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The Great Transformation 
By John Crawford and Alex Kochkin 


Important Background 

In the last issue we described the formation of a new creation as well as the existence of a “new 
earth”, vibrationally very close to us now. Here we continue the discussion and introduce a 
transformational process intended to lead to the transformation of humanity as a whole. 

We are involved in a structure of such vast complexity that it is impossible for anyone to imagine 
what is happening on a local planetary level much less what is happening in the vast complex of 
stars and systems. It is enough to say that all of the transfers and changes that are to take place 
are in the hands of beings that are vast beyond comprehension. They are greater than even the 
beings that were responsible for the creation of the galaxies or even of the universe itself. It is 
unusual for such beings to intercede in the affairs of local creations such as ours, but when 
conditions become so confused and troubled as they have in this local universe it takes beings of 
such high order to bring in a new harmony. 

The plans that they have laid down include the clearing not only of the local planet but all 
structures within the vast creation of which the Earth and the universe containing it are but a 
small consideration. It is true that the Earth and the structure of which it is contained is the source 
or the beginning point of the understanding of the need for change. If not for the difficulties that 
have been caused by separation from Creator, the necessity for intervention would not have 
become apparent at the highest levels. Due to the focus on the removal of the dark and the 
difficulties caused by the dark, Creator, at the highest level, began to identify the flaws in the 
creation process and put forth the effort and the direction for the essential changes in all of 

We are not the only ones that will be undergoing changes during this time. All of creation will be 
reset and a new set of laws and governing principles will be put forth so that what has happened 
here on the Earth can never happen again anywhere in the creation process. It is a wondrous 
thing when the Creator at the highest level becomes involved in the process of creation at the 
smallest level. It is also an unknown and difficult challenge for all of the Creator beings that are 
involved in the process at the lower levels. They have to change and become different beings 
than how they were created and it is a harder process on them than it is on beings that exist on 
the level that we inhabit. 

These beings were created as a whole, with all of their knowing and instructions encoded in their 
very being. We, on the other hand, are at the forefront of the grand process of creation. We are 
beings that are designed to change and adapt so that creation itself can grow and become new 
again. This is happening now, but on a scale and to a degree unheard of since the early stages of 
creation when the Creator of All was first learning and experimenting with the process of 
creation. In this we are lucky as we will eventually grow into creator beings of grand scale that 
will help with this present Creation (Creation-1) and have the opportunity to play a role in an 
entirely new creation (Creation-2). Such work would involve the processes contained within, and 
we will be able to do so without the necessity of deep retraining and redefining that is necessary 
for the beings of the higher creation levels. The process that we will be undertaking through our 

change is difficult yet not on the scale of difficulty that the larger creator beings are facing. 



Requested from many on earth and (some not on earth): The transformation of the human 
species into a new humanity, with new bodies, new consciousness, without the old conflicts and 
fears; and not to abandon the dream of creation for an awakened and healed human species 
living in conscious connection to Source and higher realms. Also requested: Proof of the 
transformational process for enough people to share in some tangible manner. There have been 
too many predictions and promises for positive transformational change over the years that have 
not born fruit. Lastly, allow Earth to reclaim and recycle her waters, lands and skies. 

This transformational process is a response to those who have worked long and hard to give 
humanity every possible chance, and who have known of the special significance of the human 
body vehicle and its purpose as a container for a new species, a highly spiritualized species --a 
species that could evolve into Creator Gods in their own right. This is one reason that the dark 
forces have been so stubbornly focused on this particular little planet: to capture the enormous 
energy potential lying dormant within humanity. 

To let humanity suffer a terrible fate through more years of gradualistic change while the earth is 
changing and the social economic systems crumble, would be a great and terrible “unrightness”. 
And this too has been strongly and clearly conveyed. “Time” for all this to be resolved is truly 
running out. Why not speed up the turning of the galaxies and the movement to the Light of this 
sector of Creation? Why not apply the concept of clearing Creation-1 of the influences of the dark 
to the clearing and upgrading of humanity? Perhaps in so doing, the perception of time and 
human memory will be altered. 

For those who may wonder about a last resort of the moment of the last hour of the last day... in 
the event of unexpected failure of this entire process, there would be a rapid roll up of Earth 
reality and a complete recall by home by Source. This “last resort” is not desired by any being at 
any level. While, such an extreme measure permits a comprehensive healing and sorting out in 
the non-physical realms, it would cut short the birth of a spiritualized new species and deprive 
creation of an important and completely new source of positive spiritual energies. 






Free-will and Intervention: 

Whether one considers themselves spiritually inclined or not, this “outside assistance” in a 
transformational process may seem like a violation of free-will to some. Free-will as a spiritual 
operating principle in this sector has already been so violated and distorted that most humans 
have shown themselves unable to find or exercise their higher level free-will functions. Therefore 
an intervention was launched from the higher realms. First to break up the main dark force 
barriers, then to clear and upgrade the ground of physical reality as much as possible, and finally 
to reclaim the divine rights of each human being. This last task proved extremely difficult given 
the extent of the infection of the dark force on human individual and collective consciousness, 
Hence various experiments for clearing a planet and its resident population was initiated. 
Transformational processes such as what is described here are one of the beneficial outcomes of 






Memory Alterations 

Human-focused individuality of the true “I” will be retained. It is expected that there will be a loss 
memory of associated trauma and addictions while there will be a great gain in connection to the 
true “I” with higher self and the higher realms. 

One of the effects of this clearing and upgrading and transformational process will some loss of 
memories to individuals relative to this current lifetime, parallel lives, past lives, especially those 
memories most traumatic and addictive. Collectively, some memories of what is currently and 
amusingly called “historical facts” will also be lost, especially those most traumatic. Many of the 
most terrible events will be as if they never happened. However, at some levels of Creation 
memory/Akashik records there will be stored the truth of these terrible events. Who would want 
to carry around such memories? And in a transformed world in which the dark forces do not 
function or exist, and in which all are directly connected to higher consciousness and guidance, 
why would be the point to even know the details of atomic war, the wars and atrocities in the 
Mid-East or Africa or in the U.S., or the deliberate destruction of entire planets or galaxies? What a 
terrible burden to carry! If there were to be the idea of “separation” as a creation experiment, it 
would likely trigger an opening of this information as may be needed so as to never attempt 
something like this again. (See July Issue of GA News for more on this topic.) 

This is one way for the emergence of a new human species, one that does not suffer ill health, 
does not engage in deadly conflicts, does not abuse one another, does not abuse the planetary 
environment. A new human species that would experience reality differently using abilities that 
exceed the range of enhanced five common bodily senses and ordinary cognitive processes. A 
new range of abilities to enhance connection and awareness would emerge among adults as well 
as young people. 







Part of this transformation process leads to the opening of Earth-2 for its new residents as well as 
temporary visitors. It is suspected that there will be a period of close relationship between Earth-1 
and Earth-2. Earth-2 represents a new and pristine environment for a new humanity and other 
creations. This will be a source of inspirations and ideas for those colonizing Earth-1. Certain very 
physical, tactile experiences like planting a vegetable bush or running through a meadow growing 
from soil will be an experience those from Earth-2 would enjoy on Earth-1. Earth-2 would also be 
a bridge for Earth-1 to certain aspects of Creation-2. Exchanges between these two worlds will 
likely be very important for both world-realities. 



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