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  1. baghdatis

    Acacia Identity

    Sorry for my late input, but yeah no way are they obtusifolia leaves are way to short, narrow and numerous, as the sally and the Dr where saying looks to be floribunda my other guess would be aneure but the flowers are a bit more yellow then the ones you have there, second pic is a bit fuzzy but the Dr looks to be on the ball with fimbriata but more pics with more detail always helps. Acacia floribunda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acacia_floribunda#/media/File:Acacia_floribunda_CFGk365.jpg Acacia aneura https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Starr_070402-6317_Acacia_aneura.jpg Acacia fimbritata wikipedia.org/wiki/Acacia_fimbriata#/media/File:Acacia_fimbriata_02.jpg yeah and apparently You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. WTF?
  2. baghdatis

    Customized LED Grow Boxes/Shelves/Boards

    WOW crazy setup, mad respect for you guys Change that shelf looks like something you would buy at a grow shop! i wold set up some mylar but by the sound of it you don't need it. if you where to double 12,500 lumens sq.m, at 25,000 lumens sq.m you could start to think about vegging a small plant, but its not gonna flower very well ​either way your gonna save a shit load with that watt per lumen output. very SEXY
  3. baghdatis

    Acacia Identity

    Glaukus & Sally are gonna be the ones who will be able to help you out with this. Glaukus made the call with longifolia in you first post. (which looks to me to be correct) And Sally actually grows obtusifolia. (& could even edit a wikipedia post, and i quote. "The reinous margins aren't always apparent on obtusifolia, particularly in winter. They do appear resinous (mine do anyway) during periods of rapid growth") Seems to me they have more knowledge on this than you can poke a stick at . Your new pics of plants, you say vary from around .5 metres tall to at least 2 metres- some 3 Look to me to be the same species as the ones in your first post. (Acacia Longifolia) Although your third pic (the one next to the seed pods) still has me guessing. The leaves look much more narrow, and flowers much paler than the rest. - Anyone able to help out? I went through this list from wikiepdiea https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Acacia_species The closest thing i could find matching the pics of your illusive friend was. Acacia suaveolens But once again unfortunately I'm no expert, just what I'm getting of the net. I can't say for sure what it is. Anyone able to help me/us on this one?
  4. baghdatis

    Acacia Identity

    Acacia obtusifolia (below) Acacia longifolia (below) i'm glad you can tell the difference Glaukus. they look almost the same to me, very hard to tell apart I did a bit of research on wikipedia (where i got the pics from) which i'm sure you already checked out Flux, and apparently they are both closely related. here is some good info from the site that may help identify both plants. Acacia obtusifolia can be distinguished by it having phyllode margins which are resinous, it usually blooms later in the year and it has paler flowers than Acacia longifolia I'm unfortunately no expert, and wish i could do more than post some info of the net. But i hope this helps anybody reading & U 2 Flux.
  5. baghdatis

    meme loves

  6. baghdatis

    meme loves

  7. baghdatis

    meme loves

  8. baghdatis

    The rise & fall of Silk Road- fascinating article

    David Fincher , i had to google him didn't care much for the (The Social Network) i don't even have a Facebook account!, but (fight club) is one of my fav's (Seven) is a top film also. Seriously though, I'm not joking, i honestly believe it would be an interesting film. After reading the link at wired.com (SHOUT OUT 2 NegativeDave BTW) I had no idea about the back story, how it started, how it ended, really good stuff there. Still probably never gonna happen aww yeah one more thing, NegativeDave cheer up!,,, THINGS AIN'T SO BAD
  9. baghdatis

    The rise & fall of Silk Road- fascinating article

    finished reading it i think it would make a good film, would be much better then that Facebook one. aww yeah, one more thing, Mark Force your a dirty bastard
  10. baghdatis

    The rise & fall of Silk Road- fascinating article

    hours you say? ill give it a shot. it really does draw you into the story He looked at the busted door and thought,Man, that thing was unlocked
  11. Hay Thunderldeal nice find. 4.5 million to Australian political parties since 1998. At least know we know why all the parties support it. maybe gay marriage and cannabis activists can learn a thing or two here. GIVE EM CASH!!! then they see your point.
  12. exactly there are always ways around such things, TOR would be an example and the web is to big for rights holders to monitor, there will be loads of torrent sites that will pop up & down, TPB will probably suffer, i thing this would be the 3rd or 4th time now lol but as you where saying and i quote the article "it is tough on piracy and not on the causes of piracy"
  13. baghdatis

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Some nice looking plant reasonable price Trichocereus bridgesii http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Trichocereus-bridgesii-19cm-cactus-cutting-/181780822674?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item2a52fb3a92 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Trichocereus-bridgesii-seedgrown-17cm-cactus-cutting-/181780821615?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item2a52fb366f http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Trichocereus-bridgesii-seedgrown-14cm-cactus-cutting-/181780824061?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item2a52fb3ffd Trichocereus Pachanoi I've purchased some plant from this seller b4 waiting for it in the post http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SAN-PEDRO-PACHANOI-4-CUTTINGS-/221805471617?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item33a4a2e781 if you live by Mount Martha, VIC this one looks nice pick-up only kinda sucks for me http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Trichocereus-Pachanoi-San-Pedro-Cactus-Large-potted-with-multiple-branches-/321783236268?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item4aebc686ac anyway hope the URL's work
  14. baghdatis

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Hay everyone longtime member 5th time poster. Not sure if anyone is interested in some of the plants I've came across, but figured id post em and let you take a look. P.S. still trying to find out how to post a proper URL that takes you to the page i want to show, so bear with me on this one. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mount-macedon/plants/button-cactus-/1081494058
  15. baghdatis

    Loph graft for sale

    FYI its also on gumtree not sure how to post url's ill give it a shot http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/niagara-park/plants/grafted-button-cactus-lw-/1080119922 BTW grafter it a nice looking plant apart from the bird damage. Never heard of a bird going at a cactus b4, at least one with no fruit. I've found some nice looking plant on ebay/gumtree that aren't in the ebay/gumtree forum that I've been frequently going through looking for some good deals. Ill post some up when i figure out how to post urls (noob) see if anybody wants to try and snap em up. just not the ones I'm bidding on