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  1. onz

    Laurelia novae-zealandiae

    Heya Naqual. I've given up my interest in this plant. Now I'm searching for Kratom seeds, or MODEST kratom leaf prices. However I'm quite positive I can get some Laurelia novae-zealandiae seeds from a nursery, so I'll check it out next week and send some over for ya. I'll probably let you know through this thread, coz I can't read any PM's from this computer for some reason.
  2. onz

    Laurelia novae-zealandiae

    I was refering more to pukateine, and the 'worry' part was because safrol is a maoi. But I'm guessing if there were much value in the pukateine it would have more attention. I must add that to my surprise Kratom is quite expensive and abit hard to get in NZ. Spose I'm used to paying modest prices because of torsten and darcey. Also just found out that kratom has recently been classified in NZ as prescription only, ofcourse there are still loopholes for the plain leaf (which is what I'm after). The point is I'm frustrated. Thanx for the help. Oh and one last thing, I miss melbourne and this forum heaps! I recken I'll have to come back next year, for the rainbow serpant
  3. onz

    Laurelia novae-zealandiae

    Well, I'm in NZ. And I tell ya its been one big stressful hoha getting over here. And no computer At my dads work so justa quik question. If I was to find this plant. How would I go about dosage? Torsten you said the essential oil is high in safrol, anything I should worry about. Also I've had a very brief read coza not much time but does any1 know where abouts in Northland it grows? Although I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find it at a large nursery. any input would be appreciated, thanx
  4. onz

    VIC Camping trip

    very sad to say I won't be able to make it. Was really looking forward to meeting you all but its gonna have to be next time round. Hope you all have a great time! Will make it next time
  5. onz

    VIC Camping trip

    yeh i'm the same ayjay. I'm sure everyones great company. Just gona havta make sure I don't toke the fortnight leading up2 the camp. It sure is tough being an ex-smoker living with a smoker.
  6. onz

    Happy Birthday reshroomED

  7. onz

    A concept...

    the only time i had 'pure' mdma was a couple of years ago. I went halves in a point with a mate at the end of an woodrose trip. It was nicer than any strong arse pill and yeh no comedown but I can't consider this because we only had half a point. I presume it was cut so maybe 40 mgs MD, either way it was very nice.
  8. onz

    Favorite drug movie

    yeh I read about it a few months ago whilste trying to find similar movies. Seen 1 preview on TV looks incredible will hire it when it comes out on dvd. Another one by Zhang which sounds promising is 'Shanghai Triad'. But I can't find it anywhere. on monday I hired 'shadowless sword'. A good movie similar to HOFD and hero but don't expect it to be as good. I found some of the camera angles during the fight seens abit annoying. Great soundtrack. Subtitled.
  9. onz

    A concept...

    also I believe having a low level of serotonin will increase the likely hood of a 'bad' trip. I avoid MD only because my serotonin level is very important to me, I can't justify the reduction in serotonin with a 5 hour high. I'm a little jealous of the magical few who don't get any comedown from MD.
  10. onz

    VIC Camping trip

    lol, irish breakfast and jaigulan. However, if this years fungi season is as poor as last years, I may try to bring some suger cubes to compliment the tea. lol wooooooo
  11. onz

    VIC Camping trip

    full moon? oh yeah! I'll try and bring enough tea for all
  12. onz

    Vote for your favourite dissociative?

    Hangover? Back in the day I would feel real good after a big DXM session. Perhaps your hangover is because you don't preform an extraction? I'll never ever drink that cough syrup
  13. onz

    VIC Camping trip

    wow those pics look amazing. Definetely love to come, it'd be great meeting some of you plant fellas. Its a pitty ya can't make it ace. Do we organize any music? Although the sounds of the forest would be enough. Would there be any buses going out there? I love the forest
  14. onz

    Jokes Thread

    lol good fun. Tepa, sum of the funniest times I had were in the yahoo 8-ball Pool chatroom. I never bothered with the sexual stuff but. What did the right leg say to the left leg? "Don't talk to the one in the middle, he's a dick" Chuck Norris doesn't sleep, he waits. There is no such thing as disabled people, only people who have met Chuck Norris