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  1. ohcactusisgood

    Loph seeds?

  2. ohcactusisgood

    Loph seeds?

    I am not sure where the best place to buy these are. I have bought from Koerhes and the price was high with low yields. My best experience was getting fresh ones from a person I met who literally pull the berries off of the plant. I bought Euphorbia stuff from Koerhes too with little success and I think they just have a lot of stored seed which is bad for yield.
  3. ohcactusisgood

    Loph Seeds?

    I have wasted a bunch of money again ordering Loph seeds from Koehres and am getting depressing yields. Looks like out of 100 I have something like 3 germinated seeds. I had been given some fresh seeds straight off the plant one time and the germination rate was much much higher. Does anyone have any fresh seed?
  4. ohcactusisgood

    Show off your freaks

    I could not want a T. santiaguensis monstrose more! That's amazing
  5. ohcactusisgood

    Questions on Stapeliads, Ascelpiads, Alien Flower Beasts

    Pretty coarse soil, and they usually don't like a lot of sun
  6. ohcactusisgood

    FREE- TBMC Graft - open worldwide.

    Looks like my letter came in. Very wicked! Thanks very much man. Cool stuff.
  7. ohcactusisgood

    Your experiences with BAP

    I tried BAP a while ago and I got zero results except for one pup that started emerging but completely stalled. It's still there. But since you guys say it works I am trying with a bit more BAP mixed in .
  8. ohcactusisgood

    FREE- TBMC Graft - open worldwide.

    !!! Awesome dude!
  9. ohcactusisgood

    FREE- TBMC Graft - open worldwide.

    Does this mean I get more seeds? Or spore prints ? ?
  10. ohcactusisgood

    Free stuff confirmed.

  11. ohcactusisgood

    Thanks Ali Express

    I've ordered a bunch of Euphorbia seed before, and since it's so unique as a seed I got a good look. I bought 4-5 specific seeds and a few mixes (that's my photo up top).
  12. ohcactusisgood

    Issue with grafted seedling

    Looks like it lived. Hopefully it will keep up with its brothers.
  13. ohcactusisgood

    FREE- TBMC Graft - open worldwide.

    Damn this was the coolest give-away I've seen, but I guess that cat one was too strong.
  14. ohcactusisgood

    Thanks Ali Express

    I did indeed. But I don't expect them even be succulent.
  15. ohcactusisgood

    Thanks Ali Express

    Here's a picture of a real mixed-euphorbia seed pack