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  1. Martyh64

    How do I delete my account please?

    Has anyone heard from Sall? hope he's alright :/
  2. Martyh64

    Youtube vids

  3. Martyh64

    don't cha hate it when..

    DCHIW you move house, plant stuff in the garden then have to move again, DCHIW nosey housemates invade your privacy and go in your room when your out of town
  4. Martyh64

    Post a random picture thread

  5. Martyh64

    Youtube vids

  6. Martyh64

    When I die

    I've been thinking of turning my corpse into biochar - cooking the remains to pure carbon using a retort kiln so to destroy all chemicals in my body and eliminate pollution from the process, then have the char crushed up and mixed with some good clean organic soil. After being inoculated with the char, an Acacia courtii is grown in said soil then later extracted and smoked or made into aya for my loved ones and friends. That or just shoot up a nice cocktail then get a mate to kick the corpse into a volcano, depends how motivated i feel.
  7. Martyh64

    Youtube vids

  8. Martyh64

    Youtube vids

    look at his eyes xD
  9. Martyh64

    Happy Cathy

    Isn't she! in person the colors are a lot more impressive, last time I went round to my mates place some of the lower leaves were such a deep dark red they were almost black!
  10. Howdy all, on the hunt for some narrow leaf catha cuttings or an established plant, please flick me a pm if you can assist - seeds also if they're viable! Cheers