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  1. Exogenesis

    Intro & Giveaway/Trade

    Thanks so much! My little one would absolutely love one of those glow in the dark mushroom vials. Happy to compensate you however you see fit (just PM me details!) I will definitely be keeping an eye on what else you come up with
  2. Exogenesis

    Intro & Giveaway/Trade

    You're a boss. Thank you
  3. Exogenesis

    Intro & Giveaway/Trade

    Have you got any pics? This so sounds like something my little girl would do backflips over.
  4. Exogenesis

    GiveAwAY datura discolor seeds

    Absolutely gorgeous. Totally keen if you've any left.
  5. Exogenesis

    N. Rustica Giveaway

    Pack #4 please
  6. Exogenesis

    Mixed chilli seed + Datura seed for trade

    Champion I will take a pack of each if I can. I've just take-away tekd my cacti seeds so won't be able to help out for 6-12mths on that front. In saying that I'll be happy to wait at the back of the line if you get some good offers that help you out. Cheers
  7. Exogenesis

    Comp - Eat the green blob. :)

    That's it.. even if you're the hulk you'd have one of a hella tight wank arm to keep you going.
  8. Exogenesis

    Comp - Eat the green blob. :)

    See.. #4 is my lucky number. It wouldn't forsake me. Thanks universe. Good luck @Geebus. No seriously. Good luck ;)
  9. Exogenesis

    Comp - Eat the green blob. :)

    Man.. the way you guys have pumped up this green blob - there's a 1:100 chance that I'll be running another competition directly after this one because I'll be damned if I'll eat it!
  10. Exogenesis

    Comp - Eat the green blob. :)

    Hope it's not 4 😉
  11. Exogenesis

    Duboisia hopwoodii

    Hi guys, As per subject, a close friend is looking to continue building up their entheo-nursery, and Duboisia hopwoodii has sat near the top of the list for far too long. Any serious collection of Australian natives should include this plant in my view. Happy to speak in private. As always, will pay it forward. Cheers
  12. Exogenesis

    A. phlebophylla seed giveaway/trade

    Yes please ☺ PM'd
  13. Exogenesis

    Looking For Lions Mane

    I'm interested in the same if anyone has anything available. I had a dud as well a number of months back and haven't voiced my needs prior. I am just about to drop on a HEPA setup and switching to AGAR permanently I think. The benefits are calling me, and the voices are getting louder! I have numerous prints from recent hunts that are extremely fresh, but not sterile (who can see a pattern and/or a light bulb moment here?) Edit: I am most definitely not trying to shit on your thread either mate.
  14. Exogenesis

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    P.Cubensis was in absolute abundance locally, however the star attraction was this Calvatia craniformis which looked just like a brain in the middle of the most spiritual feeling patch of land I've ever walked. Once sliced, it was just like a sectioned brain - or even a loaf of bread, complete with butter. Edit: The pictures barely do it justice. This fungi held it's own sitting next to Mushrooms Demystified. It's a wonderful, very large specimen
  15. Exogenesis

    Mushroom Photography

    Great photos. Just like Myco, I've got to get my kit sorted prior to the cold season arriving. Just deciding between the 60mm and the 100mm @ 1:1 - and to be fair, how much time I will commit to on-the-move macro.