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  1. I have to move and cannot take my beloved flow hood with me. Needs a loving home where it can give many years of good service to its new owner!
  2. fungi1963

    my reishi rocket

    Straw sounds exciting, I still have about 600 litres of the stuff chopped and loose packed I need to use up. Is your pasteurisation purely heat based or using a lime soak? I've been doing the latter in insulated eski containers. Cheers, Fungi1963
  3. fungi1963

    oyster basket

    Looking good mate. For the straw I chop mine up in a couple minutes tops. But I'm using the baby ozito chainsaw you get when on sale at Bunnings for around the 80 mark. Feeds that inner man beast having a petrol saw blazing through a bale at warp speed. Handy little unit when you don't want to run a $1,200 saw through an unknown quality bale. And severely underestimated too, I then climbed a full grown eucalyptus and cut it down to the ground with that tiny saw just to see if it could do it and was amazed at how well it did it. I've got a few logs in barrels for a couple log grow experiments to thanks to this saw. With the freezer I suppose I could but I also use it for fermentations so I'm trying to keep it as multipurposed as possible at the moment so I haven't tipped or modded it yet but if I dedicate it then its full on for modification. Though I just had a thought of building an aluminium flyscreen from and putting in screen material and using that in liue of the lid when the large mass overheats. The mass is so great its sometimes hard to control temps in the core of the straw. Cheers, Fungi1963
  4. fungi1963

    oyster basket

    This is the story of my life! :-)Work tends to get in the way, or is it the spawn never seems to want to align for the weekend. Once I get to the second shaking required I usually get fed up and do a midweek straw run into the wee hours of the night. I haven't solved the overheating issue with large amounts of spawn in the fridge at one time but I've been thinking of punching a hold in the top of the chest freezer and running a PVC pipe down near the floor with fans for active co² evacuation and screens for insect barrier and perhaps fins a co2 controller to activate the fans automatically but haven't thought up a heat vent solution unless I go simple and stick a flat object on top of the pipe when wanting to keep the heat inside and then off when wanting to vent.
  5. fungi1963

    my reishi rocket

    Very nice. *big smile*
  6. fungi1963

    Microscopy purchase

    I've had an eye on a few in the USA from Amazon, again not laboratory grade optics but some decent scopes for the money, the bundled digital cameras are usually crap but if you get a scope with the attachment while leaving you free to view at the same time you can add your own camera later and pick something better in quality and probably same or lower in price. I googled microscopesindia and get a lot of from China hits as well. No idea whats up, most seem to come from China these days. Prices don't seem all that better than Amazon which probably has better warranty/returns??
  7. fungi1963

    printing store bought oysters?

    H2O2 is only for clean up work or running mycelium of already germinated spores. You use it to prevent spores from germinating, hence good for high contam or low-sterile environments. Good for wild cloning too where you can dip the harvested fragment of mycelium into H2O2 to clean up the cut surfaces prior to applying to agar plates.
  8. fungi1963

    Went Grocery Shopping in the Forest

    Thank you for the suggestion, I had a look at all images google had indexed for Xerula but couldn't find a match yet.
  9. fungi1963

    Went Grocery Shopping in the Forest

    I did look at the other mycological flora on the hunt. Only grey's I remember had bloody long stems elevating them well above the forest floor. Caps were dark gray over more than half with the other side light gray (sun induced?). I didn't stop to look too much as I was fighting time with sunset less than 45 minutes away. These saffron's were extremely prolific but were not strong flavoured at all. They weren't bitter but they didn't have the perfumed accents I've gotten from other locations.
  10. fungi1963

    Went Grocery Shopping in the Forest

    I went grocery shopping this weekend in the local forest. Let's just say I am a very happy little vegemite! --- If I only brought more bags I could have filled the back of the car with them! I even had enough time during the hunt to collect my own wild strains of Trametes Versicolor (Turkey Tail mushroom) and get it put down on the agar plate for incubation. I started with some slippery jacks but then said buggar it, I'm all about milk caps today!
  11. fungi1963

    Pinning Pr0n

    Yeah I've already switched the lighting to natural sunlight and they are flattening out quite well. Midday sun is removed and ambient light only at that time of day but the morning and late afternoon sun they get plenty of and are loving it.
  12. fungi1963

    Pinning Pr0n

    I've taken most off the top ones off already, this is what they are like when about fully grown: King Oyster (Pleurotus eryngii) are still spawning out in the spawning chamber, a whilt to go yet for those.
  13. fungi1963

    Pinning Pr0n

    I have them on variable temp scale 16-20C ramped.
  14. fungi1963

    Pinning Pr0n

    1st Fruting of the new mushroom setup after the fire took everything from me. My Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) strain is turning out to be a real pinner. A few photos Day 1 after initiating lighting into the fruiting chamber. And one photo Day 2 after initiating lighting into the fruting chamber. This strain is is looking like a good one, I'd feel confident releasing it to anyone. I put in my first two King Oyster (Pleurotus eryngii) crates into the fruting chamber so more pinning pr0n to come!
  15. fungi1963

    Early subs in SA

    I am more interested in those half hidden privates. Could be real interesting or a great disappointment. The world may never know...but is that what the $10 off applies to?