others on board
  2. where would the meet up likely be??
  3. Count me in I will be most probably be a buyer with $$$ unless I can get lucky with some great growing plants or anyone is interested in myco stuff I can make to order if time is given
  4. Don't tell me that @SayN as im about to buy my first coins lol. Where is everyone in Australia buying theirs i am going to buy at btcmarkets.net
  5. How random is this post lol
  6. lol fuck that is a cracker of a name
  7. Hey crew, Putting the feelers out for all things seeds cactus, medicinal plants, healing plants if you have it I want it (If you are willing to part with them) as usual willing to pay
  8. Thanks for the info @hashslingr I really appreciate the response
  9. Has anyone been? it looks fascinating... http://cactuscountry.com.au
  10. you wont send even if I am willing to wear it if it does not make it?
  11. Hey guys, How would one go about planting a peyote button that has been cut off its mother Planting? It is caloussed up already and i just want to plant in a pot
  12. Police Arrest Elderly Couple For Hibiscus Plant
  13. when can one come and pick up?
  14. lol vice has some good stuff sometimes, I take it your not a fan?