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    Donating for SAB costs

    Bake(d) sale?
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    Windows 10 good or bad?

    Honestly? As an OS it's fine. It will do everything 7 does and a bit more. 8 and 8.1 were terrible attempts at making a "hybrid" tablet and desktop OS. 10 does have issues around privacy though, of course, and there is more to do to "strip it down" (who the fuck wants any of those stupid MS/Bing sports/news/weather/etc apps, seriously?) but a lot of it can be disabled. Check out https://www.safer-networking.org/spybot-anti-beacon/ by the SpyBot Antimalware people. You'll pretty much be forced off Win7 at some point by the updates and the only real way to stop it is to disable updates entirely and then manually load in each update, checking to see if it was loaded with a Win10 updater buuuuuuuuuut I honestly wouldn't recommend that because chances are you're going to forget and leave yourself open to Win7 exploits as they come in. I'd rather lose a bit of privacy to an org than have my system unpatched and open to the masses. As much as I love linux (and use it as my everyday OS), I just can't suggest it to anyone that does more than browse the web unless you're willing to change your entire workflow. 95% of your apps won't run on linux and 50% won't have a truly equivalent counterpart. Even things like MS Office vs OpenOffice/LibreOffice aren't 100%. There's often stupid headaches involved in using files between them. tl;dr I'm not against upgrading to Windows 10. I run it on my desktop. I have no issues with apps. It looks nice. It runs well. Privacy issues can largely be blocked.
  3. So we had some hiccups with the tunnel... The ribs aren't strong enough to hold the weight of the spine. Solution: The "support poles" are now actually going to be 100% load bearing poles and are going in first. The spine then attaches to them and then the tops are bent down onto and attach to the spine. This is on hold for a week until the old man gets back from meetings in Sydney though... In the mean time... the raised beds are getting filled up with some real nice soil. No Bunnings trips for all of this luckily. Being in the country means we're just down the road from the a wholesale gravel/dirt/bark/compost place Trailer loads for $20 (1 trailer = 4 beds).
  4. It was planted everywhere here by the previous owner. No clue as to what kind it is. I'm in SA and they seem to be pretty happy.
  5. Looks like a good ID to me. Leaves, seed pods, flowers and those other things which I'm realising I forgot to include a photo of. Oops.
  6. at0m

    Post a random picture thread

    Those are fascinating, wb. I love the look of this one too. A cactus feature wall maybe? :D
  7. And there it is during the day with some light out Sorted the gravel, weed mat, soil for beds and some other shit. Just need shade cloth and something to plant now
  8. A bit wonky but will look way nicer with a spine and support poles on (Should out to @Torsten for his help) And these... they're called flexi pallet collars or something? They stack perfectly and were free + petrol and this is only half of what we got! Thinking I may add a two high, two long 'bed' in the middle too and put some dwarf fruit trees in there. Just don't want to block the path too much as this will be the entrance to the tunnel. Will ultimately be fenced in with a gate just to the left of where I'm standing in the last photo. Will see how much work I need to do to keep the wasclly wabbits out... Now to find a supplier of a shitload of shadecloth who can weld it for us... and order the weed mat. and the gravel. and compost/soil/whateverthefuckimgoingtoputinthebeds. and decide what to plant in the beds. Sometimes I think I did this in the wrong order...
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    Save to draft?

    As you found out, it's automatic now Stored in the awesome new web feature of "Web Storage"/"Local Storage"
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    eBay/Gumtree finds

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Cactus-Plant-Rare-And-Unusual-/282036254226?hash=item41aaabb612:g:dfwAAOSwZJlXNRNn Wowee! Never seen that one before. Anyone got more info on it? bioassay?
  11. at0m

    Youtube vids

    Just chill and watch a top spin for 10 minutes.
  12. Semi related: http://www.ecofilms.com.au/easy-to-build-polypipe-greenhouse/ Rosina knows what's up
  13. We're using irrigation piping, 2" I think? I don't have the numbers on me and I'm not going outside right now With a smaller yard, I'd definitely consider something smaller. Won't have any growing on mine as they'll be holding up shade cloth In our case, I think we're just a bit over the self-rigid/symmetry sweet spot. It's going to require a lot of fastening and shit to get it to sit properly.
  14. So here goes the start of the tunnel. It's much bigger when you see it in person instead of drawings on your screen. Lots more levelling, working out how to properly secure the damn thing and of course building left to go. Pictures for reference purposes only. Final project subject to change. 100% open to the advice and wisdom of everyone who's done this before. We're making it up as we go really.
  15. at0m

    Moonunit cacti seed auction

    Not in it for the competition or auction but just wanted to say thanks for the link HB. Picked up two large packs of those seeds Now I just need bulk loph seeds and I'm set
  16. It looked like a lot more before I started planting them... Some of them are rooted, the majority are cuts from existing plants at my old place (left a few stumps and smaller ones there) I love the look of the monster in the front. Fucked if I remember what it is though, labels were lost a long time ago. I may have to do an ID run (and get some more ) Definitely need a load of gravel soon too. Looking a bit bare and open for my liking. We've been pulling shit out all over the place too. The previous owner of the place planted a lot of shit which isn't doing so well now that we moved in and don't water it daily so anything that looks like it's not doing crash hot from lack of water is going to be/is being replaced by drought hardy natives. We'll need more gravel for those beds too... Would love some suggestions for replacements (SA, natives preferred, looking to water once a week max in summer). Those fruit trees from the original post are all gone now too. They were severely neglected and would be, imo, too much work to repair them, the soil and everything else. Additionally, we don't know exactly what they were sooo... they're gone. We now have a super nice, flat, clear stretch about 18 x 7 (give or take). So in their place I'm thinking something like... Very rough draft buuuuuuuuuuut it's what we're after I think Shade tunnel + outdoor raised beds + hydroponic benches + shaded raised beds. Size is about 6x18 but I'm seriously considering taking it down to 6x12 (halving the front garden) because I'm just not sure if I can use all of those beds buuuuut we'll see. It may get even longer and include a small shed... who knows.
  17. at0m

    WBs random photos

    beautiful as always wb
  18. So today I did a bit of tractor-gardening. If you compare it to some photos from my first posts, you can see the changes we've made This is going to be the cactus bed. I dislike how shit it often looks at the beginning of a process like this but I'm sure once we dump gravel all over it (and have things planted of course...) it will look a million times better. The little raised bed style thing is planned to be used for smaller cacti so they don't get lost in the mix. Here's a bonus cat and another vertical pallet garden too. I put a bunch more effort into this one as it's a paid job
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    Sucks to hear about all the drama man but one solid piece of advice to remember ALWAYS: "If it's too good to be true, it probably is", checking the URL bar (top of the page that shows you what site you're on) VERY carefully is a must too. It's very unlikely JB will know (or care) about it :\
  20. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-12/victoria-becomes-first-state-to-legalise-medicinal-cannabis/7321152
  21. at0m

    More evidence of NSW the nanny state

    nope because steaks aren't misc ground animal parts. Everything except the highest quality or self-ground mince is pretty shit-tier meat. Not defending it, just explaining their reasoning. I <3 juicy rare burgers.