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  1. sobriquet

    An inner sanctum subforum?

    Perhaps I don't have to answer this except to show the old timers examples of the old times. At least this old thread hasn't been sanitised (yet), allowing us to glimpse the rules in (in)action and the possibility of hypocrisy being considered by those who take offense at my non-offensive and polite replies to members. Let's get in the time machine together and look at: http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/inde...anica&st=25 Here are some quotes from Torsten from that thread... Yes it was quite a while ago, but the forums had been up for at least two years when that ugly episode appears to have transpired. It was actually sad reading it and I understand the chaos and trauma it must have generated. Surely people can see that all the hullaballoo about recent posts is minor compared to that stuff in 2002? Surely there's room for differences of opinions and style? Surely people aren't so narrow minded that they can support banning people unjustly?
  2. sobriquet

    Brain Damage

    You're actually not damaging me at all with these baits. Rather you're showing up the moderator's blindness (perhaps selectiveness) to your antics of deliberately trying to bait me. You're screwing yourself and making the moderator look bad.
  3. sobriquet

    An inner sanctum subforum?

    The Death of Socrates, by Jacques-Louis David 1787. Despite claiming death-defying loyalty to his city, Socrates' pursuit of virtue and his strict adherence to truth clashed with the current course of Athenian politics and society.... But perhaps the most historically accurate of Socrates' offenses to the city was his position as a social and moral critic. Rather than upholding a status quo and accepting the development of immorality within his region, Socrates worked to undermine the collective notion of "might makes right" so common to Greece during this period. Plato refers to Socrates as the gadfly of the state, insofar as he aggravated the establishment with considerations of justice and the pursuit of goodness. His attempts to improve the Athenian's allegiance to justice may have been the source of his execution.
  4. sobriquet

    a stroke of good luck for smokers

    They're not actually 'nicotine receptors' but rather acetylcholine receptors and they are in fact present in all neuromuscular junctions. There are two types of acetyl-choline receptors however and one is called the 'nicotinic' type that responds to nicotine in addition to acetylcholine. The other type is the 'muscarinic type' interestingly which responds to 'muscarine' which was amazingly isolated first from the fly agaric mushroom (Amanita muscaria). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicotinic_ace...holine_receptor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muscarinic_ac...holine_receptor
  5. sobriquet


    Cheer up apoth, it was actually a joke You'll find it amongst Irish comedian Dave Allen's repertoires. (One of his trademarks was making jokes about the Catholic church).
  6. sobriquet


    Reminds me of a world war II story an Italian veteran once told me where a convent in Rome was repeatedly marauded by the advancing German troops where they raped all the nuns except for Sister Maria. He said that this occurred on at least on 12 occasions and I obviously asked why the German troops never raped Sister Maria in all those raids. He replied that "Sister Maria didn't like that sort of stuff".
  7. sobriquet

    An inner sanctum subforum?

    Au contraire, this was only an appendix, you seem to have missed the main exercise which you can do as homework But I don't know who's more naive... those who think the forum doesn't warrant an 'inner sanctum', or those who can't see that one already exists.
  8. sobriquet

    a stroke of good luck for smokers

    The cure for all sorts of ills including cigarette smoking has been around for ages. A frontal lobotomy. Who in their right mind would trust white coated goons with vaccines and procedures. There's a Romanian saying that goes along the lines of... "if a bald person had a cure for baldness, then he'd put it on his own head (as opposed to trying to sell it to others)"
  9. sobriquet

    An inner sanctum subforum?

    I think we can safely conclude that the concept of creating an "ivory tower" seems to be detested by all, as does it seems the concept of segregation. Creating classes amongst members is rightly deemed uncool. But how intellectually honest are the people saying these things? Namely, the ready embracing of the concept of the class of moderated members... where are the anti-segregation mob now? No to ivory tower, yes to dungeon.
  10. sobriquet

    EBA Reborn

    EBA is now back. Let's make it work everyone.
  11. sobriquet

    Brain Damage

    Also brain tumours.
  12. sobriquet

    Psilocybe tampanensis.

    Here's a picture of the first agar plate innoculated. This one was streaked with the needle that was used to scrape off the spores from the print. The needle had some residual spores visible and these were streaked rather than discarded. Waste not, want not. The first signs of life
  13. sobriquet

    EBA Reborn

    Let me say again that I'm only reporting my experiences and I don't pretend to know the untold history about it. However I must say that having learned of some of the history I understand better why people are angered and thank you for explaining it a bit further. Ultimately I think that the frustration I felt as a stranger not being able to register must have been magnified even more in the members who knew of the problems and were powerless to act so I understand the frustration against what I have posted but it is only my experience I've recounted. I'm stating what I did as an independent third party to the events which were obviously occuring at the terminal stages of the forum.
  14. sobriquet

    1994 pulitzer prize

    Very disturbing, I could hardly explain this image to a friend without my voice wavering at points and a feeling of knotting coming to my throat and tears to my eyes. I don't buy the 10th or 100th story as if that were true there would be many more photos or images like this one. This child has been unfortunate enough to have its carers die before them, and it's much more common for the children and babies to die before the adults as they are more susceptible to disease and mostly dehydration through disease. Regardless the child is in a miserable condition and almost sure to die. Don't ask me why but this scene reminded me of Lawrence of Arabia, where the fellow had dropped off the camel and the fact is realised only after a long while has passed. The more experienced people of the desert tell Lawrence that it is a lost cause to go back for him, that death is assured for that person and anyone who goes after him. They say that 'it is written' that the man will die. Lawrence defies the advice and goes back for the man and brings him back close to a death by thirst himself. Later in the movie the man he saved is involved in an incident where he has shot dead a man from a rival clan. Lawrence not knowing who the culprit is, says that he will will personally execute the culprit so that the death is avenged in a way which does not leave any further room for a blood feud. He is shocked to see that it is the man he saved earlier while risking his own life. He draws the gun and shoots the man he saved, dead. The people say 'It was written then', confirming their earlier held belief that this man was doomed and had he been left to die might not have resulted in the death of another etc. I've seen many instances in which it was futile to do CPR on a person presenting clinically dead to a hospital but everyone goes through the motions for 15-30 mins. Why? Are they treating the dead person or themselves? Humans are strange in that way, but I agree that something, anything could have been done to help. Many things we do are ultimately futile. But does that mean we stop doing it? On an intellectual level it might be yes, but we lack the certainty that our actions might not in fact help. I think an event like this is sure to live in the mind of anyone who experiences it. Even if the man had personally carried the child the kilometer and the child had died in his arms on the way it would be a tremendous mental burden to take. I think one must remember that it was probably not just this isolated event alone that affected the photographer but the hundreds and thousands of images of misery and suffering that played on his mind.
  15. sobriquet

    EBA Reborn

    It appears that when I use Firefox that I am able to register. There was no 'type in a code' requirement and the software seems to have been changed. http://ethnobotany-australia.net/phpBB2-2....opic.php?t=4420 So everyone can just register at the old forum I guess and start afresh? It appears people have been registering and posting for a while as already ovserved. Does anyone think it's a bad idea to join up there? Who modified the software anyhow and when? It appears that registrations started up again on the 12 Nov 2006, and at least 700 spam bots have registered on the forum bringing the member number up to 2800 or so.