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  1. Catha would certainly be the best one to modify for this task lol
  2. Just imagining how fast your bobtail must have been whipping around after that xD
  3. I was talking about the original photo, didn't see your pic until just now, that's truly terrifying yet artistic as fuck at the same time xD nice work mate!
  4. For real? RIP
  5. That's the strangest looking kitten ive ever seen Horsey, at first glance I thought it was some sort of dust mite at 1000000000000000000000000000x magnification xD
  6. ^^^^^^ same!
  7. .

  8. My good friend Dimitri always knows how to pry my third eye right open...
  9. It's still there mate its just moved up, flicked you a pm btw
  10. Godless, the alkaloids are at their highest when the plant is in flower, that's when I would collect the lactucarium when I was growing them, also if you make a tea you need a lot of fresh leaves and try not to boil them too hot. Personally, I preferred smoking globs of latex in a glass pipe, doesn't last very long but as I said if you mix it with a little bit of poppy sap they work well together.
  11. Wait until push turns to shove, which it will, then enjoy the inevitable uprising that follows. Its only a matter of time IMO... In the mean time, incite as much sedition as possible
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