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  1. Thanks for sharing Anodyne, this is exactly what I was looking for
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  3. Hey all, last EGA I bought some stuff off a bloke who had a stall in the corner of the basketball court closest to the lecture area, he had all the electronics/ gadgets and some herbal stuff, he gave me his Facebook but I lost it :\ anyone able to help me get in contact with him? Would be much appreciated! Cheers
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  5. Does anyone know what the rough percentage of Cathine + Norephedrine would be in an extract of dried (oxidized) Catha Edulis leaves? read that cathinone also breaks down into other chemicals after picked, would like to know what the ratio is and if there would be any way to separate them from the Cathine.... For science theory only of course!
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  7. Hey @Xperiment Any particular plants you were interested in using? I haven't had any noticeable interactions ingesting san pedro brew, salvia or NN-DMT (on its own) and being on a hefty dose of tricyclic antidepressants, not an SSRI but comparable contradictions. I've foolishly pushed the boundaries in the past smoking changa w MAOIs while on said medication which I found out can be really dangerous Definitely would not recommend anything with Syrian rue or Caapi in it. Used to be on Zoloft years ago, had exact same effects as you described, makes you like a zombie...cant feel good or bad
  8. I'll second that, many thanks @MeanGreen, has definately made my day stoked!
  9. Hey all, chasing after some palo santo/ bursera graveolens seeds or live plant Pm if ya can help Cheers
  10. DCHIW they 'subtly' walk behind you to check your not stealing shit >:(