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  1. Rualbe

    importing mimosa hostilis

    People contain DMT. The best thing the government could do would be to ban them.
  2. I'm new to gardening. I bought a seed packet of narrow phyllode Acuminata from Shaman Australis and would like advice on how too proceed? Best way to germinate? When should I plant them? How should I prepare the soil? And anything else I need to know? I live in Hay on flood plain in southwest NSW. Years ago the previous owner had been quite a gardener but the property had been abandoned for twenty years when I bought it last year. It gets pretty cold at night this time of year but even now some days are quite hot and summer is amazing, up to 50 degrees celsius for days on end with very little rain even when there is heavy cloud.
  3. Rualbe

    Found this?

    No worries thanks Distracted
  4. Rualbe

    Novice Gardener

    I was just reading that I would need a cutting of Salvia Divinorum as the seed is rarely fertile. I know there must be people in NSW who have this plant. How do I find them?
  5. Rualbe

    Novice Gardener

    Yeh gets pretty cold here overnight spacemonk I'm four hours from the southern coast and seven from the east. I added Datura to my list. "Colonised sub wood chips should be right up there too :-D" thed00dabides can you expand on that? Have termite issues here so was planning to use a mixture of tea tree and cedar chips. Still learning what plants are interesting ffrom a shamanc perspective so will check out your recomendations Stillman and spacemonk.
  6. Rualbe

    Found this?

    Had a lot of rain recently. Well a lot for this place. So I havent been following my normal trail on my morning walk. This morning however I returned to my normal trail and saw some golden coloured mushrooms. I stopped and had a look, tried breaking a few stems to see if there was any purple colour but they were all dried out. So does anyone know what these would be?
  7. Rualbe

    Novice Gardener

    Hi all I learnt of this place on the legal highs forum some nine months ago. A member suggested this place might better suit me. I recently bought an abandoned house in south west NSW, Hay to be precise, which I am intending to renovate and live in for the forseable future. I have never owned a property before and moved around a lot so have not invested in a garden. I am thinking to do so now however. The town is built upon flood plain but the rivers flow is regulated now and it rarely floods but I might need to condition the soil differently? Firstly I'm thinking Acacia's, Acuminata, narrow phyllode and Maidenii. Some San Pedro. I hear loph's are a challenge so might leave that till I'm more experienced. I recently learnt that it is not illegal to grow Salvia Divinorum in NSW and am hopefull I can find someone in the state who is growing it and will part with some seed and advice. As well as some Datura and Phallaris grass clumps scattered about. I mean to keep my garden spartan in keeping with the environment but would like to hear suggestions.
  8. I noticed Acuminata was not on the list and wonder? I'm also wondering which has the greater concentrations of the spirit mollecule, the thin or broad phyllode?.
  9. Rualbe

    Phleb Seed Giveaway Number 2

    I realise I am probably far too late but if any more seeds turn up I would love to try to grow them.
  10. Rualbe

    Raising A.Phlebophylla

    Dont suppose their would be any chance of getting them to grow somewhere like Hay in sw NSW.
  11. Rualbe

    Legal Weed: Is it really legal?

    I have heard that chocolate and peanuts contain cannabinoids in small amounts. So are chocolate and peanuts now illegal?
  12. There is a reflective meditative technique in which you detach and watch your impulses as they arise. It is the technique I learnt as a young man and if you can master it it will provide total control over how you react to any impulse. You can dynamically program your own responses, or remain aware and decide event by event.. For me it started with catching a thought as it arose in my mind. Rather than attempting to supress thought, by becoming aware of how thought is generated you automatically gain control. Alternatively you could talk to your doctor about trying medications that will interact with your brain chemistry. This too can provide an awareness of brain function and control. A problem with this is that the doctor will likely want to get you on one medication and leave you on it when using different medications will provide a broader awareness.
  13. Rubbish. If a black hole can prevent light escaping it can also bend light making it appear that the stars falling into it appear to be expanding away from one another. Not to mention the warping of space time by that mass. It's so blindingly obvious it's embarrasing. The problem is your instinctive three dimensional view. People keep attempting to force reality to conform to a three dimensional view because that is the only way they can understand anything. At least those who make up the currently dominant culture do. Just because you can give a two dimensional picture the appearance of three dimensions does not make it three dimensional. Neither can reality be defined by three dimensions, nor four, or five.
  14. Can you feel the moon? The rythmic sway of the tides. The moon moves the ocean and so surely moves me. By carefull discrimination I become aware of other tides. Following this subtle vertigo, falling still I know the sweep of tidal forces in my solar system. A greater tide still draws me on. This tide is rife with distractions, shallow things they are. But what is this? No more, no more. Please god no more.