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  1. psyspasm

    Bridgesii Sale

    happy days hope you enjoy them and happy gardening mate
  2. psyspasm

    Bridgesii Sale

    yep all still available.. inbox me with any enquiries
  3. psyspasm

    Bridgesii Sale

    Thanks will be sad to see them go
  4. psyspasm

    Bridgesii Sale

    Hey guys, The garden is getting a bit crowded so thought it was time for a sale asking price is $1 per cm plus postage costs, always happy to shave a bit off for a bulk purchase... Australia only, cheers! T.bridgesii "psych0" 70cm SOLD T.bridgesii "psych0" 60cm T.bridgesii "bendigo" 50cm SOLD T.bridgesii "bendigo" 35cm SOLD T.bridgesii "bendigo" 40cm mid section SOLD T.bridgesii "eileen" 40cm T.bridgesii "eileen" 60cm T.bridgesii "eileen" 45cm SOLD T.bridgesii "eileen" 47cm
  5. new project, hi tek/full on psy! get amongst it! would love some feedback https://soundcloud.com/the_instigator-1/the-instigator-a-glitch-is-a
  6. psyspasm

    Slug Wars: A New Hope

    set up beer traps yesterday for the first time.. came out this morning and already about 8-10 floaters pretty happy with the results, bridgesii fueled monster snails too, these suckers mean business..
  7. psyspasm

    Slug Wars: A New Hope

    set up some beer traps today, really hope it knocks em down a peg or 2, starting to make quite a meal of all my bridgey tips and new pups
  8. psyspasm

    Free Trich seed for new and old members

    hey got, would love a pack of the mixed trich seeds, will pm you thanks mate
  9. psyspasm

    Acacia I.D

    this one definately looks like a candidate. thanks for your input guys
  10. psyspasm

    Acacia I.D

    now im thinking maybe longifolia, or sophorae.. but it was growing basically on the snow line, would of already copped a couple of dustings of snow this year.
  11. psyspasm

    Acacia I.D

    yeah mate also my thoughts.. but acacia's are known to vary in growth habits alot.. and i cant seem to find anything else with these traits.. its a curious one
  12. psyspasm

    Acacia I.D

    hey guys i found some nice plants today just below the snowline in the snowy mountains, NSW. With some fallen branches. I'm convinced that its A. alpina, the stalks are reddish and almost feel waxy, with round large paddle shaped leaves.. it reminded me of a phleb but has its differences. would love some other opinions? and if im correct i would be happy to gather some seed for the community when the time is right, some mature looking plants. the leaves also have a distinct red outline around the edge too.
  13. psyspasm

    bridgessi pack.