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  1. erd0c

    Tasmanian Psilocybe species

    How accurate is this interactive map? http://www.ala.org.au/australias-species/ you can type in what you're looking for, and a heat map basically pops up
  2. erd0c

    Just Outside of Launceston, Tasmania

    @obtuse Thanks. Any idea what they are?
  3. I was going on a walk and found these. Some of these images are bad; I had the wrong lens on me. Not sure what any of them are:
  4. erd0c

    Northern Tasmania

    I think you're right. Spores have dropped and they're a beautiful purple.
  5. erd0c

    Northern Tasmania

    There was recent rainfall, so I decided to stroll through a cow paddock. The ground was surprisingly still very dry. Popping up on this cow pie were these tiny specimens (photo 1). They're relatively small (see 50 cent piece) and I don't see any staining. The spores that have dropped appear dark (I don't have a microscope to give a more precise color). Thoughts?
  6. erd0c


    Thanks Wboy
  7. erd0c


    I was walking in a wooded area outside of Launceston with some eucalyptus trees in December (summer). This rotted mushroom caught my attention because of the purple color settled around the edges of the cap. Its obviously rotted and the image is poor. There are 2 images and the side view of the mushroom catches the purple staining on the stem and gills better, but its the same purple on the cap (which the photo doesn't do justice). The purple has settled around the edges of the cap like an old liberty cap would appear. Because its so rotted, there were not spore prints to be had. I cannot see if there's a veil. Its surprisingly big and heavy. Thoughts?